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  1. That depends on your interpretation on what class of Zombie we are talking about. Are we talking The Walking Dead TV series kind, where all they do is walk and have seemingly no intellect. Or are we talking World War Z kind that can vault and run and tumble and are very fast. I mean your view on what you think a zombie should be is already broken by how they behave in game, with ferals and the blood moon making them able to detect you, hints at some intelligence. AND that the blood moon night is designed to challenge players with base building, meaning its supposed to be challenging.
  2. It just blows my mind. I've come back to the game to just see whats been going on. Decided to test out a nomadic style of game play with my wife. We have found a nice church POI that has its own labyrinth and a nice bell tower. We decided to test out staying in the bell tower for the first horde night. You could guess the zombie AI has no idea how to get to us, when its actually pretty easy, the POI has its own ladders to get to the roof and its a quick step across the rooftop up another ladder to get to us. But the zombies cannot navigate ladders, and more often than not sabotage
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