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  1. Madmole, how do you like this idea, add perk, a book that will allow you to defuse mines. It will be something like this, in stealth mode, go to the mine, press 'E' and it is harmless then you can pick it up, also on 'E'
  2. Madmole, how do you like the idea of ​​adding perk, you press the book on ctrl: go to stealth mode, go to the mine and by clicking on it neutralize it.
  3. I have an idea to make a perk or a book that allows you to defuse mines. Press ctrl carefully come and click on it and that's it.
  4. I have ideas: 1-add more armor and clothes, different types of sneakers and boots, they will affect stamina, running speed. Armor, for example, a helmet of a fireman, a helmet of a motorcyclist, and something else, they will affect the protection of the head from bullets, heavy blows. To be honest, I would like to see the following things go through one block and bend to the side on 'Q' and 'E'.
  5. I was thinking about one quest, a trader gives you a quest to clear the base of zombies for surviving, repair it and you will get a good reward.
  6. It can return the old sedan to the game so that there is a variety, otherwise the same cars everywhere.
  7. How about adding more zombies? I could draw art, but the better to use
  8. I'll start with the cons, or rather, that I did not like in alpha 18: 1 the most important thing is the effect of rage on zombies, why? We have ferals, I’m not saying that it’s difficult to survive, but it would be better if you had absolute randomness, for example, you go into the house to get loot and there will be feral with a small chance instead of the usual zombie, I think that ordinary zombies should not be dangerous, but starting from a crowd of 6 zombies and more is another matter, and I don’t like that they have a lot of damage on the blocks, I think it’s necessary to do the same as the player’s, but you can leave it with the tree or just a little decrease.And what I liked about A18 is the master keys, it’s really cool, you have to always flip up the menu as in all games and open the locks, and still have to break open the doors, the new M60 weapon is what you need for the horde, but it doesn’t need much remodeling to in life there were 200 rounds, sort of
  9. I have another idea, the ability of corn and some other plants to grow in the amount of 3 or 4 in one block, then it would be possible to hide from zombies and from nps in the future
  10. I have an idea, add more types of doors and make a menu for them like a frame to select the appearance of the door, you can also make the doors central, and even as you idea to open the door you do not need to press "E" you can go into it as in far cry 5 gta 5 and somewhere else it was like that.
  11. who knows how to show a screenshot, I can’t figure it out. Now I am rebuilding a building, a hotel and I would like to show it to the developers, they might like it.
  12. Will it be possible to go in one block?
  13. Will more paint be added for the blocks?
  14. wanted to know. If I offer my poi, is it likely that this will appear in the game?
  15. After watching the video next night, I even more wanted a18. I really liked the look and feel of the beat animation. well done. I look forward to a18.
  16. why don’t you add the ability to pass in 1 block, it was not bad.
  17. please tell me, experimental a18 will be released in August?
  18. what I would like to see is: 1 propensity q and e to look around corners. 2 the opportunity to take the character in the 1 unit or crawl. 3 led in the first person ( I think it's cool ). This is purely my opinion, just offering ideas
  19. flashed the idea in my head, adding the ability to peek around the corner, as it was in outlast, by pressing the e button, you could look out from the right corner, and the key on which you would perform the action move to f, but turn the light on or off to l
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