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  1. PeterB

    Project Slaanhatten

    Slaan A18 ? Love to see that.
  2. Hello Madmole, Maybe this question was already asked. I am curious if a proper swimming animation is already added in A18? Thanks.
  3. Fun to watch. Thanks. Curious what You and Pille will conjure(herbeizaubern) into existence in A18. Great prefab pack.
  4. Hi Madmole, Do you keep UMA integration or does it vanish at all in the future?
  5. Hello Madmole, Please keep your vision up by making the best zombie game out there. Ofc income generation has priority. Hence consider DLCs for the game. Or do you peek already at a new project? Still plenty of potential for the game to generate profit when being gold.
  6. Hi Sam_Neil, This well is known in the prefabbing world. We have this stuff and easy to do only with the in-game tools. Just ask a prefabber on Guppycur Discord how to do it. No magic behind it. Nevertheless I’d love to see a proper documentation for the game.
  7. That‘s why Roland. Drawing my conclusions. Pls read below. Hope you are right. That post is already 5 days ago. Impossible to keep up for me.
  8. Hope TFP is aware of amazing new performance features in Unity since 2019 before abolishing any digging from the game for perf. reasons. Think outside the box and dont screw your still amazing game please. Thanks. Remember that video from 2018, take a look again, yaw-dropping for me.
  9. Cool pack...people are saturated with prefabs? Not many replies yet. Joking, we have way too little prefabbers out there. More enthusiasm please. Its hard work doing this stuff.
  10. PeterB

    Downtown Guppy

    Yeah, same idea. Long avenues like the meat district in New York with buildings side by side. But no skyscrapers. 4-5 levels max.
  11. Loving it! You are a master jedi of prefabbing. Hope more to come.
  12. PeterB

    Downtown Guppy

    Pille, I revoke what I have said. Firstly I have to digest it. Thats quite some approach to gaming. I accept your opinion. Useless starting a debate here, similar as to being a vegetarian or not. Hence, my opinion does not add any benefit. In short my view is not that black or white. Is modding curse or blessing or both? Do we agree upon modding helped the game becoming successful! Nevertheless I appreciate taking your time and sharing your elaborated view. Back to the thread: Guppy, how is your downtown progress so far?
  13. PeterB

    Downtown Guppy

    He will get there. Patience. Time to face his destiny sooner or later. ;-)
  14. Agree, I built with Lego all day as a child. We visit Legoland once a year :-), Denmark or Germany. Kids loving it.
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