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  1. Died and Gained You are feeling an illness coming over you it seems it's duration is increasing rather than decreasing antibiotics do not work and it is currently hindering the crafting due to the negative effects so far I've had the illness for 1hr 30 mins


    Let a zombie hit you. Should take care of it or at least it does for me.

  2. I have a question. I am on day 6, level 13, Alpha 17.2 RH5.13.


    I was in the forest biome killing zeds and as the last one (an infected mother) was walking towards me, I heard a voice. It was like she was talking to me. I couldn't quite make out what the voice was saying but it was definitely her talking or associated with her. It was very creepy and cool at the same time if you know what I mean.


    I kept about a 3 block distance from her as this voice was talking. Once it stopped, I started smacking her with the police baton and on the 3rd or 4th hit she turned farel and was in my face instantly. Fortunately I was able to pull out the ole trusty shotgun and put her down.


    In Khaine's DF overhaul I have had the deathstalker tell me "you will suffer" as he's chasing me but never had a regular zombie talk like that before.


    Has this happened to anyone else and if so, does anyone know what the voice was saying? I couldn't quite make it out. Gave me chills and it was so awesome I can't stop thinking about it. Hoping to have a another encounter like this again soon.


    Loving RH, it's absolutely fantastic!

  3. It means that 5.1 Vanilla Textures is the correct and the new 5.13

    You can check the version on the splash screen and ingame pressing esc


    Got it. Thanks for the explanation. I prefer to install directly versus using the launcher. Where do I find the link to download the update for vanilla client side 5.13? I checked the links at the front of the thread and on the RH website. All I see are links for dedicated server files for 5.13, dedicated server files for 5.0 and client side files for 5.0?


    I looked on the Gitlab site but couldn't figured out how to download the zip file for the update. Sorry for being a pain in the rear. I'm on day 20 on a current playthrough on 5.12 and want to make sure to update using the correct info so I don't mess up the game.




    DISREGARD: Found the link in Discord


    Thanks again mr.natural!

  4. Bonus Easter Update!



    Patch 5.13 for 17.2 NO Wipes Needed





    On to todays patch notes! Resync your launchers to get the latest. The links are still the same.

    Can you elaborate on "The links are still the same" a bit please. I'm a noob to the RH Overhaul and not sure what this means. I have looked at the links available and I'm not seeing the one to down the vanilla client update for 5.13. Is there somewhere links to updates are posted so I know where to go for future updates?


    Any assistance is greatly appreciated.


    On a side note, the RH overhaul is living up to its reputation as progression is significantly slowed. The wandering hordes are quite large, are now being accompanied by dogs/vultures as well as zombies that turn feral during a beatdown. It's insane! I was on the minibike driving around and opening up the map. I guess because I wasn't on foot and a wandering horde couldn't pinpoint my location, a squadron of vultures was scrambled. As soon as I slowed down or stopped, those dudes were all over me like ants on a chocolate bar.


    I'm lovin it! Great work and kudos to Jax and the team! 5.2 sounds like it's going to be even more insane! Can't wait! :smile-new:

  5. My 17.1 world that I updated to 17.2 has a few glitches... Not too many (floating trees, POI's spawning on top of each other, quest markers to nowhere), but enough that I'm thinking it's time for a new world. But, I'd like to wait for a big mod update to do it. I'm especially looking forward to the new biome you teased. How far off do you think that update is? If it's not too far, I'll just mess around in my existing world and wait for it.


    Legend just an FYI in case you aren't aware but there are 3 Darkness Falls Seeds you can play right now. There are two small seeds and one medium seed. Start a new game, select the seed you want to play, name it and you're all set.







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