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  1. Probably because fat is a great fire starter. Plus another way to limit food, eat good food or burn undead.
  2. Oh it's not single wide, the choke point is just a reinforced doorway. So if they break through I'm surrounded pretty quickly.. I don't get into building elaborate horde bases since I know they'll get wrecked at some point. Plus when I play SP I almost always play semi-nomad with no loot respawn so i'm only in a area until I've used it up, loot wise. I don't strip buildings to the ground though. I play kind of what it would be like in RL and eventually you have to move on as there is nothing left to raid.
  3. I have a backup but I don't do the row of hatches. Just a fall back position with another hatch and then a escape route if that fails. I typically build my horde base at one of the office building ruins that are at least two floors high and then provide easy access for the zeds to my choke point and fight them there. Normally I'm playing with a friend and in our current game I'm at the choke point and he's on the third floor shooting them as they come in as I can't see anything except what's right in front and a little front left. It's his job to try and deal with cops and demos
  4. Don't worry they get through, at least dogs, wolves, and spider zombies do. I use the hatch as a half door on my horde base and stand behind it playing whack-a-zed, though they whack me back plenty. Very often if I'm not paying enough attention the above mentioned will get through the hatch and rip me up. They might just be glitching through but they get through. I just play it like they came over the hatch and deal with them, hopefully before they deal with me.
  5. Yes he did and a few variant uses. My favorite was using it as a "draw bridge" to get into JaWoodle park.
  6. Had the same problem in a game with a friend that also runs the mod. His had all the buttons, TFP and KhainGB's showing and mine had the TFP buttons but overlap like your's and no matter what we tried we couldn't get the slots to lock. When I tried solo everything worked fine and that's how we figured out that he needed to check his mod folder. Turned out that he still had the original button mod in place as well as the one adding back the ability to lock slots. This caused a conflict between them on both our machines making nothing work properly for button or locking.
  7. YES please!!! I know the small square orients the hatch some way but I never remember which way and invariably place it wrong and have to tear it out and hope I get it right the next time. Instead I've given up on placing iron hatches and just upgrade wood to iron. More materials but at least I can get the hatch to open the way I want the first time.
  8. Thanks @Jugginator I looked there but must have overlooked it.
  9. I'm having the exact same issue. SP spear works fine but MP on a server or even just p2p with a friend and the spear gets choppy and travels in lurches. My friends spear travels fine for him (Host) but lurches like mine when i watch him throw. Tried all video settings and nothing changes this behavior, so i'm stuck now at what's causing it but seems to be a client side issue. I need to host and see if it happens to him. I don't think it's lag as arrows would do the same thing but don't, just the spear, plus ping was 30-45 all the time.
  10. If you want to stick with a 7.62 caliber go with the SAKO TRG 42. Otherwise go with the McMillan TAC-50 for .50 cal goodness.
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