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  1. Hey Damocles thx for the tip about KDIFF it's really usefull Just wanted to ask if the nitrogen memory use can be reset after a map generation? I don't really think it's that important but i like to test maps really fast while ingame and nitrogen keeps the memory heap of the latest generated map, so with my modests 16 Gb the game + a 5 to 7gb java memory heap makes it a lot to handle. I know i can just close nitrogen every time but wanted to ask if it was easily doable by the program itself after it finished the map generation, allowing nerds like me to leave it open while playtesting on
  2. Hey Damocles thx for the new versions everything works fine, just wanted to ask if or what has change to your prefablist on June 16 since i see a new one but don't notice change at first look? Just to be sure cos' I use custom prefablist and if a change is needed/intended it will be good to know. Thanks for your hard work Best regards
  3. Hey Damocles thanks a lot for the config txt tweaks update, that's almost everything we can choose and it's really good for more custom possiblities. Is there any way to support your work? I feel i'm over abusing it for free and really want to show my gratitude for this masterpiece. Thank you once again for constant updates.
  4. Hey Damocles, thx once again for the new update, the tool improves constantly I've wanted to ask if you could make some settings available to edit such as : -The min/max numbers of traders,towns,cities... -The biome % if possible, i still do my custom biomes but hope for more options in "vanilla Nitro" still i love the snow on top of mountains. -water lvl : i want it at 50 or such -Min/Max Height of towns/cities/alone/moutain/snow and why not the rest, i only make custom maps with lots of elevations it will help. yeah basically i want to be able to edit all standard settings one
  5. Hey Damocles thx for the new update and constant addons that's really great improvements each time I've noticed a "bug" with the new sunken world The POI : cave_03,CAVEFLAT,2,-32,44,62,54,mountain was causing a weird glitch https://imgur.com/a/JhxSJ9Z so putting it on mountain only resolved the problem. Thanks once again for your amazing Tool
  6. Hello everyone, since Nitrogen first came up i play a lot with it especially with the custom heightmap cos' it's just brilliant! So i begin with terrain party but quickly found that the heightmap were really innacurate and have to use too much gaussian blur for my tastes. I decide to look for better sources and quickly find a really impressive Database with the entire world cover in a far better resolution. It's a bit tricky at first but works really good and fast after some tries. https://johnflower.org/tutorial/export-heightmaps-qgis-screenshot https://johnflower.org/tutorial/export-h
  7. Thanks for the new update with the unique marker just what i needed
  8. Yeah the typo is a ctrl c on original prefablist; conversion most likely but everything works fine since it's not the zoning part here but at the end Yeah just 2 POIS are deep enough Sphinx3 which is 40 below ground and xcostum_NSiteMissileSilo which is 34 so they are on mountain list (i obviously tested it the hard way). Just one question, will it be possible to add a maxcount on some prefabs on the prefablist? Thank you for this amazing Tool.
  9. Hey Damocles and all map builders here, thanks to Xylvier script I generated the CompoPack38 prefablist and spend some time editing it I had to place the deepest poi (Sphinx3 and NSite) on mountains cos' their heights makes bugs if placed too low. Lots of huge poi are placed alone and i edited the placement as I believe it would be best. But it's my interpretation I haven't played in all of those POI atm so maybe a better placement for some may occur. It may cause bugs especially if you try to maximize spawns of everything since those prefabs are huge for lot of them. I uncomment some o
  10. all export are flipped upside down Damocles atm to use a heightmap i switch it vertically before using it as import_HM (to be on the right side) and for preview map generated i reswitch it again to have the correct map. Edit btw 12k maps are fine
  11. Oh man thanks a lot Damocles generating a 12K map atm with the ravenhearst adds to prefablist can't wait Thank you so much for your great work i mostly enjoy the heightmap part, the customisation already allowed and the speed.
  12. Hello once again Damocles, I really love your tool and finally give a go on heightmap generation. I used https://terrain.party/ and it works perfectly first time. Generated a Mountain region and it was smooth, landscape was really good. After that i give a go on an island map based on an actual heightmap too and that didn't work as well tbf, the generator placed most of the POI s under water and generated roads to go there (which brokes the water obviously). Is it possible to set the minimal height the poi's will generate? Thanks for the good work and keep updating this much excellent cu
  13. Hello Damocles, first of all thanks a lot for this new tool which give us new way to make "custom" maps very efficiently and with great speed. I'm really into it and as your versions update I'm sure to add custom prefabs on my list (will keep you inform of dimensions if so). I generate around 10 maps and playtest 3 of them, You can have massive maps around 550ko prefabs size in 8k (which is to much tbf) and can adapt them to your playstyle easily so it's really good for that. On the "minus" side it seems that ground level needs a small amount of smoothing because atm it felt too rough (sp
  14. I'm especially trying to help me support those intolerable islands xD nice to hear you're working on the matter (especially if you had wilderness back into the mix)
  15. Thank you for all the gigantic work you've done so far, it's a real pleasure to play in these new prefabs, I just added your prefabs to my rwgmixer (a bit custom) and that's really nice with great seeds (except the wilderness missing but that's 17.2 bug). Thank you and keep up the good work example of 17.2 maps with good seeds for CP
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