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  1. Saw it mentioned on Steam forums . Just tried it myself and had similar thing. Using frames underground, if you pick them up you cannot place anything in that spot. Bug or intended?
  2. If we want realism, I would be happy to see a huge reduction in ore veins both number and size.
  3. Whoever made the Savage Country store. Chapeau. This Alpha is worth it just for that POI .
  4. I use the Mod Launcher. I have something like 9 different versions of 7DTD alongside my vanilla Steam version. As long as you correctly label your save games so as not to confuse yourself, it works fine. The Mod launcher can be downloded via the Mods section of this Forum.
  5. I would like to see more Z variation. There should be height variations, movement variations, random pukers, variations in AI Some of the Overhaul MODS already do this. My favourite used to be the Napalm spitters in Gnamod, they used to wreck your base. LOL And please add better texture to some of the farmable plants.
  6. I had a huge flat area of woodland north of the main town areas on my first map. 3 towns near 2 traders so I didnt do much exploring till day 18 and then discovered the Ice Wall covering the whole of the North , no towns no buildings. Just needed White Walkers. Not liking this Random gen map maker.
  7. Bought the game 10th Oct 2016 . Need 40 hours to make 3000 hours, dont quite think I will manage that before my 3 rd year anniversary. I have to say this is the best start to an Alpha yet. Game looks really good and plays really well, some interesting new twists. Definitely much slower progress in levels but that doesnt seem much of a problem, havent reached a horde night yet! Currently playing on a 4 year old laptop, GPU is straining a bit but looking forward to try it on my desktop by the weekend
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