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  1. Solution for auto aggro is simple: throw a molly and boogie while they stumble around for a minute. I'm glad that if this mechanic stays, the balance is that they aren't all immediately bum rushing you but stumbling and falling first and you have the advantage for a moment while they stand up.
  2. Me and mine have both noted this to a minor degree. Everytime I've played an experimental version this tends to happen and I'm not sure why.
  3. I agree because I've always loved me some cowboy guns. I disagree because I understand the game mechanic here. It falls under "rifles" so instead of reading "7.62" and assuming it's a true to form representation, it's really just code for "rifle ammo". As a gun nut myself, there are too many inconsistencies to pretend anything here is a good representation/simulation. It's a game, it's the apocalypse, have fun with your 7.62 lever gun. I wish it would take tube extension mods like the shotgun does!
  4. This can be changed in the options under "controls", to my knowledge.
  5. I really like this idea, because there are times where we focus on exclusively grinding for money or getting the next tier in quests and sometimes we get back JUST too late. I was literally just thinking this on my drive home that traders should be open all day and close for horde day or maybe a few hours before the horde starts so you can't camp out inside. I'd take the trade of open 24/7 until horde day then they're shut all day. Works since they always restock on horde day too, so it'd have a little story type element.
  6. Hate to be a wet blanket, but if I use a bow or knife/club exclusively I rarely have issues where I disturb more than a nearby zombie. The new sleeper locations make it tougher as they are more wisely placed, but once I changed up how I clear my corners and rooms I was back on track to being a sneaky boi with minimal issue. If I manage to find a suppressor early on, I throw it on a pistol and use that for more "tense" moments and that seems to prevent the whole building waking up, plus alerting anyone outside. Food for thought: is it possible that your laser focus on this issue coupled with time spent dissecting it has made it so it will be harder for you to note any improvements at all? Granted this is not a stealth game, and I rely on stealth only for doing missions after dark, but that's my application. I think you do a fair job of laying out your objections, but you gotta work with what you've got sometimes. I'll end with this: I haven't felt like stealth is broken, personally, but I can understand why it doesn't work the way I think you're trying. I don't think that is the end goal for how the game has been developing. You'd love MGSV though, man. Highly recommend it if that's your cup of tea.
  7. Just finished the fourth horde with my wife and we both now have drones. I'm not seeing much mention of them, but we both love them. The extra storage alone (especially with a storage mod) is outstanding! The light mod is meh, and to my knowledge doesn't seem to effect your stealth meter! (I could be mistaken on this). I haven't found or made the morale mod or the first aid mod, so no comment of those yet. We both agreed we had to silence them pretty much immediately, however the little "we are not alone" comment actually saved me from getting jumped by a feral dire wolf while I was busy digging through my inventory. Highly recommend getting one ASAP for storage alone.
  8. Spoiler, we like it. Also, long post. Big thanks, Fun Pimps Over all, it's excellent. The reworks are being noticed and it's awesome. Boiled meat is the new early food meta, pipe weapons give you a chance to have a gun in your tree and raiding places in downtown early game is risky. We ran into a wight on day one. The type of playstyle we were used to is outdated, and I don't mind at all. We were getting too comfy. The pipe pistol pales even with skill points in that tree, so that may warrant some addressing. I don't mind it being an anemic variant, but not being able to down a zombie in six shots with three points in the pistol tree makes it feel pretty busted and off my list of things to ever bother with. (non feral, all well placed shots). The pipe SMG is also meta as hell, as it just puts in work as long as you have the ammo to get it done. So, with some hours in, what's good: the loot table changes. Very much appreciated, and they don't feel out of balance. I've noted a "slump" recently in our files where we've been hitting just a single bone in loot, which is literally "throwing me a bone" but ain't loot. It isn't prominent but notable enough we went "hey, what?" so I played with the loot abundance for a day in game. Didn't cure that, but what I noted was something odd, but for a different post. The sense of fear is there, and I've had several real jumps for myself now which never happened since I first booted this game up. The rework on the in POI zombies is awesome. They've been very well placed and even if I try a stealthy method I can usually get a leg up on some so it never feels unfair. I don't mind the scripted events I love the loot rework. That's really all I can say so far. It's been keen. Love it. The fair: The lighting. The lighting feels "glossy" to me, and needs to be diffused. I thought it was just me, but I have watched others on YouTube and it's consistent, it needs some work. It reminds me a lot of how my old file was poorly interacting with an update once. I don't know what they're shooting for, but it isn't hitting the mark for me there. If I knew a thing about lighting in programming I feel like I could be more help, but as an observer it's just my opinion. The music is better. I don't mind it but I feel like it's lacking something. I do like how much better the cues are now. Well done. Farming is rough, and if you counted on it before, prepare yourself. Benefit is, I've been finding more seeds and plants in RNG. We found a whole district that was essentially a farm district and that was awesome. It isn't sustainable long game, but knowing towns have a farming side is rewarding (in RNG) The bad: In my multiplayer experience the game chugs like a college frat boy. I've played with settings and nothing seems to touch it. It's clearly related to how the game is addressing chunks with the new system and I'm fine with it in experimental, but it's worth noting. When I play solo, the game is essentially flawless and I can even boost my settings. It runs clean if you're alone. Even on my smart toaster of a PC, it runs excellent. Solo. But if my wife wants in, the game starts dragging ass. I've encountered multiple clipping issues, exclusive to ground clipping. Both me and zombies like to sometimes find a line below the "world" and bounce. Happens occasionally. I had a weird bug where I couldn't click anything in my inventory, but hotkeys worked. So if I was to scrap an item, I could using "S" but clicking it was not working. Again, it's still experimental. Going into a downtown section CHUGS our game like no other. My frames drop through the floor. If I'm solo, it's fine, but if it's my wife and I, it's slideshow. I host, she joins. I don't know what makes this so harsh on my PC or the game, but it makes it nearly unplayable. It certainly makes the few encounters we have untenable as we can't even begin to clear a location without significant frame drop to make it too dangerous to try and engage with such large crowds. I don't know if it's how the new models are, or the "meshing". I turned that down and it seemed to help some, but wasn't a solution to the real problem. It's hard to suss out for me, as when I run solo on my rig I can run the settings basically on max but if I host it chugs. Overall: Love it, love the effort and love the new changes. It's harder now and I don't mind it. We got to a "professional" level of this game early on, and now I don't think we're there anymore. The fun is back and exploration is back. I feel like the best way to get A20 is RWG, and try it. We run with 150% XP, but everything else bone stock, and it's awesome. Thamks for coming to my TED talk
  9. So in the dev streams they had some fun little effects going. Jen had a big head, zombies had big heads or exploded into confetti, danced, it looked like it'd be fun. Is there a way to do this in my game? Is there a way to let it be random? I think it'd be hilarious to walk into a POI and all the zombies are dancing or have massive heads. I wanna have some fun with the wifey.
  10. I like the fog, honestly. Feels really well done and I like the mood. I've encountered it and the rain a lot more than I thought I would, and I can't tell if that bugs me or not yet. So far I don't mind.
  11. I've had the same but not 100% if the time. Not sure what caused one to do that and the other to be normal.
  12. In my wife and I's file we've found zero honey in stumps. In my friend's and I's file I've found four. It's a lot more rare but seems to have a curve. Infection is a real concern now. I don't think every PnP should have an antibiotic handy, but I feel your pain. I think this is the trade for better loot. Game hard, loot good. I like it.
  13. Double check you don't have "creative mode" enabled, as I've noticed this before with some materials like paint. Even if I wasn't actively in god mode, it would give me unlimited paint. I've read elsewhere about duplication glitches and that might also be what you're experiencing. But I'd double check that "cheatmode" or "creative" isn't enabled on that file when you boot.
  14. Man, it's bad ass. I'm happy. Loving it, truly. Good friggin' job gentleman, because this was over the top. The good: Where to even begin, the loot is finally worth looting! It feels better, and I've found some drops I didn't expect. Bike frame? Got one. Steel in garbage? Got it. Broken stations finally dropping appropriate schematics? Got it. Plaster casts? Oh yeah. Casings are back, which was excellent. Never knew why they left.... (Also mod idea, keep casings per shot. Brass catchers are a real thing) Love the revamp of POI materials! Wood feels tougher. Speaking of wood, the frames being a total control of shapes is AWESOME! We usually take a prefab as a base and I renovate it to feel "normal" again as a goal, and now I can do it so much easier. Pro tip, the "copy shape" option is your friend! Don't worry if you can't find it, just copy. Genuinely appreciate this, please don't remove it. I've missed what the old table saw used to offer. Zombies feel better, combat is much harsher and I don't mind. Stock difficulty is back to feeling challenging (at least early on; as I write). They seem to have the "magnetism" they did in earlier versions, and the "feral sense" works well for me, as I got too good at clearing POI's. The new placement for them is also good, they're in sneaky spots and I like it. Loot! I like getting multiple types even in garbage. Stones, cobble and cloth? Sure. I like that it isn't just "2 cloth" and that's it. Sometimes that happens, but it's uncommon now, and I really appreciate the adjustments. It really shines. I do feel like I'm moving "faster" now with loot, but the difficulty with zombies combats that to even out. For the first time since buying this and playing it totally green, I'm dying on day 1, and I'm not even mad. We ran into a wight on day 1! I like that it isn't so easy anymore. We were phenomenally good at the game in early stage because the zombies were contingent on our gamestage and we'd game it. Work the hard spots out early to avoid something that could be a mess later. Not anymore. I appreciate that, personally. The bad: I like the adjustment to food, but I feel like stamina might need a rework if food is this insane. Coffee is a major boon and anything that has a lasting stamina buff is not to be overlooked in the early stages. It REALLY pays. I like that coffee feels a bit better now. If farming is being reworked to be a bit more brutal, maybe step off the gas on drain, or at least stamina, until it's complete? I do appreciate food now being a challenge, however. It wasn't remotely before. Now it hurts. Could just be me adjusting. It also made steel tools useless as they took more stamina per strike so I always stuck to stone and iron as a result. This seems to have been adjusted. I don't tire out as fast with my iron shovel versus my stone. Criticals are abundant. In my wife and I's game, I never get into a scrap with two or more zombies without one, if it's melee. The reach feels more appropriate. The criticals and especially infection is intense. Stumps rarely give honey and I can't tell if I like it or not, but given that in our file I've been infected three times, it is raw. It's also day five. The ugly: Bugs. I've noted some odd bugs, not the least of which being a new clipping issue and I don't know why. Zombies and myself have clipped under the planet and at least when it happened with a zombie on a clear quest, they died? So I didn't lose that quest due to it. I've noted pink arrows whenever someone else shoots a bow, numbers on my inventory seem to "think" (I see a scroll of a numbers then my number on items), zombies will attack floors if they're knocked down then getting up and stay attacking floors and some other mild visual bugs. The lighting is too dramatic. It's like the sun is a flashlight and needs to be a bit more diffused. The reflections are bright and harsh and the "direction" of the light is very, well, direct. It gives it a strange almost oversaturated look, to me. Dark is dang near black, which may be how they've always wanted it and it's just an adjustment for us. I'd request a little more light shedding from things like torches or candles then, as they don't really "illuminate" so much as "light up" the blocks they're near, if that makes sense. I don't expect a candle to light up a room, but only letting me see a block or two away is a massive change to what they were and how they seem in POI's. Sides: Love the trader reworks, love the job reworks, by and large I love all of it. I have my nitpicks, but they're just that: nitpicks. It's damn good and I think it's going to bring a lot more people on. Again, good job Pimps. Damn good job.
  15. Not remotely an issue I've experienced, but I don't know what "more" looks like to you. We've experienced a solid increase, and they seem to have brought back the "magnetism" aspect of the wandering zombies. If you're going through the empty portions, you'll note less and I don't want zombies there as it makes no sense but also needlessly pads out travel. If you mean cities, I don't know we want the same thing, as I've noticed a massive change in both behaviour and number. Even at night, in our base they show up now, which never happened previously save screamers. Landclaim block did its job and we were pretty safe (always made a base far from a massive POI) Given the changes at hand, I don't know I personally want more, honestly. I was pretty damn good at A19, and on day one in A20 I died. Not because of any lack of skill or poor choices, just because there's a difference now and it's notable. I think the answer for those like you would have to be a sort of controllable "z" count along with difficulty. Like a multiplier for spawns. Personally, at stock difficulty, I don't need more. Granted it's all still first blush with A20, but I'm plenty challenged.
  16. They've heavily increased your seed loot rate, I've noticed. I would go literal weeks in game without finding a seed that wasn't a flower or corn and I've already found pumpkin and potato seeds in day one. Day two I was up another potato and mushroom. Loot your seeds! You're gaming the numbers harder than needed: you get three back per harvest at max LotL. So you might need 5 to a seed, but with two plots you get enough per seed plus one for recipes. It wouldn't take long to make a farm if you focused on strictly seeds to get a plenty sufficient farm if you also loot and plant. I wouldn't complain about a mild nerf, say to 3 or 4, but as is, I've never worried if I spec into farming. The new food system makes it a bit more critical to get food, so I'll report back with some results after more mileage.
  17. I definitely like them, and the ability to make a weapon in line with what you're speccing into. The pistol feels pretty trash and underpowered, I'd honestly stick to the shotgun in the beginning and opt for a proper handgun. Two points into gunslinger and I still can't put down Moe if he's coming at me, headshots be damned. Live and learn tho. The sound design on all fronts is top notch. It really shines if you're a little ways off and hear your friend rip a shot unexpected from a distance. The touch of having the casing sound for both portions of unloading the pistol has not gone unnoticed either, that was a tedious touch and well respected. The pipe rifle is a headshot machine and well worth the materials. I'm balancing two games currently, one with my wife and I and another with a few friends. One I've gone for pistols, the other rifles. The rifle is excellent, and the slow-go reload speed balances how fast you can get one, coupled with how limited we'd find 7.62. I feel like that has to be the balance for the semi, since ammo isn't super abundant. I'd be hesitant to let anything full auto rip this early in. I'd rather make a couple rifles and take a pair of carefully placed shots.
  18. Not gonna lie, I have a low bar of respect for streamers, personally. I've never anticipated people who exist for strictly "content" like they do and to have all their reactions magnified by nothing but pure acting is a shame. It could be something good, but it isn't, and it's worth calling it out for what it is in its current state. Garbage and shilling. Some streamers are exempt, sure, but the overwhelming majority are acting based upon an audience and it's purely about narcassitic engagement, I find zero enjoyment in them. Unfortunately, they happen to be the majority. I'm waiting for Valheim to actualize a bit more before I come back to it, but I got more than my money's worth in a short span and can't recommend it enough. It's excellent, and I have my own gripes. They nailed atmosphere in a way Minecraft tried and couldn't. A20 looks excellent and 100% in the direction gold is going, to me. I think we're within sniffing distance, and it smells alright to me.
  19. It was awesome to repair a little abandoned hut and wait the storms and nights out in that game when you were miles from home. I love that game I just got so burnt on the grind, especially for iron. I would probably go back to it if I could teleport with ore, or they rebalanced some of the cost for iron.
  20. I can hear Taps playing softly in the background... My files are waiting for the big wash.
  21. Charasmatic Nature. It's good if you're playing with friends and you're speccing into Intellect.
  22. We just started a random gen map and it's been pretty rad, honestly. They REALLY ironed out the creases since the last time I've tried. Also, minibikes by day 3, let's goooo. Granted we're playing 150% XP since we're gonna restart for A20 on Monday, but still. Random is way different. Also seen at least four or five POI's I've never seen
  23. One I saw recently I've never taken and was basically invisible to me because of that "The Penetrator". I may take it just to see if I like it or not. That's how I found out I liked brawling. Honestly underrated and became my favourite melee experience.
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