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  1. Is there a way to tweak generation to have burnt forest biomes added, but NOT wasteland? I only see the option to generate with both or none (or have an entire map of only one, which isn't too helpful).

  2. I cannot begin to say how excited I am to play this update. If I had the money to drop on it, I would have become a patron just to be able to play it sooner, but I have little doubt that this will be worth the wait endured.


    You have done for 7D2D what Kinggath has done to FO4 for me (which is to say, much more excited to play the game).

  3. Yeah, I know it's intended to be difficult to find, I'm just loathe to spend another 3 weeks (actual weeks, not in-game weeks) looking for one. x_x


    I imagine I'll give it a bit of time in-game before giving myself one, though. Lots of things that take priority over gun-building... like getting decent at magic!

  4. Is it normal for Darkness Falls to revert its localization (and many other files, like the sounds file (♥♥♥♥ you, Trader Rekt)) back to its default when running the game? I tried setting it to read-only, but that only prevented the game from running. I already have memorized what most of the perks do, so it's not precisely a problem, but it does make some things awkward to not have the text.

  5. Daily Trader Restocks

    Delmod: Kitchen Mod

    Donovan: Mega Perks, Mega Stacks

    Farm Life: Base mod, Icons, Models

    Guppycur's Placeable Lights

    JaxTeller718 mods: Car Loot Fix, Eggs in Fridges, Faster Vehicles, More Bones, More Quest XP (possible culprit?)

    Khelldon's mods: Bigger Buck and Doe, Starter Crate

    Learnable Attachment Schematics

    Ragsy: Better Gyro Handling

    RussianDood: Solar Panel mod

    S420: Car Respawner, Bigger Backpacks and Storage

    SMX: SMX Hud, Hud Icons, Hud Stats, Encumberance configuration

    Snow Berry Farming

    Sorcery (of course)

    Spherell: Mod localization hook (no idea what this is. I didn't download it on any of my installed packs)

    StallionsDens: Mining Machine, Pallets, Store Shelves

    Wolfgang: Trader opens at 4:20am

  6. Mod Launcher. Latest version of the game. New game. Sorcery is being run clean, other than its own mods... unless there's some sort of cross-contamination going on (I do run multiple instances. But they're supposed to be kept separate by the launcher).


    Edit: Correction something strange is going on here. Now there are a fair few modlets enabled. I'll get you a list in a moment. Separate post likely.

  7. I seem to have encountered something. I started a game, played as normal, but forgot to start the quest from the book you get at the start. I got all the way through the tutorial slog, including meeting the trader, then remembered the book and tried to use it, then it threw up an error when I hit the accept button for the quest. Works just fine on a run that hasn't finished the tutorial stuff though.

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