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  1. For whatever reason we are missing Iodine Ore Block on the server and can't join it, anyone else having a problem with missing files? Exception: Block with name "iodineOre" not found!
  2. Rouge

    True Survival

    Ok, finally got it to work thanks to cookiesnmilk. Got a bunch of advice that lead to me finding a user error for not knowing the launcher. For those that are having the same problem as I was, Delete the mod in the launcher to reload it. (Mod Launcher) I didn't realize that when I uninstalled the game it didn't uninstall the mod Once I realized that the directions worked out exactly.
  3. Rouge

    True Survival

    At least you guys can actually play the mod, I've been working on getting a game going for about 48 hours now and I still havn't been able to experience the mod
  4. Rouge

    True Survival

    From the top +research!!! I've installed the 7D2D Mod Launcher Fresh reinstall of the 7 Days to Die game Following the directions given at the beginning of this thread (ie reverting to 16.2) When I try and create a single player game it gets stuck at "Creating character...." Meanwhile the console is spamming the below text over and over again MissingMethodException: Method not found: 'EasyAntiCheat.Server.Hydra.EasyAntiCheatServer<Cl ientInfo>.HandleClientUpdates When I try and join a server (ie The Dead Shall Rise posted by Wolverine576) I get past 'Creating character...' and into the game, however the above spam on the console prevents me from closing the console making the game unplayable. Options -> Controls says the console button is F1, but it doesn't close the console When I play normally without the mod, my game gives me console text until I get in game and I can usually close the console at that point and just play. I believe because the mod is spamming the console is why I can't close it. I doubt it's my computer PC Specs: EDI 2014 i7 4790K 32GB Ram GTX 970 Windows 10 Pro Update: I tried to install manually, but ended up with a black screen that would not do anything In trying this I found another 'launcher' that had Use EAC enabled, unchecking that box as default did NOT fix the EAC spam to the console. Went back to using the mod launcher and still had the spam. And still got stuck at 'Creating character...' Update 2: got it to work, see post below
  5. Rouge

    True Survival

    Thank you for the server to test some stuff...... the game gets past 'Creating character...' when I join your server and I get in game. However I get the same repeated spammed message on the console, which prevents me from closing the console making the game unplayable. 'MissingMethodException: Method not found: 'EasyAntiCheat.Server.Hydra.EasyAntiCheatServer<Cl ientInfo>.HandleClientUpdates' going to do some more experimentation, I see your server has made it to day 2. Going to log back in and see if I can close that damn console. (recap for everyone: When I try to play single player I can't get past 'Creating character...', but aparently I can get in game on a server.)
  6. Rouge

    True Survival

    Yeah, did that it's a complete fresh download reverted to 16.2 And as I said before, 'Use EAC' was NOT checked when I loaded the mod launcher. (Was just noting that even though it was NOT checked the directions say to UN-check it) Do I have to go into 16.3 and then exit before reverting to 16.2? Edit: on a hunch I just verified files, everything was fine, no files to be replaced.
  7. Rouge

    True Survival

    Yes, I did reset the game off the fresh download to 16.2 (Still stuck on "Creating Character...." and can not play) The only thing I noticed that did not follow directions...... It says to UN-check 'Use EAC' then click play. 'Use EAC' already did NOT have a check in it's box, I did not add one because it says to UN-check it. I'm guessing at one point it started checked, otherwise you'd just say "don't check this box"
  8. Rouge

    True Survival

    Having problems playing....... When I create a single player game, it gets stuck on 'creating player' and never continues. This is a fresh download of the game so the files should be good. Using the mod launcher, just can't get in game....... what's the fix?
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