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  1. press f1... when the console pops up type pois and hit return..... do it when looking at the blocks you will see them wink out
  2. yeh that worked many thx,,download cp46 from discord and it worked dont know why as i just followed the instructions just like before but the example map works now where as before after cp46 download from 7d2d forum even that did not work many many thx
  3. yeh that got it... download cp46 from discord and it worked first time no idea why as i followed instructions just like before...but its all good now many thx for the help

  4. does this work with alpha 19.1 b8 stable no matter what i try following the instructions i can not get the prefabs from cp46 into my games i only have stock prefabs have tried new game and maps ...new game and maps useing nitrogen map maker when i look at the prefab list the vanilla prefabs are there and the cp46 prefabs... if i go into poi teleporter only the vanilla prefabs are listed.... my 65 year old brain cell is geting worn out trying to get this to work
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