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  1. When searching for a game, they include ping times and number pf players. A main concern to me is the day the game was created, day the game is in, anything tyat would tell me how long it's been active. Any chance of this?
  2. Do you realize that without context, I have no idea what that means? Perhaps you're assuming I do this for a living... I don't.
  3. -Kicked on a fairly regular basis -Forges and Cement Mixers will start to work only while looking into them. Later they will flood panel with errors until I need to Alt-Crtl-Del -Vehicles will duplicate (have had a single bicycle and motorcycle do this as well as two gyros becoming four) The second glitch is making the game rather unbearable
  4. That's a hell of a terrifying statement. I've been online gaming since the 90s and hearing that Discording in 7 Days has some of £the biggest trolls and immature people" will keep me off the damn thing. Then again, I did join a game where I was told to "go kill yourself"... so, hard to argue.
  5. Why are people making easy servers in a game that is based on survival? The last three servers I joined I quit after finding out they had 'perks' like porting and gimmes. Not only do I not want free hand outs, I want it to be tough for everyone... 'cause isn't that the damn point? I can't find a single vanilla server that's just the game I love.
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