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  1. This is the best solution I've seen by far. But I'd also suggest that on POI reset you spawn a backup key inside of a desk or night stand too, to help avoid situations where the keyholder zombie runs off or dies somewhere not easily accessible. That way, there will always be a guaranteed way to find the loot chest key. I like the idea of phasing out downgrade blocks too. Making the health pool obvious and swapping out models during damage seems like an elegant solution.
  2. There are two ways people can bring up issues. One way is listing them in a concise and polite manner, and the other is wrapping those issues in a cloud of toxicity towards the devs and anyone else who doesn't play on hardcore settings. One of these is actually helpful and gets taken into consideration. The other gets you ignored by devs and mocked relentlessly by the community.
  3. I find it impressive a ten year old video card can even play this game.
  4. Blood moon bases have always been a letdown and I don't bother making one unless it's late game and I'm bored. They are inefficient resource hogs that in a best case scenario, do all the killing with traps so you won't get much XP per kill at all. And in a worst case scenario completely fail, all of your work is destroyed, you die and end up missing out on all that sweet, sweet XP. Demolishers only made this problem worse IMO as I'm not spending hours of my time making something that can be destroyed in 30 seconds when two spawn together and both path immediately to the weakest point to blow up. My group builds a simple ladder jump that zombies can't make on the side of a tall, brick POI with horizontal bars on the outside to shoot down at zombies underneath us. Craft a lot of bullets and some barbed wire to slow them down, and in 15 minutes of build time we have a horde base ready that we can use for 10 weeks in a row. We all get full, shared XP for every zombie killed and by taking headshots we make ammo go a long way. Only threats are birds and cops, and both are easily dealt with. Detonators can explode all they want underneath while zombies destroy all the useless blocks that aren't even structural. TFP know how to build things too well and nothing ever falls down even when we skip repairs in hopes that it might collapse and be entertaining. Maybe new gameplay mechanics can force players to build better bases if they want to survive blood moons, but from my view that was the point of the Demolisher and it only make me want to build a blood moon base even less. I think my next game I'll take some ideas from here and make blood moon nights random, but lower the max zombies per player to something more reasonable. It could be a lot of fun to see our group panic at dusk while we are doing something far away like a quest and rush to fortify whatever position we can find.
  5. Yeah, I found some lockpicks late in 18.4 and used them for fun. One went through a wall safe with zero problems and I thought to myself, "This would be a great early game item". Then I tried a second wall safe and used at least a dozen before I ran out and still had to crack it open. Seems like any points I put into it would be spent better on Miner 69 just to brute force my way in, since that comes with all the added benefits, and I even have a split Strength/Perception build. Maybe if lock picking came with some extra benefit, like finding better loot in safes, then perking into it might be worth while. (Or I just stopped playing with Strength which probably won't happen lol). Was lock picking a skill they lowered the requirements and tiers on in A19? And minigames are great. Much better than hold E, hold E again, hold E again....
  6. Progression isn't enjoyable when you've missed several sessions and are far behind your friends. Just give me that blue AK you were going to sell so I can use something other than my brown Hunting Rifle. Oh, and those shiny tools you don't need any more since you made an auger, thank you very much.
  7. That's why skins are probably the best bet. If there's a .99 cent "Flaming Paint Scheme" for the motorcycle, and all of your friends/random strangers online can see it without them having to install mods themselves, then I could see that being a good business model. Even when people create a mod to unlock it for free, for just a buck people will still buy it. But if that same skin gets sold for $5 like some kind of Fallout 76 nonsense, people wouldn't buy it and everyone would just install a "Microtransaction Unlocker" mod, TFP would turn to the dark side and issue DMCA takedowns on those mods, and it's just a dark timeline to imagine.
  8. Yeah, would be nice if I could craft basic Farm Plots with small amounts of rotten flesh even if it grows very slowly or has a 5% chance for the seed to die when harvesting, then upgrade the plots on the ground later with fertilizer (recipe unlocked with perk or schematic) to make it a Fertilized Farm Plot that grows faster (normal rate) with twice the yield. The perk tree could include cheaper plot, fertilizer, and seed recipes, with double yield on normal plot harvest and triple on fertilized ones to still make it worthwhile. I seem to have tons of seeds from Day 1 and nowhere to put them unless I obsessively harvest every bird, dog, and gore block. I'd rather have a lot of crappy plots making crappy plants than one good plot producing the same amount because at least it feels like some kind of constant progression. It's like building a base out of flagstone and upgrading it later, compared to waiting the entire game for cement blocks before you can actually build anything. It's kind of frustrating right now. Farming also seems like the one area you need a person to heavily perk towards to sustain a group right now, whereas an equally important perk tree like Grease Monkey has three alternate ways to get vehicles that bypass it with extra time and work involved (looting schematics, looting parts, buying parts/entire vehicles). Making fertilizer a thing again means non-farming players could still farm the hard way and get as excited about the trader selling fertilizer as they are the trader selling motorcycle handle bars.
  9. It all makes sense eventually, but there are multiple complex systems in this game and new players won't have a frame of reference for what those values mean until they start using that item in the world. The numbers are arbitrary, so I still have no idea what a +5 heat resist shirt actually means for me, other than it's better than a +2 shirt I'm already wearing. Maybe if a player runs out of stamina X times per X minutes (new players stuck in a frustrating loop), a journal entry on "Stamina Management For Dummies" pops up until they actually open it, which explains they can reduce the drain with perks, temporary buffs, or mods. Or the game could check the viability of a tool using a basic calculation, and if a player fails the minToolViablity check then include a warning on the stats page like "This tool looks heavy in your weak arms and will be unwieldy" so they don't spend all their money on a shiny tool from the trader without knowing it will kick their @%$*#!. Small little quality of life changes that would help point new players in the right direction without annoying veteran players with intrusive pop ups.
  10. Yeah that sounds like a great idea. I think Madmole said on stream he wanted gamestage to change based on biome too. So the Tundra/Desert would have slightly better loot and tougher enemies, but it would give players a reason to go there and freeze/burn their butts off. The random gen "Safe Zone" forest in the middle of the map makes me think this idea is coming down the line.
  11. This sounds like a good idea, if the player wants an early T1 gun and some ammo. But depending on the POI, some can be cheesed easily by building up to the loot rooms. The new meta might be climbing the outside of a factory to open the big chest on the roof for a Day 1 gun, or digging in the exact spot to end up in a military bunker loot room with zero enemy encounters. Dynamic pathing would be great. It's one of the features that makes Left 4 Dead 2 so replayable, even though it's criminally underused. The way I was thinking it would work is 7days spawns the prefab BurntHouse and it picks a random variant like BurntHouse_C. Then later you get a quest and it respawns as BurntHouse_A with different hallways blocked, loot rooms, traps, etc. like you said. It would take dev time to physically remap each variant to make it different, but if you're only changing 10% of the POI then it's already 90% finished. It would also help when quests use the same building over and over again, maybe because it's just the closest one and players keep picking it. Doing this to small houses is pretty trivial... but modifying giant skyscrapers could be a huge task. All this would be worth it if they had the time, but there's so many other features that are more important right now.
  12. I like their idea for A19 that there will be a "Stone Age" period where you won't find guns, other than maybe the blunderbuss. Early and mid game are really the best parts for me, so stretching that out while keeping everything else equal would be a lot of fun. And once they add late game content like better quests, bandits, survivor settlement management, legendary weapons, I think I'd keep playing a character even further than I do now before burning out.
  13. Blood Moon is easy to survive by climbing any brick POI, busting out ladders or stairs that reach you, and simply shooting down as zombies mass on the floors underneath. Buildings with open floor designs like the church or theater work the best as you have a clear line of sight all the way to the ground floor from a high upper level. It honestly feels so cheap, but effective and I've never had a POI fall even when using the same building multiple weeks in a row. I finally built a fun base closer to the ground after day 60 something... and by the second demolisher it was breached and overrun. I think the explosion damage is reasonable, but they have waaay too many hit points for that kind of role. A suicide bomber type enemy should be easy to spot, easy to hear, and easy to take down with a few good shots. I'm shooting a level 6 marksman rifle with full mods and 4/5 perks and it feels like I'm just tickling him with headshots right now. Maybe I just suck, but it isn't very fun and feels extremely unfair. IMO change the demolisher character model into a berserker enemy. Keep the same HP but he attacks individual blocks with a club for massive damage. Maybe he's intelligent enough to target support blocks and weak walls. Then make the suicide bomber enemy a nice weaker target, with lots of flashing lights and beeping so players keep alert and prioritize them, and get punished for not paying attention if they get close to your walls and explode. That seems like it would be a more fair system, even if you throw a steady stream of bombers at the player to increase the challenge.
  14. Lemmers


    I suppose it depends on how close the trader is to quest-able POIs. I made an 18.4 map with Nitrogen, and had one trader right outside a city so tier 5 quests could be 500 m away. Also had a trader spawn in the middle of nowhere, so nearest POIs were at least 1.5 km away for anything other than buried treasure quests.
  15. I main the baseball bat in A18 and ideally clear POIs without firing a shot. I perked heavily into looting find tons of ammo everywhere. Early game I have a hunting rifle for birds, dogs, big enemies and keep an AK for when I'm absolutely surrounded. Once I get a marksman rifle I put an extended magazine on it and ditch the AK as it becomes redundant. Horde nights I hide on the side of a tall POI and focus on head shots with long rifles so I don't go through much ammo at all. Maybe 500-600 rounds max. A teammate likes having an SMG turret going all night so he crafts tons of ammo for it on top of what I already bring back to share. He probably shoots 5k or more brass every horde night, not counting junk turret ammo. It destroys all the weaker enemies while I focus fire on the big guys. Another teammate uses the shotgun and .44 mainly because we find so much ammo for both during the week that nobody else uses, so it all works out. If I'm a little short on ammo before a horde night I just buy 7.62 ammo from traders. I always sell loot so I'm drowning in Dukes anyway. But if I'm playing SP I bring different weapons to use the random ammo types I find during the week.
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