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  1. Hello @madmole , what are you working on right now? and other question When your brother and you don,t agree on something...how do you fix it? Who commands more? a greeting
  2. Hi @madmole, I wanted to ask you about Richard Huenink, and Christian Lang. Tell me a little about them, who are they? are you working at 7dtd? They left? why? what important decisions they make in the game. Thank you
  3. hello madmole, I would like too see zombies that could / will try climb, and more zombies around town and outdoors you know if there will be any of this. and tell me what are you working on right now
  4. Hello Madmole A while ago you talked about adding an industrial forge, there plans to add it to alpha 19? Is there some art (sketch drawing) of this forge? thanks
  5. Steam name: Anthony de Vidal Hours played: 471h Started on Alpha: 14 Discord name: Anthony de Vidal # 2226 Native language: Spanish
  6. hello madmole, 3 questions for you I wanted to ask you if alpha 19 is going to have a streamer weekend? are you going to make videos like you did in alpha 18? do you like Steve Ray Vaughan? thanks and a hug friend
  7. I am answering. I have a computer with which I played at 16.4 and it did not work with 17 or 18 and I am not here giving the wand, I hope they solve it, to see if the only one with problems is going to think
  8. I play on a laptop with an i5 a 1050gtx and 8gb ram and this experimental one is the one that works best from the beginning, if you're doing so badly that you're not enjoying it, go back to 17.4 and stop riding so many dramas, in a few weeks You will have a more stable version that does NOT OFFEND your expectations. good job TFP this alpha is awesome
  9. I can put a ticket in the bug thread, the timed charges (C4) no found the block damage (says 3000 damage to specifications but barely reaches 40) thanks for answer
  10. hello Madmole, good job with this alpha, testing the especialization of explosives i have a problem,the unique explosive with block damage is a dynamite but the cardbrige of dynamite what can your place has been eliminated, Now only you can throw dnamite , if you want crash a wall the result is that you break the floor with the wall. please return the cardbrige of dynamite placeable.
  11. hello Madmole, i have two news zombies and Pois for Alpha 19, "The TERRORIFIC Greta", She live in the ONU Palace, She is a Boss Zombie, hard of eliminate and very speed. the second zombie is "The President" is live in the White House or in the crash of the Airfoce One, this Zombie is protected by zombie agents fbi and they have a big loot of weapons and money by the way are you still exercising? How are the progress? A hug from your Spanish friend
  12. while alpha 18 is coming, I give you this gif. A greetings
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