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  1. Technically, It's a very bad comparison. At least, when u comparing CPUs. At least it's hard to imagine a situation when CPU is a bottleneck. If you comparing CPU's that has about equal computing power (let's ignore CPU frequency at all, at this point i mean similar CPU architecture), then (and let's focus on CPU frequency now) performance boost on your PC should be about 20% (that's does not explains 300% FPS difference at all). So, there we should got a point that 3770(k?) is well enough to run 7DTD. Or maybe two or three copies of game at same time. Single instance will not use even 50% of CPU. Game has a lot of troubles with GPU optimizations. Especially with texture filtering and overall texture performance (or, may be instancing). What about our displeasure, As i told before, we are waiting this game for years. Many of us bought game for friends, friends of friends, e.t.c. And as i told before, game performance was comfortable-to-play at point we bought a game. Don't you find it's strange to see game performance is constantly degrading? I absolutely agree your mention that game is Alpha. But each time code becames more complex and doesn't get any optimization - it's a bad sign. If an product in alpha stage stays alpha for years and keeps poor performance for years - it's a very bad sign. I think you know i am talking about. Performance is game's bottleneck for years. And there is no magic solution - there is one advice - set GFX settings to 2005' settings or buy a brand new high-end PC and... ask same questions again) We are not trying to flood the forum with rage comments like "blahblahblah, make game faster! You are mining!", e.t.c. We love (!) that game concept and want to see it's evolution for years. I think we are tired of new features that we can't even test. Tired of being unable to feel the direction this game is currently going. I hope you understand us this time. So please, at your side, regard our "crying" like upvoting for optimizations changes. p.s. About "...". You are moderator and you give a rude answer. Please, think about it.
  2. Sorry about having no idea where should i post my opinions on this forum. Also, guys, sorry for being mad, but while development goes forward game becames totally unplayable. Started to play with A9, we bought about 5-7 copies of 7dtd, most of us has 2gb-4gb past century) mid-end videocards (very vary, from gtx760 to rx570-580), has up to 32gb memory (8gb +, most of us has 32gb ddr3 1833+) and CPUs with minimal of i7-3770. I know it's not a top PCs - they even not actual for 2020. But performance issues started since A13-A14 killing all the game experience we had before. I know guys you're all doing great job with continuing developing game mechanics / bringing us new things. But for years performance becames this game killer Since A14-A14 released, our game spend hours reduced by almost 90%, since it's hard to play scary looking (on low settings. it's since u know this game really may look a looooot better) or hard lagged game. subj. Game may becames `less-more` playabble if i set up texture size to 'eight' or 'half', all other settings doesn't really affects performance, but it's looks that `texture quality` + `rendering distance` on open landscapes is most game performance affecting thing. I tried a lot of settings combos, like settings all of `gfx` commands listed on forums. Yes, `gfx af enable 0` gives some FPS boost, but it's about 3-4 fps, that isn't matter when fps drops to 15-20. But the game becames really ugly looking and scary p.s. And, yes, i know that 2gb video RAM is not enought in 2020 to even draw draft textures on the walls, but those high gpu requirements it's just waste of money and resources Especially when you are playing just 2-3 games , like 7DTD and some outdated MOBAs like HON.
  3. Guys, the problem isn't in zombies block damage. Even if it is unnatural. The problem is in the bloodmoon hordes spawns infinitely, that doesn't looks realistic at all. Interesting thing is in it's doesn't matter what level of difficulty u had chosen. At moment you got 200+ level, you will be attacked by infinite hordes of radiated zombies, that will be everywhere. A more interesting thing is that u can run all the night with the shotgun and can have a base with 10-50++ turrets - you will have same result, but with turrets u will spend arround of 1200 ammo per turret (it's really doesn't matters how many turrets you have - as fast you kill zeds, faster they will spawn) will give you the same result as if you will run to the jungle with about 700 shells in your shotgun, but also, you will have EXP from dyings zeds. So +1 for base is being useless at late game. The buildings / builders are being useless. I can hope adjusting horde cap (i mean maximum amount of zombies spawned per player level for BM night / total cap) settings can save the game, but really i am waiting for some random behaviour - I am waiting for a really nightmare horde, that will knock destroy all i have and just a bunch of trash, that will run and die on my very basic traps. At my opinion, BM hordes spawning needs serious rebalance. It's not challenging at all right now - it's just a infinite radiated horde with alternative to run all the night on your bike, then by morning, kill them all with just 100-200 bullets instead of 1k per turret on your base. p.s. Sorry for my broken english, i hope you got what i mean by reading all this mess
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