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  1. Even Day 1, the party system means you'll always know how to find your group. Or if you're in trouble (like trapped on a roof surrounded by dogs) your group knows how to find you lol. Frame the move not as losing a town he's familiar with, but as a brand new adventure on a randomly generated world that nobody has ever played before. Anything could happen!
  2. Please post future emotional rants on the Steam Discussion forums so I don't have to see them. Thank you for your cooperation.
  3. You... aren't suppose to play like this? lol I let my friend perk into Barter and he equips his cigar and .44 magnum (if he's found the perk book) to min-max even more. If we have a big dump chest of high priced junk it might even be worth drinking the bartering elixir too, and whatever candy/food does the same. You can really break the economy in this game without trying too hard.
  4. I actually preferred cookie dough and if my mom didn't set aside a little bowl of it just for me then I'd be pretty upset. That's it, you've changed my mind. Down with streamers!
  5. If you're here on the forums and watching dev streams then you're in the 1% of the diehard community and know all the changes that are coming. The other 99% of players (and literally everyone who doesn't own the game already) will see Twitch streamers playing A20 and get hyped. Then 2.5 days later everyone will want to play at the same time and push the game into the trending tab on Steam which is even more exposure and potential sales caused by this intentional delay. Makes sense to me.
  6. If the pathing only breaks when players use an obscure shape in an unconventional way that's unlikely to happen during normal play, then TFP are better off letting the community find the worst bugs while they spend their limited Q&A time finding issues that impact everyone. It seems like a sound strategy, actually.
  7. If we're reworking existing assets to improve the experience, perhaps the screamer needs to be screaming at regular intervals and leading a train of zombies around, and she has a secondary scream to alert them of your presence and give them a bit of temporary running speed to make uncommon zombies more of a threat. Imagine looting a small house and you hear a scream in the distance. You know a larger group of zombies is heading your way. Do you hide inside and hope they pass you by? Or do you fight with whatever gear you have on you? Maybe you take out the screamer with a silenced rifle and let the horde naturally disperse to become less of a threat.
  8. I see the logic in deleting it. It's like if I have snacks in my house I'm going to impulsively eat them. All of them. Even though logically you'd say, "Well just don't eat them" I find it hard to do. But if I just never buy them to begin with I don't have a problem. Same goes with the trader. Remove temptation all together and you never have to think to yourself, "Why am I spending hours looking for a clawhammer when I could just buy one?" and just knowing that option exists kinda peeves you off the longer it takes to find one. But if the situation is, "Well I can only find a clawhammer from loot so let's keep looking" then your outlook is completely different and more positive despite your limitations being the same.
  9. I think randomized Legendary Loot will be a big draw (if it's still coming, Madmole spoke of it long ago), so there's an incentive to keep looting POIs even after you have all T6 gear for those rare named items with randomized stats. Bandits obviously will add more replayability, and hopefully some kind of friendly NPC system with quests that makes the world feel more "alive". Like if you can keep rescuing NPCs and herd them into a village, you could keep seeing this place grow and thrive and you'd be invested in saving it from bandit attacks and the blood moon horde. The new shape menu will make building bases more fun, and the simplified system means you can build some creative stuff right away without needing concrete for advanced shapes. Ultimately though, with a survival crafting game the best moments are always going to be the early and midgame where you're exploring the map, looting, and leveling. I'm glad Random Gen will be improved so new maps will feel different, and the same goes for all the dozens of new POIs being added. Sometimes you just gotta say, "I think we beat this map, let's go try another one!" and that's part of the experience.
  10. I told a friend if there's a new change you don't like, just wait two years and it will be completely rework it again. I was only half joking.
  11. Once 7 Days goes gold and the Fun Pimps abandon it, I expect some really fantastic mods to come out and keep this game alive for another decade. But right now it's hard for modders to deal with a game that isn't feature locked and has constantly changing code with every update. I think Steam Workshop support when it comes will be huge too, making it easy for players to just subscribe to new POIs, vehicles, enemies, etc.
  12. I think about Mardis Gras level in Hitman: Blood Money, a 15 year old game. There's just hundreds of simple AI pedestrians on the level, and something like that for a zombie game would be pretty amazing. They'd have to be dead simple AI to be cheap enough to get on screen, but they're zombies so you don't really need good AI to be believable until they get close to the player, and at that point maybe their actions can get more complex. Bring back the "gore block" but have it get bigger in height with each kill, so a horde throwing themselves at your walls would actually build a ramp of corpses over time to scale your defenses.
  13. Do people get viruses anymore? I can buy hardware to get TPM now on W10 if that's my concern. Lighter install, faster boot times... pretty inconsequential, assuming it's even true. The install might be low but then install a ton of bloatware. What I really care about is the user interface, and if I need to dig through three different control panels to finally find the one they designed for XP that actually has the controls I need to change. All the small tweaks to make the UI look "better" but perform objectively worse for power users.
  14. Perhaps the demolisher should be gated behind the main story line in the future and not just tied to gamestage. Then it's not until you get a negative reputation with another faction that they start strapping bombs onto roided out bodybuilders in gimp suits.
  15. The only reason I moved to W10 was for DX12 support, and the fact it was a free upgrade for W7. I have no desire to move to W11 and deal with more design changes just for the sake of having design changes.
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