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  1. mhmm i keep track of the progress of the "health bar for 2 1/2 months now... i gets a hit roughtly once a week and always decreases by the same lenght. at this rate Alpha 17 experimental will take another 2-3 Months of waiting... which wil make it nearly exactly one year
  2. i bet the health bar change is also a appril fools day joke.... that is actually a pain
  3. Gentleman, First i would like to ask you to calm down a bit. the comments here get quite toxic and i neither see a reason nor a benefit from it. so how about you make a quick break and make yourself a tea? it always help me to calm down for sure. Next i would like to say is, that i dont know anything about programming, i cant even write a script XD. But i assume programming a video game is extremly much work. you need to go bug huntring, make each single part interact and fit each other. get the Graphic to look proper, the sounds to hit at the correct time and and and. I Know that the Fun Pimps are a rather small group. That they have 10new guys is good to hear but still there is a learning curve and their work need to fit the others, Last but to Least: Rolands little game with the HP bar is as amusing as it is frustrating. i get that many many many many people are not happy with it, but threating is really unpolite you know? Its a Game Gentleman, it is a extremly cool game we all look forward to but still we should not get mad about it too much. and well 1 year for an update is still better than EA's standart profile to trash out an unfinished game after 6 months taking a half year to fix bugs and then want to make it pay to win with loot boxes ... or sell 12 DLCs for one game and all together it feels like... a moderate game... nice but not too big
  4. The problem with the healthbar is, that it gets everyone crazy as ♥♥♥♥. i already got quiet clear that the fun pimps dont want to announce any kind of release date but still it is a bit unfair that they keep shoving glowing coals up our assesto keep us on the egde. i mean if it ould at least give us SOME sefull info it would ease our pain alot. doesnt need to a date, but maybe a word about how much work is actually left to finish or something like that
  5. That is why i asked if someone knew 1. when it started, and 2. does it decrease constantly (means for the script the end date is already set)
  6. Dear Luzifer, i am afraid you missunderstood my question, i speak about the red HP bar on top of this Thread
  7. A question again Hello Fellow waiting brothers and sisters, May i ask since when we have the HP bar, if it filled the entire banner in the beginning and if it decreses in a regular way (so it would act as a countdown)?
  8. very well, thank you most kindly for the anwser. I hoped it would be estimated sooner but then again, better than nothing
  9. well such is most appreciated to hear, thank you most kindly. and well, inb my eyes it isnt taking more time to be polite than being rude *shrugs*
  10. Well it is qite possible that i am just stupid, but when i look to the top (or the first page of this discussion) all i see is "Release : Not in February" or in case of the first page the changelog and links to different announcement/videos about features in A17 (or later updates as the Gyrocopter). I hoped to get it a little more precise, since "not Februrary" would actually be a long time period... from March 1st to Dezember 2030 would all be "not February" ;P. But may i ask what you mean by "others will attack most likly"? attack who and what? and why?
  11. stupid question Greetings Dear Fun Pimps, i know you guys most likly gonna hear that question again and again, but forgive me if i dont scroll through over 750 pages of this discussion ^^'. Is it possiible we get a more or less rought idea when to exspect the update?somewhere in march? early april? something more detailed than spring 2018? I can see how much enourmess work you put into this , how you present us new ideas and systems and i can image it is really hard work to balance that stuff proper, so i really dont weant to push you at all!. it is just alot easier to wait when you have at least a rought estimation when it will happen. I mean i hope i speak for everyone but even if that date got delayed later noone would be mad about it (beside the usual criminals ;P) so i hope my request doesnt seem out of place. Thank you for this wonderfull game and i nlook forward to your anwser guys.
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