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  1. Hello @madmole , what are you working on right now? and other question When your brother and you don,t agree on something...how do you fix it? Who commands more? a greeting
  2. Hi @madmole, I wanted to ask you about Richard Huenink, and Christian Lang. Tell me a little about them, who are they? are you working at 7dtd? They left? why? what important decisions they make in the game. Thank you
  3. hello madmole, I would like too see zombies that could / will try climb, and more zombies around town and outdoors you know if there will be any of this. and tell me what are you working on right now
  4. Hello Madmole A while ago you talked about adding an industrial forge, there plans to add it to alpha 19? Is there some art (sketch drawing) of this forge? thanks
  5. hello madmole, 3 questions for you I wanted to ask you if alpha 19 is going to have a streamer weekend? are you going to make videos like you did in alpha 18? do you like Steve Ray Vaughan? thanks and a hug friend
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