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  1. Installed on my dedicated server (B290) and I was unable to join "connection timed out" turned EAC off too. Edit: Looked like it could of been a permissions issue. "chown user:user Assembly-CSharp.dll" "chmod 775 Assembly-CSharp.dll" Also installed on client. Still didn't work :/
  2. Could you please do one for screamers also or an option where they only come out at night. Also to not jump or climb ladders at all. I removed the ability for them to climb ladders aready and removed jumping gaps, but it's not very realistic seeing a zombie jump on another and over a wall...
  3. Awesome! I've been flying around and checking all the biomes. Looking for any inconsistencies. So far everything looks good except this one tree I found that looks out of place. 1770 N, 970 E Might only be happening for me though. Not sure.
  4. Thanks for the quick responses! I should of paid more attention when I copy/pasted the modlets. At first I tried putting the entire "hdhqmodlets-master" folder into the Mods folder and that didn't work. So I took all the files out of there and put them in instead. Didn't realize there was both a "baseline" and "redux" version. I personally prefer the redux. Thanks for taking my post from earlier into consideration about not liking the baseline trees! Is there an easy way to reduce tree spawns by 25% or 50% less?. I like having a full lush forest, but it can feel a little overwhelming at times with so many trees. Maybe they could be a performance variant or something like that. Thank again!
  5. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong, but I don't think it's working properly for me. I keep getting WRN xml patch errors. I moved all the main files into the 7 Days To Die folder and said yes to overwrite. I moved all the modlets from the hdhqmodlets-master into the Mods folder.
  6. How do I install to a dedicated? I don't see any XML files. I am assuming you install it just the same as you would for a non-dedicated?
  7. I enjoy this mod and the added textures, but tbh I like the vanilla trees better.
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