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  1. I think the loot system can be changed. A certain loot in a certain place. For example, in an ordinary house you can find clothes and food, in a medicine hospital, in a factory with weapons, weapons, parts of weapons and fashion.I have a bad English, sorry

  2. I believe that weapons cannot be created, they can be assembled, as in old alpha, only there will be more or less details depending on which weapon.To do this, you will need to find a book (diagram) of weapons.A level of quality will not be

  3. How about one to increase infection. Within 7 days you will be infected and you will need to look for medications. And if you do not have time, you will die and there would be zombies in your place, but this is not necessary, in my opinion it would fit into the game. And it was not bad to add a fever, it would look like a screen in black and white and dizzy.

  4. I have ideas: 1-add more armor and clothes, different types of sneakers and boots, they will affect stamina, running speed. Armor, for example, a helmet of a fireman, a helmet of a motorcyclist, and something else, they will affect the protection of the head from bullets, heavy blows. To be honest, I would like to see the following things go through one block and bend to the side on 'Q' and 'E'.

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