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  1. Do other players on my server also need to have the mod installed on their end?
  2. Do any of these mods need to be on both client and server or are they all server side only?
  3. I noticed the chassis and accessories for the UH-60 has a Economic value of 100, this seems like a bug as the traders will sell these parts for next to nothing. <item name="vehicleUH60chassis"> <property name="Extends" value="vehicleWheels"/> <property name="CustomIcon" value="UH60chassis"/> <property name="DescriptionKey" value="vehicleUH60chassisDesc"/> <property name="EconomicValue" value="100"/> </item> <item name="vehicleUH60accessories"> <property name="Extends" value="vehicleWheels"/> <property name="CustomIcon" value="UH60accessor
  4. Steam name: DRodriguez https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198064146604/ Hours played: 674 on this account & 400+ on a secondary account. Also played the PS4 version for a bit. Started on Alpha: 8 or 9 I believe, sometime in 2015 Discord name: DRodriguez#1720 Native language: English
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