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  1. thread can be closed, problem is gone after checking files by steam again
  2. Did you start a new game and re-create the issue? no Have you validated your files through Steam? yes After validation, did you re-try with a brand new game? no Please provide full information on the game type. SP, MP local, MP dedi. If MP, are you hosting it, or is someone else? MP, client on dedi. server other players on that server don't have this problem Please state if you, (or the hosted server), are using any mods. Also state what they are. - allocs - bcmanager - uh-60 - cruiser - FRK beehive - FRK Chicke
  3. Hi, check the video... can anyone help? restarting server and/or client didn't fix the problem. VID-20200912-WA0021.mp4
  4. hi there! maybe i'm too stupid to run this mod, so i could need some help. i already tried to copy all the files in a new created folder called "Mods" but i just get a bunch full of errors at the loading screen and nothing happens. i also tried to copy all the files into the same folders as they are in the 7 days folder but the same happens as in the mods folder. i would be happy if someone could tell me how i can get the mod to work. thanks sir onikom PS: i'm running version 18.2 PPS: maybe it's because i called the folder "Mods" instead of "Mod"?
  5. just try to imagine what you could find instead of books in a bookshelf... paper, old cash, plastic, glass, rocks,... but the chance to get some of those books has to be not so high
  6. yeah i know... was just hoping to get an answer ^^
  7. yeah, would be nice to know. we are waiting for it... i looking everyday in the forum about an info...
  8. Sir Onikom

    Origin UI MOD

    hope tritox will update his mod soon. and thx to yseguy for the fix. good job
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