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  1. Unbelievable, someone is spending an insane amount of his spare time doing this mod, overhaul all for free and people start complaining! Please show appreciation for the work since it is all done voluntarily. You cannot demand anything! Rather give polite constructive feedback which could help fixing any issues in the future if War3zUk decides, feels like it or has time for it, you get the point, to continue working on the mod or overhaul.
  2. Curious if we have the same in mind. What bothers me is a terrain wall showing up in front of you when you walk or drive thru a tunnel. It moves with you along. Feels very pronounced in A19.
  3. Hello to All, The distant terrain issue is already known and probably not an issue for everybody, hence lets describe what happens: If you build a long tunnel, prefab or not, a terrain wall is rendered, I reckon 50m, in front of you when walking or driving thru. I have tried kind of dumb tricks I could imagine with distant meshes, cutting the tunnel into sections, using all kind of blocks above the tunnel, even carving out the section of the world map where the tunnel is placed and then adding the terrain to the prefab instead. Distant terrain will show up in front of you if the tunnel goes thru terrain in general. Just curious if the issue is tackled or at least if it is on the agenda for TFP. Tunnels thru mountains are fun to have on a map of course but the immersion is bad or players might think at one stage it is a dead end and do not continue to walk or drive thru. Thanks in advance for some constructive replies.
  4. PeterB

    Project Slaanhatten

    Slaan A18 ? Love to see that.
  5. PeterB

    Downtown Guppy

    Yeah, same idea. Long avenues like the meat district in New York with buildings side by side. But no skyscrapers. 4-5 levels max.
  6. PeterB

    Downtown Guppy

    Pille, I revoke what I have said. Firstly I have to digest it. Thats quite some approach to gaming. I accept your opinion. Useless starting a debate here, similar as to being a vegetarian or not. Hence, my opinion does not add any benefit. In short my view is not that black or white. Is modding curse or blessing or both? Do we agree upon modding helped the game becoming successful! Nevertheless I appreciate taking your time and sharing your elaborated view. Back to the thread: Guppy, how is your downtown progress so far?
  7. PeterB

    Downtown Guppy

    He will get there. Patience. Time to face his destiny sooner or later. ;-)
  8. Agree, I built with Lego all day as a child. We visit Legoland once a year :-), Denmark or Germany. Kids loving it.
  9. PeterB

    Downtown Guppy

    Guppy did the most important mod of all. The urinal block. Finally we can take a piss like a man. I would skip all mods, but not this one. :-)
  10. PeterB

    Project Slaanhatten

    Hi Slaan, how is it going? Curious how somebody can be of any help. It‘s a mammoth project. What about setting up a server, I dont mind donating monthly fee, where people get assigned tasks for helping you out?
  11. Hi Tete1805, thanks for sharing. I was in a similar situation and have started working with Unity and C# more than a year ago. Took me a lot of effort reading through all those C# books and watching endless Unity tutorials. Thanks to Xyth tutorials I got the proper link to the game, which finally was my goal. My best advice to all, keep going, do not stop. Better a few hours a week than putting it aside. I have stopped at all a few months ago due to private reasons. Damn, now I have to recap a lot. It is a lot fun, but sometimes a tad unthankful and a very time consuming hobby. Basically a luxury, since time is precious. Just do not forget to play a bit on the side as well. Time goes so fast and suddenly you have not played for a few months. Hope this thread helps and encourage more people. Again highly appreciated and I have a lot of respect for all the modders out there. Cheers PeterB(Sundog)
  12. PeterB

    A19 NPCs DMT Mod

    Thank you, amazing work.
  13. PeterB

    DMT Modding Tool

    Pls anybody can shortly elaborate some advantages with DMT and using Harmony. Still reading thru the guide right now.Thanks
  14. Hi xyth, I am working my way thru MecAnim in Unity. For the wandering traders: Do you have „Foot IK“ on? This should get rid off any foot slipping in the animation. Cheers.
  15. Hi xyth, Regarding the new wandering traders, looks ok this time. Sometimes a tiny bit sliding while walking. Dont know why it was so much last time. Weapons sometimes missing while aiming on knees. Nice Avatars. Do you buy it or create yourself? I am new to character creation, but surely give it a try. Thanks again for your efforts.
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