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  1. I've always had a good time taking out lower end POI's with just a shovel. Sorta like living the "Shovel Knight" life for a moment. Miner 69'er makes it decent with mods. Dedicated and specced out melee weapons are better ... but there's just something a bit more satisfying to taking out a few zombie with a sharpened shovel. (And the power attack is rather nice, I'll agree!)
  2. Yep, that's what I'm talking about. I thinking if the distance was able to be reduced, it could just snap to the close up textures when I got closer to a POI instead of trying to load so many and then failing, leaving us with the distant ones. A console command to "check" the POI's in my range that should have the close textures and updating them if needed would solve the issue, too. It seem like once the distant ones "lock in", I can't get them to be change to the close ones unless I either use the pois console command (and lose distant textures entirely) or restarting the game standing next to the POI I want the close textures in.
  3. I tried the command "gfx st budget 0" and then see a line that states it's "Executing the command...", but nothing ever comes up to say the command was carried out or finished. Should I see something to confirm the change? I also tried "gfx st budget 1" afterwards to see if changing it back would give a confirmation, but it say the same executing thing as above.
  4. I've had this issue since a week ago. Never had it before. It definitely seems to be an issue of swapping between the distant textures and the close up textures. I was told that the View Distance setting should change when the swap between textures occurs, but moving it from low to high does not seem to have any noticeable differences (I typically just leave it on Medium). As for playing when you have the issue, the only thing I've found that works is the console command "pois" which turns off the distance texture rendering. This means you don't see distant buildings anymore, but it also makes the POI's around you have the normal, close textures since they don't have to swap from distant textures to close ones. This is a pretty crappy fix, honestly. You can still see distant towns by seeing the roads/city layouts, but for wilderness POI's, they're virtually invisible until you get relatively close. Typing in "pois" again after fixing the close textures seems to bork everything even further, so once the issue starts, you either use "pois" to get close textures or have to restart the game to load the textures. I would love to have a console command that just forces a re-load of the close textures in your area/chunk. I think that would solve this issue until the root cause can be ferreted out.
  5. That makes sense. Which Video setting controls the range at which the game switches from the distant mesh to the normal one?
  6. Interesting note on the "pois" console command. That certainly does work - typed it in and hit enter, boom, fixes the non-rendered blocks and snaps them into the right textures/meshes. Sadly, it also makes it to where distant POI's don't render any longer. I presume the actual function of the "pois" command is more related to that, but the fix for now is nice. Is there another command like "pois" that can snap the meshes back into place -and- leave distant POI's still rendered as they are? That would be perfect.
  7. I'm getting the same sort of issues on nvidia but in singleplayer. Some observations I've made in my own findings: Only happens to me in very POI dense areas, like city blocks that all have POI's (no blank/forested city blocks). Can easily be replicated on NitroGen maps (due to increased POI density, I wager) Seems to only be per POI - either it bugs and has the phantom blocks or it doesn't. I often see a POI with Phantoms Blocks and then one right next to it that's just fine. No graphic settings seem to increase or decrease the rate at which they show up. As others have said, exiting the game and reloading in front of the affected POI works, though it's a bit time consuming, obviously. I only started having the issue this past Tuesday. No system changes to my PC prior to it starting. Now that it's happening, I updated a nvidia driver and my Windows, but neither had any impact (positive or negative) Just figured I'd throw some more info out there and see if that helps anyone figure this out!
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