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  1. My first day of playing 19.4... the game is on Day 17. Still, what you say makes me think I should restart the server from Day 1... I shoulda thought of that! Thanks. Update: Things were back on my bike when I logged back in... still, unacceptable and am going to restart the server.
  2. Just played 19.4 Stable for the first day. Got home with full backpack and a full motorcycle. Went and emptied my backpack, came back... motorcycle was empty. I am... a little annoyed.
  3. Been playing 7 Days for years. The worst part for me is trying to find a game in the lobby. Why is there no way to find games recently started? Why can't I get a list of PvE or PvP? Why do I need to go through the tabs of every game individually that looks like a potential game I want? Just tired of wasting so much time and not finding what I want... just a vanilla game where the admin doesn't play God. Getting harder and harder.
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