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  1. I was starting to question whether the power supply had anything to do with it. I was considering upgrading it anyway since it isn't a modular power supply, and that would make life easier for any cable changes. I saw it climb to about 83 when it had a problem. Seen others around the internet saying 70-80 is a normal range. I turned off some settings like sun shafts and it had a noticeable impact. I'm also not sure if it was turning the fans up higher when needed before I adjusted the settings.
  2. So, I have a NVIDIA 2070 Super that gets very hot when playing. My computer has completely shut down due to the GPU overheating multiple times while playing 7D2D. Depending on the locale, oftentimes near water, GPU temps can easily rise above 80 degrees Celsius; above 80 Celsius is around the threshold where the GPU will cause a complete shutdown due to overheating. Some obvious things to make note of: Dust has been cleared from my PC. This is an isolated problem to 7D2D. No other game runs anywhere near as hot. I have increased fan speeds using EVGA Precision X1, which does alleviate the problem, though it sometimes requires cranking the fan speed up very high. Before A18, I had a Radeon 480, which never had the heating issues with this game that the 2070 Super does. So I'm uncertain if the problem is linked to the change in GPU or something else. Does anyone know if there are certain settings in 7D2D that cause the GPU to run very hot, or alternatively if there's any fix for it aside from running my fans at max speed?
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