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  1. Chipping back in here, I incorrectly read 19.3 as 19.2. My apologies. I haven't tested 19.3 yet either myself... I could publish a DLL file. I was actually planning when I get a bit of time to just create a quick CI pipeline that autobuilds these on GitLab, but I am not sure how the licensing issue works out with regards to the ownership of the game files (e.g. if it's OK to use a pre-built Docker image that contains the game DLL files), so I'll do a little bit of research on that first.
  2. Weird, I've never seen that show up and I played this on 19.3... Maybe you have a odd version of the binary DLL or something. It definitely doesn't look compatible. I think SetInvestigatePosition is a Unity thing. I have not gotten much of a chance to really dig into the 7dtd-specifics around the Models and Entities yet for Unity. My initial goal was to rebuild the DLL and fix the bc-export feature since it had a strange Path problem when not using the materialized path with the Prefab.Save() method. Frankly I'm not even sure what/where needs to be fixed in the module r
  3. Also for the record, I am also a software engineer myself by trade. There's a reason I don't work at gaming companies that go beyond the scope of simple mobile apps: it's the toxicity that the entire game community brings to the table like that seen in a lot of these childish threads. At a certain point, do people know how to grow up and contribute to the community for the greater good, or are just stuck on their pride and flame wars on the Internet? I mean, it's what, 2020 now? Let's all take the higher road. Really. Let's. To quote @bobross: "It's not that your concerns are unjus
  4. Oh this is fantastic, finding this thread. Looks like a little of pot calling the kettle black. Everyone, and I truly mean everyone in this modding community (including @StompyNZ) I think you need to calm down stop taking open source 'theft' things so personally. I'm not condoning it, since for the record I want to say that I am not impressed with the actions of this Prism fellow either. Obfuscating/encrypting code for no real good reason or benefit to the public goes against the best interest in the community. There's a lot of child's play in the software engineering community, that I know fo
  5. Good question... I've been using BCManager for awhile, and always wondered where the source code vanished to. I opened a GitHub Issue with the project: https://github.com/7days2mod/BadCompanySM/issues/63
  6. I guess I find it bizarre that the concrete block (which has the same texture ID mind you) used in creative when making prefabs, ends up being the same concrete flavor in all biomes, but when you craft one [or use creativemenu] and place it somewhere in the terrain, it morphs into that biome's topsoil appearance. There must be some hard-coded conditions that set the texture on a player-placed block with this new MM system as opposed to when the concrete texture block is placed in a prefab or part of the region generation.
  7. Huh? I am having the transparent asphalt texture issue as well. If I change the Texture ID to "1" it looks like stone, or "11" it looks like Gravel, but any other texture I try simply looks transparent. What is this "new system" you speak of?
  8. Hello! I wasn't sure if this is the right thread for this. I've spent a lot of time searching the Internet. How does one import the .assets export that UABE creates into Unity itself? e.g. to browse those assets, adjust settings, re-use in another project.
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