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  1. Also for the record, I am also a software engineer myself by trade. There's a reason I don't work at gaming companies that go beyond the scope of simple mobile apps: it's the toxicity that the entire game community brings to the table like that seen in a lot of these childish threads. At a certain point, do people know how to grow up and contribute to the community for the greater good, or are just stuck on their pride and flame wars on the Internet? I mean, it's what, 2020 now? Let's all take the higher road. Really. Let's. To quote @bobross: "It's not that your concerns are unjustified, it's that you handled them in what could be the worst way possible." this is spot on. And the attitude that needs to cease in a lot of my fellow peers' minds with regards to how to handle personal attacks or pride.
  2. Oh this is fantastic, finding this thread. Looks like a little of pot calling the kettle black. Everyone, and I truly mean everyone in this modding community (including @StompyNZ) I think you need to calm down stop taking open source 'theft' things so personally. I'm not condoning it, since for the record I want to say that I am not impressed with the actions of this Prism fellow either. Obfuscating/encrypting code for no real good reason or benefit to the public goes against the best interest in the community. There's a lot of child's play in the software engineering community, that I know for sure. I can see all points of this issue. Bottom line is, you open something up to the community, and if you especially license it as something that does not require attribution, and then taketh that away from the community, I can't have an honest ounce of respect. Is your pride hurt that much by some low-life 'stealing code'? I mean let's be real here, the *real* producers are going to be recognized in the community, regardless of what a few little @%$#s want to do to our stuff. Take the higher road, don't hurt the rest of the community by doing closed minded stunts like closing off source and access to a publicly and potentially community supported mod. This goes for open source software in general. If every goddamn open source developer on GitHub decided they were cheated because someone 'stole their work', the open source community would be a pretty lonely place and you wouldn't have a lot of the great tools at your disposal like you do today. And yeah, I find the response on the issue I raised with your own Server Management mod a little bit, immature. It _is_ an abuse of GitHub to use their resources for serving content and then double-down with this type of response. You say the project is "discontinued" but you are fixing this thing? Wouldn't it be easier to redirect your efforts to work on this new project instead of stripping away the source code to a project where the community can make the improvements? https://github.com/7days2mod/BadCompanySM/issues/63#issuecomment-693280089 I can't be the only one who feels this way either. At least, I would hope not. That's not how progress is made on projects, especially those denoted as open source. I'm quite disappointed with the closed mindedness of the "highly respected members" of the mod community that 7 Days has seemed to attract. I love this game and its modding extent and to see some of the senior modders in this community take things so personally with regard to attribution, and then hurt the rest of the community by pulling regressive publicity stunts is disheartening. So while @bobrossmay have taken this out of context, I'm a bit on his side with this matter and I can see his POV above all the others and their stark immaturity.
  3. Good question... I've been using BCManager for awhile, and always wondered where the source code vanished to. I opened a GitHub Issue with the project: https://github.com/7days2mod/BadCompanySM/issues/63
  4. I guess I find it bizarre that the concrete block (which has the same texture ID mind you) used in creative when making prefabs, ends up being the same concrete flavor in all biomes, but when you craft one [or use creativemenu] and place it somewhere in the terrain, it morphs into that biome's topsoil appearance. There must be some hard-coded conditions that set the texture on a player-placed block with this new MM system as opposed to when the concrete texture block is placed in a prefab or part of the region generation.
  5. Yep artifacting is still happening on 18.3 as well. I noticed it only seems to affect the voxel terrain textures for the following: Stone Concrete (the regular kind, not the "see through" kind you can produce in the cement mixer now). Iron Ore Lead Ore Coal Ore Oil Shale [not as noticeable since the artifacting seems to blend with the texture of this ore] Dirt & Topsoil Dirt, but not the biome native topsoil dirt There may be others, but I recall another thread reading about how they changed the texture mapping system and haven't finished porting all of them over yet or something, and perhaps these particular terrain textures are the legacy version?
  6. Just following up here: I ended up installing BadCompany SM. https://github.com/7days2mod/BadCompanySM This let me use the bc-importx command to bring in the prefab, place it where I wanted to and use bc-protect to give block protection to the POI zone. This is a nice mod for dedicated servers.
  7. I have a custom map on my dedicated server I have been playing for awhile. It was generated with Nitrogen World generator, although I think this part is irrelevant. Anyways, I recently pulled my world down along with the Save game region files and wanted to add another trader. I currently have some traders in the world that work just fine, and have land claim protection and everything. However, when I add this additional trader (it's settlement_trader_02, Joel), load up the game and force a chunk reset where I placed the prefab POI, the trader shows up but his light is out (not OPEN). Additionally, I noticed that I can attack the blocks on the POI without the land claim. I have verified that there is a selection box for the POI and the TraderTeleport in the prefab. Any ideas what's going on? Has anyone experienced this? I really don't want to hard-reset the entire region file if I don't have to so it gets re-created that way... Is this an artifact of the chunkreset command vs resetting the entire region file [deleting]?
  8. Hey someone else who is having the same *exact* artifacting problem. I ran into this when I was trying to figure out why asphalt keeps appearing as transparent. https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?140864-Asphalt-Block-behaves-like-a-chameleon&highlight=asphalt And now that you mention this, the artifacting I was seeing when I upgraded to my 5700 XT is only on the textures that I can replace the terrAsphalt block with, for example, that do not exhibit the chameleon effect. SylenThunder mentions some new system being developed/worked-on and perhaps this is all related in that manner....?
  9. Huh? I am having the transparent asphalt texture issue as well. If I change the Texture ID to "1" it looks like stone, or "11" it looks like Gravel, but any other texture I try simply looks transparent. What is this "new system" you speak of?
  10. The SYN workaround is fine if your server is dedicated to 7 Days or you have root yeah. I run my own server on an Ubuntu bionic 18.04.3 release. EAC is important for running a public server so disabling it is a bad idea if it can be avoided. My comment was more directed that I am really surprised TFP haven't released some sort of hotfix sooner regarding this issue since I am sure many are being afflicted by this if it is indeed related to some EasyAntiCheat availability problems.
  11. Even if adjusting syn/ack retries in the network stack fixes the problem, it's not an acceptable workaround IMO. That setting affects things system-wide and if you have other things on that server will impact it. The issue here I believe is the 7DTD code not handling an exception when it can't reach out to the EAC servers when EAC is enabled. This may be intentional, as someone would be able to circumvent the integrity of the server if it can't communicate when the global ban list, but I think a more "graceful" way of stopping the server would be a better approach if this was handled. E.g. a system-wide-message informing users EAC is unavailable and if it can't be reached in say, a minute or two the server will gracefully shutdown. Also, this seems like EAC is experiencing issues on their end, as I've seen other games have this problem (and gracefully inform the user/admins). Essentially I believe this is just TFP forgetting to implement some safety code on their side to prevent the server from blatantly exiting when it can't open a socket to the central hydra host (in AWS) ELB.
  12. Oh yeah, wouldn't be the first time I've ran into all sorts of weirdness when clocks roll over, DST changes, etc. And for all we know, this could be TFP failing to upgrade some integration library that their servers are expecting to have an API change for :shrug:. I will confirm that disabling EAC seems to stop this problem from happening.
  13. Hello! I wasn't sure if this is the right thread for this. I've spent a lot of time searching the Internet. How does one import the .assets export that UABE creates into Unity itself? e.g. to browse those assets, adjust settings, re-use in another project.
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