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  1. Hello developers. You could put these weapons in and the game would be "perfect" Important weapons: sword like a katana (no swords in the game), grenade launchers (ammo types like explosive, acid, incendiary and freezing), flamethrowers, Claymore mines (a fancy mine, the others in the game are homemade), minigun (next from M60). Majorities are achieved in the later stages of the game and some in very dangerous military complexes. Other weapons: RPG-7 rocket launcher (this famous weapon as it is not in the game), barrett M82 precision rifle (with its
  2. Hello everyone. Is it true that they will eliminate the blunderbuss in alpha 20? If it is true then do not do it, we are very fond of that weapon. Many good times.
  3. Hello developers. Roland I've always been curious about this firearm thing. The desert vulture weapon is inspired by the real life desert eagle, right? I have three questions about the tactical assault rifle: What model of real weapon is it inspired by, perhaps the M4 assault rifle? If it is true it has to have the automatic mode, three modes, semi-automatic, three-shot bursts and automatic. It only has two modes. Should use 5.56mm ammo, 7.62mm not. And what model is the automatic shotgun? I really appreciate it if you
  4. Hi Roland, I'm Miguel and I'm spanish from Spain. I would like some translations of the game to be correctly corrected from Spanish. Here the following: "Revolver" is "pistola". "Metralleta AK-47" is "fusil de asalto AK-47" or "rifle de asalto AK-47". "Metralleta M60" is "ametralladora M60". Where the configuration options of a new game, the option: "marcar las gotas de aire" could be "suministros aéreos". where the map in the game, "se siente como" could be "temperatura ambiental". In the skills, where perception, "El penetrador" sounds fatal in spa
  5. Sorry if we sent you the same list, I put it in the wrong forum, this is the correct one and we already took the opportunity to put some more ideas. We the fans and folks from some of the 7 Days to Die closed groups want to share a list of ideas and improvements chosen by vote for the game for the Alpha 20 or later Alphas. If you are not going to implement some ideas, save the list of ideas for a future Alpha, we all want more content and love from 7 Days to Die. - Swamp biome, Tundra biome. - The return of the Plains biome. Less green perhaps. - Helicopter vehicle: the nex
  6. Hello Madmole and all developers, happy new year and merry christmas. I know that you work with the Alpha 20 but I want to present the ideas of me and other users that we have chosen for Alpha 20 or later Alphas. At least save these ideas for future implementation. - Swamp biome, Tundra Biome. - Helicopter vehicle: the next upgrade to the gyrocopter and final vehicle, it's cool to take off and land vertically. Two passengers maybe? - 10 Vehicles in total in the game? That would be great, three marine vehicles such as a raft, a sailboat and a motor boat. From air vehic
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