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  1. I for one never got past day 2 on any of my A19 play-throughs - just not fun for me - I'm one of those who really enjoyed the "treasure hunt" aspect of the game and the feeling of elation when you found a weapon day one or the feeling of let down when it took you several days to find a decent weapon.  Additionally, one of my play-throughs I dropped because it was the stone age combined with the traders quests all being over 1 kilometer away, which is nuts!  

  2. I'll edit the files using vi :)  I'm and old-school coder who still likes and uses vi daily.


    Might try the modlets thing though so I don't have to reedit all the time.  Thanks for the tip!


    I loved A16 hordes!  I remember not knowing which direction they were going to come from and knowing I had a weak-side I hadn't been able to fully build out and hoping they wouldn't randomly come from that direction!  That was intense.  Now, just make something that looks weak to the zombies and funnel them down a tunnel whacking them with sledges and killing them as they all pile up in one place.  Blech!

  3. *  MZRA!  (Make Zombies Random Again)  Or at least give modders a way to do it.

    *  Loot system changes (maybe they will have the loot-based-on-poi-difficulty done by then?)

    *  Maximum distance on trader quests for level 1 quests.  In my first A19 playthrough, I got one quest within 600 yards (which is not really close either) and the rest were all close to 1.5 to 2 K away.  With no good loot and having to run forever to get to and from quests, it made the quests something I didn't even want to do, but which I normally enjoy doing.  Keep it random, just maybe have a max distance for level 1s.


  4. Thanks all.


    BTW, I don't just run away during horde nights but some of us aren't as good at click and twitch as others so when my design goes south (due to engineer zombies all going to one point I never saw as a weakness) and I bail, I don't want to be dive bombed by vultures.  I honestly have not experienced this yet, just read about it and don't agree with it.


    I enjoyed the stealthy style of digging a base underground back in 13/14 alpha and being someone who avoids crowd and confrontations.  Yes, I know this is 7 days to die :) but I still miss the earlier alphas on which I started where I felt I could play this game any way I wanted to, and I did.


    The loot question above is just making it where in early game stages there is a small chance to receive something worth keeping for a while.  I got so disillusioned after looting and finding nothing but stone axes, shovels, clubs, and blunderbi and, while I don't want easy mode, I do want to have a more "random" occurrence of loot.

  5. 1 hour ago, Roland said:

    What’s not to like? See? The limit saved you from making some serious mistakes in judgement... ;) 


    Here’s your workaround. It’s how I do it. I only give positive reactions or poop when it’s funny to do so. Instead of giving a dislike I instead post a response about why I dislike it. Dislikes are just a waste when you can spell out exactly what it is you dislike. 

    You got no dislike reaction on your OP from me. Instead, you got all of THIS. 


    Sooooooo much better....lol

    Thanks for all the clarifications.  No, I won't lose sleep over not having dislikes and likes unlimited :) 

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  6. 5 hours ago, rivle said:

    Right now the trader is my best friend. Im my current game i could buy a lvl 4 AK on day 4. In previous alphas I mostly ignored trader missions in first days. With alpha 19 I try early on to make as much money as I can to buy nice stuff.

    Which is fine if you enjoy that style of game play.  What I liked about earlier alphas is it felt like an open world game that allowed me to play the way I wanted to play.  Now it feels so much more common and driven by the devs instead of an open world zombie survival game that left you in charge of how you wanted to play the game. 

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  7. 19 minutes ago, Roland said:

    Sorry. This came up when we first migrated over and we looked to see if we could increase or remove the limit but we can’t. 

    There was a limit on daily reputation in our old forums as well and that was a completely different platform. 

    So there’s at least two providers who do it and we can’t have lucked into the only two who do.


    ”First World Problem” if you ask me...

    Is there a limit to how many posts per day?  I'll just start quoting the post and adding "like" or "dislike"

    19 minutes ago, Roland said:

    ”First World Problem” if you ask me...




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  8. 2 minutes ago, beHypE said:

    It's all part of a plan of raising the game stage of hard POIs / biomes so that you can find good loot if you're willing to take the risks. Sadly this is only going to be a thing further down the road so now we're stuck with a very linear and scripted progression. Time will tell how good it will become! 

    Yes, I saw Roland's post a few days ago and am aware of their longer goal based on that post.  I won't like that either, if it removes all random "good" loot from easier POIs.  I don't want to find stone tools in any POI the devs don't think is "hard" enough.  Also, if I spend several minutes chopping into a locked safe, I should find something besides a blunderbuss, of which I've already found three.  Just my opinion.

  9. Why do people assume that not liking one part of the game means you don't like any challenge?  For me, I will mod out the vehicle attacking vultures if I can figure it out but I'd also like to up zombie counts in random hordes and in the city.  So it isn't about "get gud" or me not liking a challenge - I just don't like some of the "challenges" such as homing vultures that destroy 4x4s.

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  10. How can I modify the game for the following:


    1.  Remove stamina/food drain while driving a vehicle or make it the same as just walking around the map

    2.  Remove vultures dive-bombing vehicles during horde-night

    3.  Up % of non-stone tools and weapons in early game without upping experience gain

    4.  Remove engineer-zombies that all go to the weakest point in a base, i.e. "Make Zombies Random Again"

    5.  Remove digging zombies and allow underground (at least x blocks down) being able to hide from zombies


    Any help with which XML files to modify, and which modifications to make, would be most appreciated.

  11. This is my issue with the new loot mechanics.  I loved the feeling of looting and not knowing what you would find on each play-through!  I loved that you might not find a good weapon or you might find one, it was random.  Now, with the new alpha, I know no matter how hard I look or how much time I spend chopping into a safe, its going to have blunderbusses, stone axes, or stone sledges and nothing truly random.  I went from playing at least 100+ hours per alpha to less than 3 in this one.


    Yes, I know why they added it!  Yes, I know many people love the progression!  But there are also players like me who don't like it and like instead the randomness without 1, having to mod the game, or 2, up experience gained and get to ferals and cops that much faster!


    What I miss about earlier alphas is that the game felt like a game you could do what you wanted to do.  Now it feels like a game that forces you down a certain path, and that, to me, is what isn't fun.


    I keep hoping that the game will revert but I know it won't as TFP doesn't see that as their goal.  That is fine with me as it is their IP.  Just wish there was a way to satisfy all major  groups of players instead of only some of the major groups, and the group I am in is major.  Just reading the forums shows there are many players like me who miss the old randomness.


    For me, a slider that gives % of tier level loot for containers would be ideal.  It felt like 0% anything cool to me when I played (while it might actually not be 0%) but I'd like to be able to up it to 5% or 10% chance so I have that exploration feeling that I loved about this game.  Now it feels more like a slog and not as fun.


    Now I've already bought the game, but I also brought at least 10 players into this game, helping TFP.  I won't be recommending it to anyone for now because I just don't think it has the same thing it did when I was experiencing earlier alphas.


    BTW, I would love it someone could mod this game like Alpha 14 and before but with the current graphics.  I loved knowing that I shouldn't go into cities without backup.  I loved not knowing when I was going to be able to get around the map more easily.  I loved making bases where I didn't know which direction zombies were going to come from and didn't have to worry about engineer-zombies that know my base's weaknesses better than I do!  I loved the randomness of maybe not finding the calipers or the minibike and the way this game really felt more fun with multiplayer because that was more people to help find things.  Guess its like life - things change and you can't live in the past!


    Hell if it wasn't for minibikes falling through the world, I'd stay back in those alphas!


    Just my humble opinion.

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  12. Haven't read the thread yet so apologize if this one is already mentioned.  I'd like a way to turn all loot back on in all stages of the game.  In early game stages, it is fine if the percentages for non-stone things are very very low, but the way it is currently, 100% impossible, sucks for me and I've quit after 2 hours of this alpha (after playing every alpha since 12 at least 100 hours).

  13. My biggest dislike so far is the change where you can't find anything good until you get higher game stages.  It is so frustrating to open up sealed crate after sealed crate and have stone @%$*#! tools and weapons.  I love how it looks, how it plays, but the linear loot progression sucks and is something I loved about the game in the past, that you could find something good day one.

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  14. I'm thankful for the inventory management system!  I HATE the games that have the different sized blocks which you then put one of each item in the various blocks, and the various items you have take up one or more of the blocks.  It is what keeps this game my favorite, by light years, survival game.  Sure, you can carry way more than you should be able to, but game play is so much more important to me than realism in the carrying of the various things you need to carry.

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  15. Does a dedicated server need a huge video card or does the video processing all happen on the clients?  I'm building a Linux server to host local games and don't really want to have to buy a top-notch video card for the dedicated server.


    What is a good setup for a dedicated server?  CPU, Mobo, memory requirements, etc.



  16. Hello all,


    I made a nail gun and proceeded to use it to start upgrading my base. Eventually it stopped working. I tried adding nails by getting some and pressing reload but only 10 would reload and I could only update about 3 blocks before it ran out again.


    Is a nail gun a one-time use thing?



  17. My only issue with the vomit sickness is you go from completely full to completely empty regardless of what your "food" level was before you ate the bad food. Keep the 4% but jeez can we not go from full to empty? Maybe lose 50% of your food instead of what it does currently? I go from overfull to instantly starving and that is what I don't like about the new poisoning. The 4% I don't have a problem with and dysentery is perfect as-is.

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