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  1. After installing this, it seems that when I find nodes that I think are potassium nitrate, they're actually zinc. Also, the "resourceZinc" item I pick up from these nodes and loot has no icon in the game. When I look at my webmap for my server, I can see the proper icon in player inventories. Does this mod overwrite all potassium nodes, or have I just not actually seen potassium nodes yet and these are using the same model? How do I get the icon(s) to appear in the game? BTW, I've already copied the icons to my local icons folder for my client, no change. **EDIT** Nevermind, I'm a fool and didn't place the mod into my mods folder.
  2. I can't believe I missed that. I hadn't updated it since the patch. That fixed my issue, thanks!
  3. If I'm running the most recent fixes, what would cause my map to not show up on the website? The site loads, and we can login to it, but it never displays a map. I have run the rendermap command via the control panel twice, and both successfully completed.
  4. Any ideas why, with this update, the web map now requires a login?
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