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  1. Varied Tier 5 Quest. Best sometimes with bandits. I know you said it took time with bandits. But you could make a start with the Tier 5 Quest. A taste of what's to come. Nail gun modification (for example, a book, mod, or book-reading reward) to make it a little faster. Foods that spoil if you do not cool them. Continue to improve the artificial intelligence of the zombies to break through the metagame. (Unfortunately, I can only speak very little English. I have used translation program German – English.)
  2. If you eat 100 cornbread, you will get food poisoning 4 times on average. If you eat 100 venison stew, you will get food poisoning 4 times on average. Cornbread = 4 Max Stamina so 100 Cornbread = 400 Max Stamina Venison stew = 50 Max Stamina so 100 Venison stew = 5000 Max Stamina Venison stew causes, relative to Max Stamina, significantly less food poisoning. You have to participate much less in the negative lottery with venison stew. Higher quality food has a benefit for the player. The point is that players have an incentive to cook higher-quality food and look after the crop. Since you can eat enough in the base (50 points above display), food poisoning in the higher game has little meaning. If I go on a tour for several days, I'll take vitamins or a stack of quality food into my inventory. (Unfortunately, I can only speak very little English. I have used translation program German – English.)
  3. Addition to my contribution before: It should be briefly mentioned in the help, why you can ruin your stomach with food in the apocalypse and vomiting must. This increases the understanding of the game mechanics. This game mechanic does not serve to take food out of the game. It's not a substitute for game mechanics, where food spoils over time and you have to build a fridge. This could also be installed later. The Starvation Mod in the Alpha 17 had implemented that. It's just another threat that you can unexpectedly ruin your stomach in the Apocalypse and you feel hungry if you have not made provision. Especially in the first days it reinforces the survival aspect in the game. At the beginning, it makes sense to increasingly loot houses that promise food in the form of canned food and take care of farming for better food. (Unfortunately, I can only speak very little English. I have used translation program German – English.)
  4. I think the game mechanics are good. The card that you play is a small piece of non-irradiated and uncontaminated area on earth. see „kickstarter projects 7-days-to-die-zombie-survival-game description“ Zitat: „… In the near future where the a third world war leaves the Earth in ruins but the worst was yet to come. Nobody knows for sure if it was the radiation, the biochemical weapons or an act of god but an unknown virus soon transforms the surviving humans into an army of the animated dead, acting as a single-minded being. You play a survivor trapped in the savage zombie infested world of Navezgane County Arizona one of the last true Eden’s on Earth. ...“ The food can also spoil and cooling would not be bad, has nothing to do with it. This can be additionally installed. Cooking high quality food, then food poisoning is rare and almost meaningless. (Unfortunately, I can only speak very little English. I have used translation program German – English.)
  5. With every cornbread you eat, you start a new lottery. Look for "cube stochastics". Higher quality food is better as you will need to participate less often in the lottery. The chance is 4% each time. Food poisoning, or better, vomiting from bad food, has very little significance in the higher game. I eat venison stew and blueberry pie in the base until I am completely fed (50 points above display). That's enough for the whole day. In iron stomach or metabolism I have not set any points. Vitamins are also available for prevention. Vitamins play a bigger role in the first few days when eating cheap food. It is a survival game. In the beginning it is a high priority to take care of good food. If you plant corn and potatoes, you will not have any problems anymore. Foods made with canned food (chili dog, fish tacos) should only have 2% food poisoning. Dysentery due to water could be increased from 3% to 4%. Tea is easy to cook. (Unfortunately, I can only speak very little English. I have used translation program German – English.)
  6. "Junk turret" are fun and are a great help especially in solo playing. However, several "junk turrets" should not be active at the same time. The OP comes mainly through it I think. I think so too, but players should also reach their limits in higher levels of difficulty. To put everything on "junk turret" should not be the way. "Junk turret" should be a good help, but not the main strategy that puts everything into the background. Increasing the price of ammunition (more iron per shot) only brings more grind. (Unfortunately, I can only speak very little English. I have used translation program German – English.)
  7. Can I confirm so (A18 b155). It reduces the fun, because you may have to use very long iron tools. The dealer should offer steel tools as a reward for tasks. Suggestion Reward Dealer: Tier 4 - Low Level Steel Tools Tier 5 - Steel Tool Schematics - - - - The Alpha 18 is the best alpha I've played (playing since the Alpha 12) (Unfortunately, I can only speak very little English. I have used translation program German – English.)
  8. When you burn, you continuously lose life over a period of time. You can clear yourself with a drink. Suggestion: It should have a negative effect if you do not delete the burning. That's why you should lose 10 more life points at the end of the burning process, if you have not deleted them before. Who is burning, and does nothing against it, should have a disadvantage. Currently, many players do not deleting because they think it's going to stop burning anyway. The 10 extra life points you lose would be an incentive to "first aid" by deleting. That would make the game mechanics even more interesting. (Unfortunately, I can only speak very little English. I have used translation program German – English.)
  9. The dealer should give as a reward less medicine at Quest. Suggestion: Tier 1 Quest: maximum 2 honey Tier 2 Quest: maximum 2 honey or 2 Herbal Antibiotics Tier 3 Quest: a maximum of 2 honey or 2 Herbal Antibiotics or 2 Antibiotics For me, the drugs pile up in the chest. I am on day 34 and have 16 Antibiotics, 3 Herbal Antibiotics and 5 Honey. I did not even have to make medicines for infection. Is everything from the dealer or what I found. I got infected 3 times until day 34. During the day I also go into close combat to save ammunition. Even with Medikits and painkillers, the dealer is a bit too generous with the rewards. A maximum of 5 medications or 5 painkillers is enough as a reward. (Unfortunately, I can only speak very little English. I have used translation program German – English.)
  10. The game mechanics infection in the Alpha 18 Experimental is basically good. The risk of dying from an infection is still too low. The medicines for the infection should be somewhat weakened. Current values: Honey: 5% Herbal Antibiotics: 10% Antibiotics: 25% Suggestion: The 25% for antibiotics should be reduced to 15%. The drugs against the infection pile up from the effect. One is then at least forced to take 2 medicines, if one waits too long. In the first few days you also have the "elemental protection", whereby a death does not affect. It would also be good if the probability of infection with a higher degree of difficulty would increase a little bit. (Unfortunately, I can only speak very little English. I have used translation program German – English.)
  11. With statistics one should be careful. It also depends on how these statistics came about. The correct interpretation of the statistics is important, so that one does not draw wrong conclusions. I checked my stream account. About 30% of the games I bought, I did not play or very little. However, during each game I carefully considered whether to buy it or not. Example "Fallout New Vegas": I bought the game when there was a discount at that time. So far, I have not come to play it yet. But I know that it is a good game and will bring me many hours of fun. I loved the predecessor "Fallout 3" and played many hours. By contrast, I'll probably never buy "Fallout 76". I watched videos and read reviews. It does not fulfill my expectations. Conclusion: The Steam statistics are deceptive and can give a distorted impression. Keep in mind that many games are also bought based on recommendations from other players, reviews in magazines, and videos on YouTube. Even if these buyers then find little time to play the game, these customers have bought the game because it promises many hours of fun. But if that promise is not or only partially in place from the beginning, fewer customers will buy the game. It's about the impression the potential player has before buying. It's about the impression the player has when playing. It's about the player's impression when he stops playing. - - - - - - - - - - Of course you can find a hair in the soup with every game. But it's all about basic things that make up an Open World Sandbox Survival Game. Example: If I go to the desert, then my expectation is that there is a snake that is non-toxic and there is a very dangerous snake that is poisonous. Also, I expect that there will be an antidote if I get poisoned by a snakebite. Whether in reality or in the game. Little things can sometimes have a strong influence on the feeling of playing. Implementing a special zombie and a specific animal for every biome can make a big difference. If the player tells a "7 Days to Die" story, then the story will be particularly exciting where the player in the desert has been poisoned by a snake and barely survived. A poisonous snake bite would be a danger even in the later game with steel armor. With the Alpha 17, the game "7 Days to Die" has made a big leap forward, but there is still much to do. It still feels very unfinished, even if you can have a lot of fun. (Unfortunately, I can only speak very little English. I have used translation program German – English.)
  12. But you should not throw all the games in a pot and stir. There are differences between an Open World Sandbox Survival Game and a game with a straight course and hose levels. 20 to 30 hours on average would mean that the average player only plays day 20 to day 30. So 2 to 3 Blood Moon hordes. The game also has a high replay value, which leads to indirect advertising (for example, through videos on youtube). I think it is the desire of players for more diversity in their opponents when they ask for different clothing. They probably assume that this is easier to implement than new opponents. How about adding a few more specific enemies for the biomes? For the snow area, a polar wolf that is harder to spot due to its white fur. Or a crocodile for the forest area. Why can not you be poisoned by the serpent in the desert? For the steppe a hippo and a hyena. Will there ever be an opponent in the water? Then the biomes would feel even more different, which may increase the average game time. (Unfortunately, I can only speak very little English. I have used translation program German – English.)
  13. The solution is not to make the concrete blocks to paper! The solution is for the zombies to find their way to the player. If necessary, by zombies hitting a staircase in the wall. The fun is not to rebuild the ruined base. The fun is to prevent zombies from reaching the player on the night of the Horde. As the blocks weaken, the player simply builds more blocks. The pure destruction mode is the wrong way. (Unfortunately, I can only speak very little English. I have used translation program German - English.)
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