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  1. Does the ghillie suit actually work indoors? To be honest, I never tried it because I assumed it was an outdoor only stealth bonus.
  2. It took me 40 hours in A18 before I noticed the open vs closed book, and only because I had a stockpile books to spot the difference. Before that my group was OCD opening our perk list every time we found something which really sucked. I definitely agree there should be a better visual clue. A text popup might be too clunky. Adding color to the small icon would work, but I think a better looking option would be lowering the transparency and color of that item slot on top of the current open/closed icon system. Then at a glance we would see the ghosted item and know it's redundant.
  3. Rotten flesh is wasteland gold IMO. I never turn it into stew because it's either going into Farm Plots, or I have so many Farm Plots that I'm making better things than Hobo Stew. Food was tight early this playthrough with my friend, but I felt it was just about right. Not to hard, too easy. I survived off vending machines and focused on building up a farm ASAP. The one skill point for 2x harvest yield is well worth it, and I invested the harvest back into seeds until it was sustainable (about six plots of each crop). We are eating a ton of high level food every day now without a lot
  4. But at that point, isn't this what we have already? Just without the weather resistance or pocket mod features.
  5. I like moving into an existing building and making it my base, usually a modest house out in the suburbs. I'll plant a garden and reinforce a few walls, but just that minimum investment is all you need. Going full nomad is harder IMO since you can't store your loot, so you have to make some very hard choices and limit your capabilities. Blood moons I hide on top of a large cement POI without a lot of prep work and kill what I can with guns, molotovs, and junk turrets. You definitely don't need to build elaborate things to play this game.
  6. @madmole What if you added a multiplier for "scrap time" to each tier of the Salvage Operations perk? It would fit there, and make scrapping a stack of radiators not as rough.
  7. This, along with an option to pat terrain blocks flat where they meet building blocks, would really improve the aesthetics of base building.
  8. I think the inclusion of sub-backpack storage options would fix the current problems I have with inventory management without increasing the current grid size or changing encumbrance. You could store X stacks of one kind of item inside, but ONLY that one type of item so it doesn't break the current survival system of "How much ammo/water/food/weapons do I bring?" So besides being non-essential items, they'd also be physically small so it would make role-playing sense to only take up one slot. Things like: A "Trapper Keeper" (with cartoon artwork of course) to hold schematics. A "Seed Bag" b
  9. This is the best solution I've seen by far. But I'd also suggest that on POI reset you spawn a backup key inside of a desk or night stand too, to help avoid situations where the keyholder zombie runs off or dies somewhere not easily accessible. That way, there will always be a guaranteed way to find the loot chest key. I like the idea of phasing out downgrade blocks too. Making the health pool obvious and swapping out models during damage seems like an elegant solution.
  10. There are two ways people can bring up issues. One way is listing them in a concise and polite manner, and the other is wrapping those issues in a cloud of toxicity towards the devs and anyone else who doesn't play on hardcore settings. One of these is actually helpful and gets taken into consideration. The other gets you ignored by devs and mocked relentlessly by the community.
  11. I find it impressive a ten year old video card can even play this game.
  12. Blood moon bases have always been a letdown and I don't bother making one unless it's late game and I'm bored. They are inefficient resource hogs that in a best case scenario, do all the killing with traps so you won't get much XP per kill at all. And in a worst case scenario completely fail, all of your work is destroyed, you die and end up missing out on all that sweet, sweet XP. Demolishers only made this problem worse IMO as I'm not spending hours of my time making something that can be destroyed in 30 seconds when two spawn together and both path immediately to the weakest point to blow u
  13. Yeah, I found some lockpicks late in 18.4 and used them for fun. One went through a wall safe with zero problems and I thought to myself, "This would be a great early game item". Then I tried a second wall safe and used at least a dozen before I ran out and still had to crack it open. Seems like any points I put into it would be spent better on Miner 69 just to brute force my way in, since that comes with all the added benefits, and I even have a split Strength/Perception build. Maybe if lock picking came with some extra benefit, like finding better loot in safes, then perking into it might be
  14. Progression isn't enjoyable when you've missed several sessions and are far behind your friends. Just give me that blue AK you were going to sell so I can use something other than my brown Hunting Rifle. Oh, and those shiny tools you don't need any more since you made an auger, thank you very much.
  15. That's why skins are probably the best bet. If there's a .99 cent "Flaming Paint Scheme" for the motorcycle, and all of your friends/random strangers online can see it without them having to install mods themselves, then I could see that being a good business model. Even when people create a mod to unlock it for free, for just a buck people will still buy it. But if that same skin gets sold for $5 like some kind of Fallout 76 nonsense, people wouldn't buy it and everyone would just install a "Microtransaction Unlocker" mod, TFP would turn to the dark side and issue DMCA takedowns on those m
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