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  1. 11 hours ago, Sugarfree said:

    So I did something - maybe not knowing what I was doing.
    If you want to update a mod - how do you do that? I (re)downloaded the mod for the White River and replaced my existing files. It dropped me back to level 1, as well as my game stage to level 1 and erased all the skill points I have gotten and all the books (recipes/schematics) I have read. One thing it did do - is now when loot from mobs drop - there is ALWAYS  a green White River Citizenship card in the loot bag. I have like 10 of them already...  I think that might have been an unintended bug to the new updates to this mod?

    So anyway - I took my experience gain to 300% because I feel like I was jipped out of everything and since my base is still intact and basically a level 60+ base it's not like I'm going to be upgrading it anymore...

    Hell at THIS point I might just start a completely new seed. I dunno. All the loot I'm getting now is back to beginner levels.
    ...meh. These mods are awesome but also not...
    But without them 7 Days To Die is basically over after 7 days 😕

    New seed might not be so bad I guess since I'm basically at level 1 all over again anyway.

    I have to admit, I'm a bit surprised to hear this considering how little I changed from the previous version. I'm sorry that this happened to you. I've added a disclaimer to the download link on the front page warning that this is always a risk and to make sure to backup save game files. This is an alpha version, after all. Did your original issue go away? Are containers lootable?


    When I tested the loot drop rate on the citizenship card from the zombie lootbags, I was seeing something around 30% drop rate.. so I'm a bit surprised to see you indicate that it's dropping on every single bag. I'll take a second look at this today and recalculate the real-world drop rate again.

  2. 3 hours ago, Sugarfree said:

    I have about 40 assorted mods running from all different creators. But I have done these quests before - and have gotten the Trader reward crates and been able to open them before. It's all of a sudden that I can't... Let me try to think to my recent mods installed and see if anything might be causing a conflict...

    I do a run-through test of Kuva's Armor tomorrow to make sure there isn't any issue with the base quest pack. If there are any other quests you've seen this behavior on, please let m eknow.

  3. 17 minutes ago, Sugarfree said:

    White River Tools of Citizenship A19.6

    So one thing I am all of a sudden seeing is:


    When I complete a quest for them - and you get the crates...  I have busted open the crates to loot the boxes - and the boxes are NON-INTERACTIVE. I don't know what's causing this all of a sudden. But it's not just that - I went to do the quest for the red gear (Kauva or whatever) and when I found the location, dug down to reveal the chest to open - it was ALSO non-interactive....

    Has this happened to anyone else or is there a fix for it?


    @SugarfreeAre you running other modlets or just this quest pack?

  4. White River Tools of Citizenship A19.6_1.0:

    Modified the way a new player obtains the +Declaration of Citizenship quest starter to kill 10 zombies. Instead of it being craftable, now you are given one of these from the trader initially, or you may find one randomly in the loot inside a zombie lootbag. This means this questpack can still be either dropped into a new game or an existing game. I *DID NOT* retest the Darkness Falls compatibility modlet with A19.6. I do acknowledge the above report that there might be an issue with the compatibility modlet and I'll take a look at that for the next release. I wanted to make sure to pus this bugfix out first to eliminate the exploit that was possible. TFP changed the quest code between A19.4 and A19.6 which is what allowed that exploit to occur. Many apologies for the long delay since my last posts earlier this year. Like many families in this pandemic, I experienced loss that took time for me to come to terms with.
    • Reduced all citizenship quest skillpoint rewards by 1, effectively ensuring the 10z quest no longer gives players a skillpoint.
    • Fixed bad exploit that was allowing players to create infinite number of declarations of citizenship, then killing 10 zombies, and obtaining infinite skillpoints. Now the player is given ONE Declaration of Citizenship from the trader when they start. Beyond that, they may randomly find other previous citizen's cards in zombie lootbags.
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  5. @raymondbarberjr Okay so HighHope's Red Dye mod appears to add a ton of new dyes to the game that have the same visible name as the existing dyes. There are actually TWO different items that show up in the admin list of items with the name "Dye: Red" item# 1157 is the correct item to use with the mod. I don't see any evidence that his mod removes the original vanilla dyes... but he adds all his to the loot table.. and there are MANY more of them than the original. So this greatly decreases your chances of finding the "correct" red dye. Sadly, there isn't anything I can do about his mod working that way. Even if I were to create my own dye item in my mod instead of using the vanilla, that would not increase the chances of finding this dye instead of HH's.


    On top of that, I am sadly now able to confirm that with the 19.6 version, the game now allows players to turn in countless/infinite number of the zombie quest.. making this modpack exploitable. Even setting repeatable=false on the quest does not prevent this. The only way I can see around this is to give new players the declaration of citizenship quest item, and make it so they can NOT craft new declarations. I can also add the base citizenship card to the world with a low drop rate. This should ensure no one can abuse this mechanic until they fix the repeatable=false flag on the quest code.

  6. On 6/6/2021 at 6:23 AM, Griz1231 said:

    These quests are totally broken and exploitable. The code is bloated with redundant entries that should have been addressed by creating master items and extending those rather than coding each individually. There should be checks written in to prevent multiple 10z, 100z, and 1000z quests from being done at the same time as I have tested crafting and completing 300 10z quests simultaneously. There is no limit in the game on how many quests can be active at the same time that I have reached so far (400+ in testing so far) and it literally takes more time to read and accept each quest than kill the whole 10 zombies needed to max out every attribute and perk.



    Pretty harsh criticism here. The game currently does not let you complete more than one quest at a time that are named the same. So hypothetically if you created 20 citizenship quests to kill 10 zombies, then went out and killed the 10 zombies.. the game would only let you turn in one quest. Although with that said, you aren't the first person to suggest it is a bit OP to have this specific quest give a skillpoint. I'll take another stab at seeing if I can come up with some way to restrict this quest somehow. At the moment, offhand, I don't know of any way to do this. If you have a suggestion here, I'd appreciate it. It does seem a bit unfair to call the entire modpack broken and exploitable because one quest in it gives out 1 SP. You can easily change that one quest to not give a skillpoint out and fix this.


    The code being bloated and redundant. I am aware that there is some duplication of vanilla code when I create a custom weapon, for example. But this doesn't affect the usability of the modpack and as best as I've seen in my testing doesn't affect the playability or performance of even a moderate gaming machine.

    On 7/17/2021 at 12:04 PM, raymondbarberjr said:

    First off, I want to let you know that I and my entire group (The Fluffy Bunnies) just LOVE your quests and hope that more are to come.  They are easily the best thing we have seen in a while and definitely help relieve the boredom of only doing fetch, dig or clear quests.  However, we have found an issue with the Kuva's Red Armor quest.  It appears that when you go to make the writ the quest does not recognize the Red Dye.  I have tried finding the dye, buying the dye, getting the dye from another player and even using Admin Commands to spawn it and nothing seems to work.  I will say that we are also using the 42 Total Dye Workstation from https://7daystodiemods.com/server-side-xml-mods-by-highope/  Could that be an issue?  If not and its a bug can you let me know to fix it until you have time to update the mod?  If it IS the issue, can you let me know how to fix it so it will work with that other mod since we have a few people that love having more dye colors than vanilla.  Thank you again for some really great quests.

    I'll take a look at this soon and let you know what I find.

  7. @Souhank -- I just ran through this again and the quests only ask you to craft one declaration of citizenship and when you do, it gives you one quest, which when you complete.. completes properly. The game mechanics (And the quest pack) *do* allow you to hold more than one of the same quest at the same time. But the in-game mechanics don't work properly if you complete more than one of the same quest at the same time. It ends up breaking one or more of the quests, requiring you to drop those quests (as they aren't completable). The quest pack is functioning properly and as designed. This is left this way on purpose so that if you lose your citizenship card or would like to pursue a 100Z or 1000Z card, you have the ability to do the basic quest again a second or third time. The trick is to stagger them so they don't complete at the same time. Say if you are working on two 100Z quests, start one, kill 50 zombies, then start the second one, and kill another 50 zombies, then turn in the first quest which completed, kill 50 more, then turn in the second quest.

  8. At long last, I've completed the release and have quite a bit packed into it. Sorry for the long wait on this one. As mentioned before, I would recommend you use this on a new game. But if that is not possible or undesirable, please be aware that anyone with an active quest will have to drop it and start the quest over. There is a critical bugfix in this release that closes a loophole that previously was allowing players to craft a writ for a quest, without ever having started the quest. This loophole is fixed by handing the player a token coin when they first start the quest, and requiring them to use that token when they craft the writ item.


    As usual, please let me know if you find any bugs, typos, or otherwise have any issues.


    White River Tools of Citizenship A19.4_1.0:

    German localization translated by sechsterversuch & Zeeeni. Big thanks to them for this!

    All other language translations generated via IBM Watson Language Translator

    New Quests Added:
    • Amelia’s Gyrocopter
    • Molino Bulletproof Glass
    • Created Darkness Falls Compatibility Modlet, that allows this quest pack to be used with Darkness Falls.
    Additions to Existing Quests:
    • Added a Remington’s Steel 762 Auto Turret to the Remington Steel Ammo quest. This turret fires slower, aims slower, and has a smaller turn radius, but uses the steel 762 ammo and does more damage in turn. 
    • Writ exploit/loophole fixed. No longer can players endlessly craft writs without having worked through the quest itself. The fix implements a token coin that is provided to the player when they accept the quest that is an ingredient in crafting the writ. A player without this token coin would be unable to craft the writ.
    • Fixed bug with quest pack’s lootable books.
    • Fixed multiple small typos in various Localization.txt files.
    • Added the proper perk enhancements to the Deschain’s Revolver, Bambi’s Bow, Daryl’s Crossbow, and Rick Danger’s Augers quest items.
    • Completely re-tuned the Dundee’s Knife as it was substantially over-powered in comparison to vanilla. The intention of this quest pack has always been to only provide items that are a notch better than vanilla, so as to not throw off overall balancing of the game.
    • Reduced the amount of bicycle parts and overall higher tier loot provided by the citizen’s crates.
    • Adjusted the loot in BlackBart’s coffin to be gold & silver instead of dukes to better follow the storyline.
    • Made the steel ammo more difficult to craft. Repair kits are easy to come by, so weapon damage alone is not enough of a detriment to the extra damage and ease of crafting that steel ammo provides. Also tuned the ammo to cause more weapon degradation.
    • Adjusted the AI behavior and difficulty of the Spirit of Vengeance boss.
    • Added longShaft tag to Bunyan’s FireAxe, Jason’s Machete, and Rick Danger’s Augers to allow them to hold the burning shaft mod.
    • Added sneak damage bonus to Jason’s Machete
    • Reduced the probability of finding the dark tower books. The item is supposed to be a legendary item, so it should be extremely difficult to collect all the books to obtain it.
    • Reduced the block damage on both Rick Danger Augers as they were too over powered.
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  9. 10 hours ago, arramus said:

    All good and really no rush because the groups I play with are just in the process of making new Worlds to accommodate the update and discussions about the next environment are ongoing. I for one just appreciate that you keep it up to date because it really adds quality to a server experience.


    If I had a request for consideration, such as asking if the Leon SMG final quest could give a level 5-6 instead of 4-6 would you prefer we amend that ourselves or request it as a general update? I only ask as this quest is 3 stage and very resource heavy and a level 4 Leon at stage 2 can simply be replaced with a lower level 4 after a long quest collection of pistols and SMGs for the stage 3 reward.

    I accept requests through any means most convenient to the submittor:

    • reply to this thread
    • private message here on the forum
    • GIT pull request
    • 7dtd Official Discord Server

    Your request makes sense to me and I'll make sure to include it in this 19.4 release. Although its worth noting that I did lower the requirements for basic Leon's. Here are the current requirements:

    Basic Level: 2 Pistols (results in Tier 3-4 Leons SMG)

    Veteran Level: Degraded Leon SMG + 10 Pistols + 5 SMGs (will now result in Tier 5-6 Leons SMG)


    When I play through this on my own server, I usually skip fixing the Degraded Leon's SMG from the Basic level and use that to work through the Veteran level version of the quest. Although this is really more of a "pro tip" of people who know the quest and have been through it. Average players would probably work through obtaining the Basic Tier3-4 Leons SMG first, then realize later they need another Degraded Leon's SMG item to kick off the Veteran's Level quest. It's a round-about way of making the Veteran's level a bit more complicated to work through. ;)


    Thank you


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  10. FYI -- I'll be running through final 19.4 validation of the quests tonight and will then post a new version of this quest pack that is 19.4 tested. Please be aware this next release I publish has a fix for a loophole that was allowing players to craft writs without having accepted the quest initially. This bugfix and change to how these quests flow will mean if you update to the new version of the quest pack on a live server, anyone with a quest will need to drop it and start it over. I'm going to recommend on the release notes that the new version be installed onto new games. This isn't a hard requirement, but just a suggestion. Again, just to reiterate, if you install the 19.4 release onto a live server, anyone with an active Tools of Citizenship quest would have to drop that quest and do it over again (as they wouldn't have the token coin in their inventory to craft the writ to complete the quest)

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  11. Published new release: A19.3_1.0d



    Endless Screamers, caused by heatmap generation from Death by Campfire. Adjusted the mod to remove this feature.
    Fixed Localization on H7SB Seats & Storage

    more recieps by wolfbain5, as they were mostly duplicates of recipes other modlets were providing
    zStorage (Big) by Eihwaz, as the storage containers were large enough without this

    MorePaintTextures by Eric Beaudoin
    White River Tools of Citizenship - Molino Bulletproof Glass
    Weapon Repair Mod by Survager, to change weapon repair to take weapon parts

  12. On 3/3/2021 at 10:00 PM, magejosh said:

    That's probably death by campfire. I wrote it for my own mod collection intended to be a server side overhaul mod collection. I see ShoudenKalferas and I have similar tastes, I'd love to have you drop by my server and give it a try some time. 

    Anyways, the idea is fire angers the zombies, the screamers most of all. I have another called death by light, that causes a similar if weaker effect from player placed torches and candles and burning barrels. I also include the ability to learn to make a working oven really early on, or salvage a working microwave with a wrench on a lootable microwave. The microwave and oven do not trigger screamer hordes. 

    I've literally been spending days and days trying to track this one down. I've had numerous people complain that its too OP and causes endless screamers. In my testing I'd get 4-6 screamers at once and if I didn't kill them fast enough get as massive horde that followed. Now that I think about it more, each location I was testing was somewhat near a campfire that was running cooking food. Thank you so much for drawing attention to this. :) Admittedly, I added this modlet in the most recent additions and thought it'd be safe enough to add without much testing. I do love the idea of it, but now that I realize the "extras" in it, I'll need to create a variant of it to match the goal of this pack. As always, I'll keep the credit/author info.

    On 2/26/2021 at 4:02 PM, theworldsaddress said:

    Are these all server side mods? I just want to make sure I don't need to have my players add them as well if I add them to my server.

    The entire collection modlet (or modlet collection) is server-side modlets only. You only need to load them on the server if you run a dedicated server.

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  13. @Sal I sent you a PM asking for some help troubleshooting this. The only time I've seen this happen was before Neopolitan even existed. And it seems to only happen exceedingly rare. There also are others who have posted this error and have indicated it seems to happen in vanilla game without mods installed.

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  14. On 2/18/2021 at 7:19 PM, EskimoRandy said:

    Is there a mod in here that isn't listed that is infinite spawning screamers? I've removed some that I thought would cause it, but I can't find which one is causing it. It endlessly spawns screamers which keeps spawning hordes.

    I'm pretty sure I've got this one tracked down to the Bigger Wandering Hordes modlet, sadly. Embaressingly, I added a few modlets to this pack right before I released it with the thought I wanted to get the count to 100 modlets. I should have taken more time to test the last few I added better, and missed this detail. It took me about an hour of testing tonight to reproduce this problem.. it was crazy.. like three screamers would spawn at once, and one of them would scream and three more would spawn.. and on and on. It was like endless blood moon, for a level 2 player. I barely could keep up even with an admin pistol one-shot killing them. :) I'd like to do just a bit more testing on this tomorrow and do plan on publishing a release tomorrow that will fix this.


    Also, through some helpful feedback from another player I spoke to on Discord, they also reported a few other things I've already tracked down and fixed:

    * Tool crafting was artificially allowing players to craft items one tier higher than should have been possible based on the perks they held.

    * One of my quest modlets was giving players an entire bicycle in the beginner quest, through bad design of the loot box it gives out. This was tuned down.

    * I also tuned down, in general, all of the beginner quest rewards to ensure we aren't handing out too much weaponry and ammo through simple beginner quests.

    * The modlet for grenade arrows was handing out WAY too many and was badly misbalanced in its loot. I aligned it more with explosive arrows and now it only drops on rare occasion and only in small quantities.


    Thank you again for taking the time to post some feedback/thoughts on this. I appreciate you giving it a whirl. It's only with good feedback and thoughts that I can continue to improve the overall tuning of the pack to make sure it stays within the "Vanilla+" goal. :)

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  15. Tested with A19.3 & A19.4Exp


    Neopolitan - A Collection Modlet - A19.3 - Neopolitan, because who eats just the vanilla?


    What exactly IS a Collection Modlet? This is a term some others on the 7DTD Official Discord helped me formulate. A collection modlet is a single modlet that is combined from the code of many other modlets.


    What is this Neopolitan modlet? This Collection Modlet should be considered Vanilla+, and contains the combined code of over 100 modlets from a wide variety of authors. This modlet collection is the same one I use on my server and all are tested, error & warning free, and work well together. The specific list of modlets is outlined below. These modlets are selected for their Quality of Life (QoL) improvements over vanilla game play. There are no rainbow zombies, instant crafting, super-powerful weapons, or substantial changes to game play. Anyone familiar with and who enjoys playing the vanilla game would be able to play this collection comfortably. I'm confident after playing this collection, you'll find many or most of the modlets near-requirements for any future games you play.


    What if I don't want ALL the modlets included? With this Neopolitan collection modlet, I'll also provide a zipfile download where you can download all the modlets broken out individually in their original form. This will allow you to remove an individual mod from the collection.


    With over 100 Modlets included, how do you keep this updated to each author's newest changes? I wrote a set of scripts that downloads the newest modlet code for each of the modlets and automatically compiles them all together to create this collection modlet (and the associated zip file with all the mods separated). This way, I offload the task to each author to keep their modlet updated or improved.


    What about fixes you've implemented for broken modlets? Some of the modlets I used in this collection modlet were either broken, had errors, or otherwise needed tuned to match the rest of the modlets in this pack. For these, I do keep a separate branched set of code for the modlet that contains the modified code. There are only a handful (17 at the time of this writing) that fall into this category.



    All credits go to each original mod author. Most modders learn to create their own modlets by looking at the work of others. In some cases, code is copied to create a new modlet. Due to this, each modder is essentially standing on the shoulders of other authors. Most in the modding community, myself included, welcome others to look at how a modlet was created and to use this code to any extent, provided that credit is provided back to the author whose work yours is based off of. In the spirit of this community, I've notated each author and always ensure to retain the original author's information. This collection is meant to be nothing more than what it claims to be: A collection of my own and other people's hard work put together in a single zip file to make it easy for players and server administrators to easy install our work into their games. Enjoy.



    A19.3_1.0d - Neopolitan Collection Modlet (Single Modlet Version) - PRIMARY DOWNLOAD

    A19.3_1.0d - Neopolitan Modlet Pack (100+ Individual Modlets) - ALTERNATE DOWNLOAD

    * Both downloads include the full set of modlets listed below. YOU ONLY NEED TO DOWNLOAD ONE OF THE ABOVE.


    Old Downloads


    A19.3_1.0 - Neopolitan Collection Modlet (Single Modlet Version) - PRIMARY DOWNLOAD

    A19.3_1.0 - Neopolitan Modlet Pack (100+ Individual Modlets) - ALTERNATE DOWNLOAD

    * Both downloads include the full set of modlets listed below. YOU ONLY NEED TO DOWNLOAD ONE OF THE ABOVE.




    List of Modlets


    1. 60Slot_Bag_30Reserve by ShoudenKalferas, Based on Khaine's 60BBM
    2. Crafting Acid by Shouden Kalferas
    3. Meat Rendering by Shouden Kalferas, originating idea from Aeyvi Kalferas
    4. Quenchiest Cactus Juice by Shouden Kalferas, originating idea from Aeyvi Kalferas
    5. Craftable Sewing Kit by Shouden Kalferas, originating idea from Aeyvi Kalferas
    6. Steel Trussing Sheet by Shouden Kalferas
    7. 8-slot Crafting Queue by KhaineGB, Modified by Shouden Kalferas
    8. Better Goggles by GneX, Modified by Shouden Kalferas
    9. Death by Campfire by magejosh
    10. Delmod__Combiner by DelStryker
    11. Return of the Jail Door by DelStryker
    12. Delmod_Stack_Sizes by DelStryker, Modified by Shouden Kalferas
    13. Doughs Buff Ambience Darker Inside by Doughphunghus
    14. Doughs Buff Ambience DarkerNights by Doughphunghus
    15. Doughs Buff Infection by Doughphunghus
    16. Doughs Buff Pipe Bombs by Doughphunghus
    17. Doughs - Food - Sous Chef Of The Apocalypse by Doughphunghus
    18. Doughs Nerf Flashlights and Lanterns by Doughphunghus
    19. Doughs Punishing Weather Core by Doughphunghus
    20. Doughs Punishing Weather Effects Light by Doughphunghus
    21. Doughs UI Add 5 Recipe Ingredients by Doughphunghus
    22. Doughs You've Got Mail by Doughphunghus
    23. DrPrepper by stample, stamplesmods@gmail.com
    24. EmperorDye by stample, stamplesmods@gmail.com
    25. Armor With Mods by Okami
    26. Traders by Okami
    27. Frobscottle by stample, stamplesmods@gmail.com
    28. GhillieSuitAsMods by stample, stamplesmods@gmail.com
      • Download URL: https://github.com/stamplesmods/7d2dmodlets/
      • Description: This modlet changes the Ghillie Suit clothing pieces into mods for head/jacket/pants.  It also removes the original items and recipes so you can't put a ghillie mod in a ghillie suit
    29. Guppycur's Random ZombieGetterUpper by Guppycur
    30. H7SB Seats by Eihwaz
    31. H7SB Storage by Eihwaz
      • Website: www.eihwaz.de
      • Download URL: https://gitlab.com/EihwazDE/7D2D
      • Description: Contains vanillafriendly pushable carts and new storages/changed storage sizes.
    32. Headshot_15 by ShoudenKalferas, Based on TSBX 25 Percent Headshot
    33. Home_Depot by OrbitalBliss, Fixed by Shouden Kalferas
    34. IceBurg_Baby_Animals by IceBurg, Modified by Shouden Kalferas
    35. IceBurg_Craft_Windows by IceBurg
    36. JaxTeller718_BiggerWanderingHordes by JaxTeller718
    37. JaxTeller718_EggsInFridges by JaxTeller718
    38. JaxTeller718_SlowerProgression by JaxTeller718
    39. JaxTeller718_ZombieSightRange by JaxTeller718
    40. Khaine's HP Bar Mod by KhaineGB
    41. Zombie Stutter Stop Modlet by KhaineGB
    42. Khelldon - Bigger Buck and Doe by Khelldon
    43. MeanCloud's Increased Animals by Mean.Cloud, Doughphungus, Modified by Shouden Kalferas
    44. NakedGator by stample, stamplesmods@gmail.com
    45. Pickup_Plants_A19 by Shouden Kalferas
    46. Ragsy_Brighter_Vehicle_Headlights_V2 by Ragsy2145, Modified by Shouden Kalferas
    47. Riles-DecoBlock by Riles
    48. Riles-Fixes by Riles
    49. Riles-HUDPlus by Riles
    50. Riles-SeatingPlus by Riles
    51. Salvaged Electronics - Battery Bank by Shouden Kalferas
    52. Salvaged Electronics - Generator Bank by Shouden Kalferas
    53. Salvaged Electronics - Lights by Shouden Kalferas
    54. Salvaged Electronics - Parts by Shouden Kalferas
    55. Salvaged Electronics - Signs by Shouden Kalferas
    56. Salvaged Electronics - Solar Bank by Shouden Kalferas
    57. Some_Skillbook_Skillpoints by Shouden Kalferas
    58. STAINLESS STEEL RETURNS by Claymore, Fixed By ShoudenKalferas
    59. StamplesDefenseQuests by stample, stamplesmods@gmail.com
      • Download URL: https://github.com/stamplesmods/7d2dmodlets/
      • Description: Defense Quests creates a couple quests that send waves of zeds at you while you defend random T1 and T2 locations.  Special thanks to geengaween for providing the ideas that led to this.
    60. StamplesNotJustLumberjacks by stample, stamplesmods@gmail.com
    61. Foods That use Super Corn by Gopher, Fixed By Shouden Kalferas
    62. Terrain Based Movement Speed by Elucidus
    63. Trader_Refresh_1Day by Shouden Kalferas
    64. Vanilla Expanded - Storage by TSBX
    65. White River Tools of Citizenship by Shouden Kalferas, Loosely derived from Royal Deluxe Vanilla+ Quests Modlet
    66. White River Tools of Citizenship - Amelia Earhart's Gyrocopter by Shouden Kalferas and Aeyvi-Daro
    67. White River Tools of Citizenship - Bambi's Bow by Shouden Kalferas, and morggin
    68. White River Tools of Citizenship - Bear Claws by Shouden Kalferas with help from SteamM0nkey
    69. White River Tools of Citizenship - Black Bart's Flaming Dig Tools by ShoudenKalferas, morggin(lore), AeyviKalferas(Quest), RichardPaul(Poem)
    70. White River Tools of Citizenship - Brass for Lead by Shouden Kalferas, Loosely derived from Royal Deluxe Vanilla+ Quests Modlet
    71. White River Tools of Citizenship - Bunyan's FireAxe by Shouden Kalferas, Loosely derived from Royal Deluxe Vanilla+ Quests Modlet
    72. White River Tools of Citizenship - Callinicus Greek Fire by Shouden Kalferas
    73. White River Tools of Citizenship - Daryl's Zombie-Killer Crossbow by Shouden Kalferas, and morggin
    74. White River Tools of Citizenship - Deschain's Revolver by Aeyvi and Shouden Kalferas
    75. White River Tools of Citizenship - Dundee's Hunting Knife by Shouden Kalferas, Loosely derived from Royal Deluxe Vanilla+ Quests Modlet
    76. White River Tools of Citizenship - Dwarven Forge by Shouden Kalferas, with code from Khaine's 3-Slot Forge
    77. White River Tools of Citizenship - Everdeen's Arrows by Shouden Kalferas, Loosely derived from Royal Deluxe Vanilla+ Quests Modlet
    78. White River Tools of Citizenship - Gupta's First Aid Bandages by Shouden Kalferas, Loosely derived from Royal Deluxe Vanilla+ Quests Modlet
    79. White River Tools of Citizenship - Jason's Machete by Wyldwitchykat's addition to the White River TOC modlets by ShoudenKalferas
    80. White River Tools of Citizenship - Kuva's Red and Blue Armor by Shouden and Aeyvi Kalferas
    81. White River Tools of Citizenship - Leon's Modded SMG by Shouden Kalferas, Loosely derived from Royal Deluxe Vanilla+ Quests Modlet
    82. White River Tools of Citizenship - Pavlichenko's Rifle by Shouden Kalferas, Loosely derived from Royal Deluxe Vanilla+ Quests Modlet
    83. White River Tools of Citizenship - Quick Drying Concrete Blocks by Shouden Kalferas, Loosely derived from Royal Deluxe Vanilla+ Quests Modlet
    84. White River Tools of Citizenship - Remington's Steel Ammo by Shouden Kalferas, Based on Khaine's Steel Ammo
    85. White River Tools of Citizenship - Rick Danger Auger by Shouden Kalferas
    86. White River Tools of Citizenship - Spirit of Vengeance by Shouden Kalferas, based on Snufkin's Vehicles and Zombies, with help from arramus and Slawa
    87. White River Tools of Citizenship - Taza's Axe by Shouden Kalferas, Loosely derived from Royal Deluxe Vanilla+ Quests Modlet
    88. Xal_SetZombiesAttackAnimals by Xaliber, Fixed By ShoudenKalferas
    89. ZLoot_Increase by Shouden Kalferas, Based on Donovan's Longer Loot Bags and Mega Loot Bags
    90. Zombiepedia Skillpoints by Shouden Kalferas
    91. Donovan_BetterBridges by Donovan
    92. Donovan_BetterBuffs by Donovan
    93. Donovan_BetterDyes by Donovan
    94. Donovan_CraftSpikes by Donovan
    95. Donovan_LootCleanup by Donovan
    96. Donovan_PickMeUp by Donovan
    97. wtk34_water_filter by wtk34
    98. Grenade Arrows by wtk34, Modified by Shouden Kalferas
    99. JaxTeller718_IncreasedBiomeZombiesx2 by JaxTeller718

    100. MorePaintTextures by Eric Beaudoin

    101. White River Tools of Citizenship - Molino Bulletproof Glass by arramus, with full credit to those who laid template foundations (Requested by Fuzzy Pug)

    102. Weapon Repair Mod by Survager

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  16. I'm not sure how I missed this! Thanks for noticing this and posting. I did test and didn't see any obvious warnings/errors. Kind of puzzled on that one. But looking at it closely I do see what you mean about the first lootgroup referring to a second lootgroup that hasn't been declared yet. I'll work through publishing a release on this now.




    bugfix release published

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  17. Senzo -- It seems that English is not your first language and I'm having trouble understanding you. Counter Strike is probably a bad example to point at, to compare to 7dtd. It was originally released in 1999 so has had more than 20 years to develop on their game and make multiple releases of it.


    I don't disagree with your point that it would be nice if 7dtd supported more than XML in its official support to automatically download from the server. As a mod creator with dozens of modlets created, I've encountered this countless times where "it would be nice" to have this capability. But it is wrong to suggest that 7dtd doesn't have automatic download of mods, because it does support this. However, it is just limited to XML only.

  18. To be fair, the OFFICIAL method of modding.. XPath Modlet style, DOES download all the Modlets to the client players machine... all automatically. I've been running a server for years with over 90 mods, at times more than 150 mods.. all are XML-only and all automatically download to the client player with nothing more than them connecting to the server.


    When you as a server admin choose to install a mod that steps OUTSIDE the official modding path, aka.. installing a custom DLL, you cannot expect TFP to provide you an automated method for that to work within the confines of the official modding platform.

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