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  1. Actually, nevermind. I worked it all out. Biomes is edited post generation. Learning as I go.
  2. Oops, my apologies mods, could you please move this post to the Nitrogen thread? Sorry, I had a brain fart when I posted this...was tired 🥱
  3. Playing around with making a custom Oz map. This is my 2nd draft. Mountains are accurate(ish) , major river systems are correct and I even added Uluru. Yes I realise I have generated way too many buildings, this was just for show. Nobody wants to live in Tasmania though! 🤣 😂 Trying to work out a good way to add all desert in the middle, not sure how to go about that....yet. If anyone can help on that I would be grateful. I'm thinking it might have something to do with the height map or maybe the mask? Please share if you know! Map is called Oz-Zombie....obviously 💀
  4. Quick heads up, I just went through the registry and user folders manually. Found the 7daysmodlauncher folder in the appdata/roaming folder that had a config .txt file that wasn't deleted by the uninstall and it contained some old setting. Deleted that and at least it now installs.. Hope this helps anyone else having that problem
  5. Hey guys, had a quick look through the posts and the troubleshooting guide but I didn't manage to spot a solution to my problem. Started the already installed Launcher, it asked me to upgrade but it kept failing with a permission error whenever I tried. That's ok, I went through and uninstalled the sucker and downloaded the latest version of the .msi. Now...tried using the .msi installer and now I'm getting this problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The program is fully uninstalled through normal control panel means (unless there is some registry crap causing this). Have t
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