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  1. What are you talking about? We're talking about War3zuk's HD weapons and ammo. Are you? Thanks for the response though.
  2. Do the weapons get added to the loot tables ok? I couldn't care less if people can make them, finding them is far more fun IMHO.
  3. Geez, Khaine... you reply to everyone, huh? Well... I have a question. Can we maybe start an updated list of compatible mods? I know UVM (Ultimate Vehicle Mod) works except the progression (rank 4 and 5 of grease monkey) and hence some of the schematics can't be learned, but all of the vehicles spawn (assuming you haven't done a bunch of exploring before you load the mod) and upgrades work as well as basic upgrades, etc. I know sorcery isn't working with A18 and he's holding out for A19 to push an update (per his posts) to make it work again I tried running Firearms 2.0, but it had some serious issues with schematics and corrupted my character save, lol. Which is why I'm looking for a "better" list of mods that work with DF A18. Anyone running mods they like with DF that run seamlessly or can maybe give some pointers on how they get them to work? DF pretty much does EVERYTHING, but adding some weapons and vehicles (especially fliers) would be great for a bit more variety post level 150ish. Thanks for the awesome mod and sorry for the long post.
  4. Hey, that would be why it doesn't work when I try to connect then. I read in a post just above this that there are maps that come with it. In the instructions for installation it doesn't mention that. Maybe I'm just a newbie when it comes to this, but maybe adding that would be helpful also? For us newbies Thanks for the response!
  5. I can't even get this to start. I have a fresh install of the server, it runs before I add this mod. I add the mod (directories/files overwritten, using server version and mods endup in the /MODS folder) I hit the old "start dedicated server" and it sits here: Indefinitely https://prnt.sc/s4gds5 Any suggestions? EDIT: Looks like I had to let the server map generate BEFORE I loaded this. That's kind of handy to include in the instructions
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