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  1. Generated in b163 all seem to be forest with edges being other biomes. (Note: Tudor_01 is one of my favorite POIs hense why I check to make sure there is one.., also if you happen to be looking for books, it has a good size library on it's third floor.) Traders marked in images. Care of map renderer: https://kui.github.io/7dtd-map/

    FirstPlayA19: "New Bativa Valley" as with most seeds I have tried, Giant forest in middle with other biomes bordering the edges. East is desert, SE is Snow, SW is Ruin and W+N are burnt.
    4 Tudor_01, 1 Book store, 10 Traders, 0 Skyscrapers, 1 large church, 0 red mesa

    Nameloc: "South Nogegi County" pretty close to same biome distribution as New Bative Valley.
    0 Tudor_01, 1 Book store, 10 Traders, 1 Skyscraper (04 = construction), 2 large churches, 0 red mesa

    Dexterra: "Zuheju Territory" the biomes around the forest are at the 4 edges, E Desert, W Snow, S Ruin, N Burnt.
    4 Tudor_01, 1 Book store, 10 Traders, 1 Skyscraper (03 = Negashi), 2 large churches, 0 red mesa

  2. This sounds like a vanilla game bug. Spellcast weapons simply use the "catapult" / bow mechanics for shooting and reloading ammo (Spells). This would be directly related to those mechanics, as Sorcery doesn't (nor can) change these mechanics directly to cause this issue. I'll do some thorough testing on P2P and report this directly TFP if I can properly reproduce it.


    Yeah, thought as much, that is why I tried with the compound bow when I was testing it. :)

  3. I know you probably hating me for finding the multiplayer bugs (especially since the stack one caused a rework of the whole mod) but I got another one that could count as an exploit, but is is kinda minor comparatively speaking. In multiplayer when a person pulls out a spellcast, another player can walk up to them and press E to "take" the spell they just equipped, but it doesn't actually take, it duplicates. So in multiplayer it would be easy to dupe spells...


    Reminder: I play P2P not dedicated.


    Edit: Tested, and host can take from client and visa versa, and it does indeed take the equipped spell (I switched from 3 diff spellcasts and a compound bow, an Ice, Ice Spike & Ice Storm spellcast, the host took one of each as I switched through but did not get an arrow when I switched to the compound bow.)

  4. LOVE the new update, some of the spells can be really OP now, but you already stated a rebalance is in the works for the lightning update so thats cool.


    There is 1 thing I wanted to bring to your attention as I don't think it was intentional.. Pre-charging.


    If you charge up your spellcast to 4 orbs, hit R to "reload" (IE the way you can put away your bow without out firing after drawing it back, to save arrows, also works with spellcasts) the next time you draw it back to fire it is already charged to 4 orbs for the first shot.

  5. I have fantastic news regarding this nasty bug:

    I've been able to create a workaround to this bug that has stacks functioning as intended. Additionally, the Lightning Update is introducing a complete overhaul improvement to how stacks function.


    ** Many special thanks to @Jaga for facilitating the multiplayer environment to aid the game bug workarounds!


    Glad to hear you got it fixed with a work around, sorry it required an entire rework of the spells, in that aspect I am glad said bug was found early in the development. Hope it doesn't delay the lightning and spell rebalance update too much as I love this mod :)


    Great news... Ritual Traps are on the list of upcoming features, alongside Runic Traps! :) ...


    That sounds awesome. Both the Ritual and the Runic. Love this mod! Keep up the great work.

  6. Thanks for the info on this:



    Unfortunately, this appears to be a common game bug with custom CVARS and multiplayer games that especially affects the client(s). I've been told this bug is resolved by pushing back the "initialization order" of the cvars (note for TFP).


    Sadly, while the cvar bug exists so too does the issue. I'll see if there's anything I can do to help mitigate it by the next update.


    Ok, glad ya figured what was causing it, hopefully it will be easier fix (or fixed by TFP) :)

  7. I haven't read any other mentions of this happening... is it new for you or always has been?

    To Confirm: Tier 1 Fire Spell and Tier 1 Ice Spell fail to apply more than a single Stack: Orb At The Feet?




    Confirmed, orb at feet, and can tell it isn't applying via damage as well. As for new, it has always been that ways that I see, makes the game harder for me (which is fine, since one of my friends actually plays the game on easier difficulty, so handicapping me is fine in his game :) ) I was with a host, 2 fire Zeds (weakest) coming at us the same, he hit it wit 2 spells and it gets 2 orbs and it dies. I hit the other with 2 spells, it gets 1 orb and did not die from the DoT. Hopefully it is just my bad luck or something that is making it not work, and not something with the awesome mod. But I am technically playing 3 games of this mod, my solo game (which my ♥♥♥♥ty internet provider giving me the run around on my packet loss issue is preventing me from streaming for 2 weeks now..) and then 2 games that are P2P, Friends of mine playing their "Solo" games that I jump into. In my game I have no problems applying stacks (then hitting them with a higher spell for great damage, love that aspect of this mod). However in either of their games I am unable to apply more than one stack, as such the "explosion" of 4 stacks (Fire spell 4) will never trigger for me in their games, same with the extra damage for the tier 2+ spells from having multiple stacks on enemies.


    Edit: Will try to record a vid of it, I will be playing in someone else game tonight, she is spec'ed purely into the fire tree and I in the ice tree, will find some Zombies and record each of us hitting the same type of zombie with Ice spells.

  8. Possibly just me, but is anyone else having a bug in non-dedicated multiplayer (P2P) where the non-host can not stack Burn? No matter how many times a zombie is hit by non-host it never gets more than one stack of burn, as such a fully specked out Ice Mage (all ice related perks at 5) still takes 8 hits to kill an edgarsuit because cant apply more than 1 stack of the DoT. If this was already mentioned sorry, big fan of this mod. My vids on my channel of it less interesting than most though :) Now I realize the base spell is supposed to be for applying stacks, and not damage, was just using the "8 to kill" in comparison, if you in a solo game (or the host) you can kill faster because you can apply the stacks.


    Edit: Just to confirm, I tested it in 2 different games where I was not the host, 1 I was using ice, the other fire, both I could not apply more than one stack.

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