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  1. Has anyone from TFP said anything about why they changed the Y offset of crouch? XML's still say 0.65 but in game its only about 0.25 now, and that is reducing the vertical melee range by about 0.3m.
  2. Thank you so much for all the wedge corners. Has anyone pointed out that crouching used to lower your pov by about 0.6m and now it only lowers you by about 0.25m? It seems to make it much more difficult to melee zombies from atop a wall.
  3. Having the area where someone lives and travels through regularly become a loot deadzone by constantly resetting the timers might be good for a SP game but on a MP server as the player population grows and players build vehicles to travel faster you'll end up with an expanding dead zone that isn't going to be fair to new players joining the server over time. I don't think players should be forced out to the perimeter of the map to survive, I think there should be a more gradual incentive to travel outwards to seek greater rewards.
  4. If players reset the timer for loot when they walk too close, was this intended to discourage players from living inside buildings like shotgun messiah or crack a book and farming their loot? Couldn't they just make it so a bedroll,campfire,forge or keystone would disable loot respawning within a certain range rather than the player themselves. What other reason would there be to reset the timer? is this a bug or a feature?
  5. I wish TFP would do something to improve looting. I like to play on an mp server, but when you do you seem to have two choices, first you live near the center of the map and have severely reduced if not game crippling looting opportunities compared to a sp game. Alternatively you move out towards the perimeter of the map where you might not have any competition for loot at all, and you might not ever run into another player which means you might as well be playing a sp game after all. From a server owners perspective you might wonder if your slots are just wasted on outback players. I like
  6. Wut? AP? Are you even taking about 7dtd?
  7. If there was any response to my question in post #37079 a week ago I've missed it. So has there been any change to the way loot respawning works in A17? Also has there been any changes to the way servers are sorted in the listings? The term "vanilla" doesn't seem to mean the same thing to all people.
  8. Last alpha I asked if the loot respawn timer could be made random between two set values. I think MM said in his Q&A video back then that they weren't sure what they were going to do with loot timers yet. Has there been any change for A17? I don't like the system in A16 where a player on a server can loot the highest value loot containers like clockwork if they know exactly when a loot container will respawn.
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