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  1. Saw it mentioned on Steam forums . Just tried it myself and had similar thing. Using frames underground, if you pick them up you cannot place anything in that spot. Bug or intended?
  2. If we want realism, I would be happy to see a huge reduction in ore veins both number and size.
  3. Whoever made the Savage Country store. Chapeau. This Alpha is worth it just for that POI .
  4. I use the Mod Launcher. I have something like 9 different versions of 7DTD alongside my vanilla Steam version. As long as you correctly label your save games so as not to confuse yourself, it works fine. The Mod launcher can be downloded via the Mods section of this Forum.
  5. A18 is much more fun than A17. I never got past day 21 in A17, I got bored and restarted. A17 I put in less than 200 hours, even Ravenhearst/War of the Walkers and the other MODS just couldnt make it any more appealing. A18 I now actually get up to a day count that I havent done since A15 500 hours in A18 and still going strong.
  6. They also dont have to actually "see" you before they start screaming. Been in my mine . Ceiling is 4 blocks thick. Mine opening is one block wide with wood frames blocking entrance . Screamer spawns wanders around up top till she eventually starts screaming whilst being nowhere near the mine entrance. There is no way she actually sees me . Unless its sound as well that triggers them.
  7. Have I missed a change? I can only place bullet proof glass as a centred placement. Just went to replace some destroyed windows in my day 45 base and cannot fit the glass anymore. Ordinary glass seems to place OK. Looked at various A18 build notes and seen no mention of this change. Or am I somehow doing something wrong?
  8. Day 42 Horde I decided to ramp things up a bit 24 Alive on survivalist. Gamestage 207 Base is a 6x6 by 5 high, solid steel. Iron bar walkway around the edge. More layers above for boxes, workbench, electrics etc Some bulletproof glass for visibility. Zombie walkway where they try to jump to get me but fail and do the run around thing. 3 rows of Iron traps pretty much around the whole build. Weapons lvl 5/6 Pump shotgun, Ak , M60, pistol , 2k 7.6 / 1200 9mm, 500 shotgun rounds, crossbow with 70 exploding arrows. Lots of irradiated zombies, at times a virtual sea of green, green soldiers green cops, even more green cops The first horde night I had to really use the junk turret, went through 1500 rounds of junk turret ammo. About half way through the demolishers arrived, managed to kill some before they exploded, just trying to shoot them in the rear seemed the easiest option. After a few explosions there were gaps in the flooring in front of my base and I could see zombies trying to go underground. Cops destroyed most of the iron bar spots I could stand on to make them loop around on the zombie ramp so had to a bit of moving around. Had to repair the m60 twice, pistol once, Ak once and turret once. Two irradiated spider zombies jumped into the base over the course of the night. First one I didnt actually notice till suddenly realised my health was at 50%. 2am and the screamers started arriving, that might have been due to the exploding arrows as I used about 50 of them . Any way survived the night. Had to replace about a dozen blocks. 50% of the iron traps were gone. Took half the day doing repairs Amount of ammo expended was huge Got one loot bag with 12 paper in it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I would like to see more Z variation. There should be height variations, movement variations, random pukers, variations in AI Some of the Overhaul MODS already do this. My favourite used to be the Napalm spitters in Gnamod, they used to wreck your base. LOL And please add better texture to some of the farmable plants.
  10. Motherlode 4 gives 180 iron as reported earlier in the thread. From me hitting things Motherlode 5 gives 210 iron Motherlode 5 gives 100 Lead and I think it gives 100 each of coal and nitrate. Havent mined those for a week or so. Previous carry lvl of Iron was 1200 = 6000 scrap
  11. Swat Helmet is heavy armour I have a lvl 3 one and for the life of me cant remember where I got it from. Gives a base lvl of 15 armour.
  12. Early game mining and a pack of dogs and 2 zombie bears drop in on me in a hole that is about 15 blocks by 10 blocks and no junk turret or any guns. I managed to kill the dogs and one bear, 2nd one was just to much. I didnt have a bedroll ---- it was a very long run back. The funniest was jumping off a lean to car port onto a car that blew up. Think I lost 90 odd health.
  13. Some of the above. Kage, Games4kickz ,Grand Spartan etc Not necessarily a Twitch streamer but JaWoodle is just awesome with some of his funny things he does. The sending Zombies into space was just brilliant.
  14. Its weird I love the melee system in A18. First time in 7DTD that I have pretty much given up bows. I can play tit cricket with the strippers and slap the fat ladies derriere using glancing blows. Though to play it properly I need zero mods and a low level bat.
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