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  1. Thanks @Guppy, i am going to try that! And Damocles, this means that you modify the biome.xml programmatically and all of your forest pine biome is that dense now, right? I like the idea of doing that with one scale factor for vegetation.
  2. Hey Damocles, thanks for the latest version, the preview map looks just great! Do do have plans to for a feature to save/load all the settings from the gui into preset files? Would be great to switch fast between different generation scenarios. I am not sure if this is the right thread for this (sorry if not), but i have a question about biomes.xml and prefabs spawning, maybe you can help me, i am stuck with this currently: 1) Do you know if its possible with A18 to add or modify biomes completeley? What i want to do is to have one biome with much more dense forest (i can do this by c
  3. Hey Damocles, I'm really looking forward to the new version of your tool for Alpha 18! Thanks for your excellent work, I appreciate your tool in every way! I am currently working on a tool for myself to generate real locations in combination with Nitrogen from geodata / elevation data and data from OpenStreetMap (roads, biomes, waters, buildings). My hometown, a small village with 1000 inhabitants in Austria with a medieval castle, I can recreate recognizable already thanks to Nitrogen. With Alpha 18 I will then drive around in my hometown by bike and motorbike as in the past in real:
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