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  1. So, downloaded and creating my first map. Anyone have any good options to try in the generator? I went with what it came up with other than removing burnt and wasteland. Is there any reason you need those in-game that I'll be missing out on? Oh, and I removed cracks as well.
  2. Has anyone used this tool yet with 18.1 stable build 7? I just found out about this tool this morning and it looks great! I had generated a couple maps in Vanilla last night and they both looked like crap!
  3. Day 40 on my server and only found the initial trader. So, I have a couple of requests: 1. Ensure that when doing random gen that multiple traders will spawn. 2. At the end of the 2nd and 4th tier quests, i.e. when you have completed those tiers and the trader gives you the extra reward, have the trader give you a quest for one of the other traders on the map. Possibly make it a choice you have to make, i.e. make it one of the rewards he gives for the completion of the last tier quest. Sometimes there are multiple traders and sometimes, like in my current world, they seem to be non-existent. Now, granted I have not explored all of the world yet but I think it would still be a good thing to add. How this would work with factions, I don't know, so maybe it doesn't fit in with TFP's plans, so that would have to be determined.
  4. LOL - this reminds me of the ladder bug in A14 or A15 where you had a chance of shooting into space when you got to the top of a ladder! Learned real quick to put a roof over the ladders.
  5. My comment was not about how to make sure you can come back close to where you were. It was only in regards to early game and lessening the impact of a quick death. One example from 17... I spawned in, nothing on me but what we get starting out. I did the quests and of course put down my bedroll. Then I saw in the distance a trailer and started heading toward it. When I got close, a wolf came up and attacked me, killing me. I lost all the starting stuff and had hardly anything else (maybe loot from a couple of bags and a car. I spawned back on my bed with 0 loot. Now to go get that very important torch, water, and food, and bandage, I had to go back to the POI and guess what was there - the wolf - died again - and again. Needless to say, I quit that world and started another one. So how would it make it horrible that if a player has not yet even killed a zombie or for some early game time, they would respawn with what they had? That was my original idea - not how to make sure I can get back to a poi and find my bag. I don't want to go find my bag! It has a wolf guarding it and I'm a new character with nothing but a wooden club.
  6. ROFL! Its hilarious that it starts with Simon holding, you guessed it, a hoe!
  7. RE: gaps between ground and blocks For me, the gap has been an OCD problem in my builds since I started playing this in A14. It isn't just the planter boxes. You cannot dig into the ground and put a block in the ground and have the ground come up to the block, at least in most instances. Drives my OCD crazy and looks bad, to me. I would think it would be fairly straightforward to check when placing a block that if it is square, any ground next to it will be flush with the block. If I was building a wall, I'd sure as heck fill the dirt back up to the wall. Minor, display only, issue, but something I hope they do address sometime in the future.
  8. Regarding early-game deaths, would it be possible to implement a "drop-nothing on death" for the first few levels or maybe the first full day on a server for a new player? That is the only thing I have not liked about an early death is losing all my stuff that was given to me as a new player. That drink and can of food are important along with the torch. Losing that early-game stuff forces me to go try to find my bag and that gets me into the multi-death scenario.
  9. Love the dead tree in the background!! And the new steel upgraded block!
  10. MM, don't know if you have answered this yet or care to, but I for one would love to see a walk through of your base after the last horde night. I, as well as many others I am sure, are also wondering how those zeds were getting behind you.
  11. I'd like to add my thoughts on food spoilage - don't do it or if you do, make it an option! I hate games that have food spoilage, such as Subnautica. Some of us just want to play the game without making it as close to real life as possible. Next thing you know, folks will be wanting to add the "feature" of you having to go stand in a bathroom for 5 minutes every day to take a dump or sleep every day! No thanks! The food system that A17 had was perfect, IMO. Early game we would struggle but by the later stages food wasn't a worry and I like it that way. Just my opinion.
  12. So how can I get a copy of A18 as EEA - Early Early Access!? Alpha 18 looks so much better than 17 was and I still played 17 for many hours but no where near as much as 14 through 16. The $20 I spend on the EA for this game has been the best value I have ever purchased for any game in my life! Looking forward to A18!
  13. That would be awesome! That way we would know we were seeing the content you intended!
  14. I had this same thing happen in Vanilla so I doubt it is related to the mod. Drove us crazy looking for the last "clear" for 30 minutes and we finally gave up.
  15. Damn - lost all my levels as well. I think i'll wait a while until this gets more stable. Love the mod and just went through day 7 horde but getting reset and not knowing all that has been "reset" sucks.
  16. Calipers and torch? Where is the best place to find them? They do not occur in any crafting menus I can see.
  17. Some of the crafting recipes have a hammer next to them. These hammers are sometimes white and sometimes grayed out. What do they mean? I'm trying to make the cheaper forged iron and I have the white hammer next to it but the craft option isn't available.
  18. I am using the 7D2D mod launcher but it launched with the old version of the mod. How can I have it update the mod without erasing my existing game? EDIT - Think I found the option - "Refresh Mods AUtomatically"
  19. How do I go about finding the stuff I need to make other classes? I do not know how to find/make the skill notes and haven't found one in game yet and on day 12.
  20. Anyone have any answer for why I'm only at 37 open slots when at strength level 7? One of the things I am loving about this mod is the lack of guns! It is so much more satisfying to find one when you don't find 14 of them on day 1! LOL - More gun parts but very few guns. Love it! I have a stack of 9 mm in my base waiting for a working pistol or SMG or one I can build!
  21. I am having an issue with the extra slots. I've purchased level 7 of strength and should have 12 extra slots. Right after I purchased it (the same thing happened when I went up to 8 as well) the slots were there. But after teh first time I became encumbered (I think this is when it happened), I lost some of the extra slots. I currently have no disease or other negative effects but only have 37 unencumbered slots when it should be 42. Am I missing something? Is this a bug? Thanks. Enjoying the mod immensely!
  22. Forge, Big Forge, Advanced Forge - what do the latter two give you that the first two do not? I don't want to waste points in it just to find out - at least not without first checking - - - Updated - - - Also, a minor display bug - "Light Armor" and "Heavy Armor" perks have the same descriptions - both heavy armor. OK - ignore the first question - just read their descriptions in-game.
  23. Loving the mod! Thanks for the hard work! One issue I have is that I bought a "Bikes for Dumb♥♥♥♥s" book from the trader but after I got it I cannot read it. What are the requirements to read? Another question - what is the base number of slots open?
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