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  1. Yeah, it's hard to say when you need an AND. But for me NOT is even more important. And it would be pretty easy to add this to the ® menu just like locking a door.
  2. First of all, this topic is about how to improve the energy system. A lot has already been done and I appreciate the work of the Fun Pimps. Nevertheless I miss some important logical mechanics. There are many possible functions for power devices that are currently in use. As an example: - I can't reverse a motorised drawbridge so that it is extended without electricity. Possible solution: Add a inverter function in the ® menu. - I can't use 2 sensors to control a door/ hatch, etc. Possible solution: Logical function block, which is connected to the device. - The output of the solar cells is "master" during the day. This means that the wattage of the solar bank is always determined, although the battery bank can have more output power. Actually, the battery bank should be "master" and should fill or empty depending on the continuous power consumption. How about an inverse relay? More functions for sensors... There are many ways and possibilities. What do you think about it?
  3. What we are looking for is how to make cooking great again ;-) sry for this joke^^
  4. So, i like the food spoilage mechanic too. What I see is that this thread is drifting away from the core topic. In my opinion, it's ridiculous that a 5-star master chef cook gives spoiled food to teammates. Cooking has become less interesting compared to the previous Alpha's. The spoilage mechanic only puts the cherry on the cake.
  5. Wow. I didn't expect such a big response. With my humble 1600h in this great game, The Fun Pimps have done a lot right so far, thank you. In my opinion the ability iron gut should be separated. I've never used it before, not even in the previous Alpha's. We always had enough to eat in the team and it made the cook happy to be needed. Now with food poisioning and the schematics our system doesn't work like that anymore. On our server we could live off canned food, yes, but everyone respects each other's profession. Thus a cooperative solution should be aimed at. The physician would be responsible for the healing of poisonings, while the cook has to make sure that this does not happen ;-)
  6. I find the skill Cooking has now become obsolete in Alpha 18. With the new system "food poisioning" and reading in plans the skill has lost its meaning. Because faster cooking is not that important. I mean you are level 5 cooking and people are still getting diarrhea from your food. What is there to be a master chef? Please take out the "food poisoning" for each level. That means: Lvl 0 = 5%, Lvl 1 = 4%, Lvl 2 = 3%, Lvl 3 = 2%, Lvl 4 = 1%, Lvl 5 = 0%, This is the only way cooking makes sense again and is useful for the group.
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