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  1. I just started this game a week ago so it can't be below 18.2. What im thinking is I generated it in 18.2 and am in 18.3 now. So if that is the case and it transferred over then i apologize for bringing up an already known bug.
  2. My game updated before i started this play through but i could be wrong and still be on 18.2 i will double check when i get home from work. However, yes they are the big grown trees not the little sapling twigs. First hit with even a stone axe will drop the health of the tree down to 0 and the next hit will topple it. Playing on Navezgane building next to Diersville both times. This happens about every other tree. Edit: should also add, it doesn't matter which model of tree either. All of them have done it besides the burnt biome trees, from the twigs to the short bushy pine looking ones to this big oak looking ones.
  3. Get well soon Jax, I am more of a lurker here in the forums but i read everything and you're one of the people who i enjoy reading the most. Hope you have a speedy recovery and you will be in my prayers.
  4. This has happened to me on my last two plays. i got to day 30 on my last play through (stepped on a mine, Dead is Dead) and im on day 12 of this play through on 18.3 and it is still having trees that will fall down with 2 hits of the axe. Cool right? Quick wood! Nope, you only get about 30-50 wood instead of 100+ What i have found though instead of starting map after map is that planted and grown trees dont have this issue. So start planting tree nurseries.
  5. Im curious about this as well. i was on day 28 on my last play through and i didnt see one demolisher.
  6. I agree, i'd much rather have the LBD system because it makes the most sense to me. I havent spent one point into agility because out of that whole skill tree i only want run and gun so i just go without it, why waste points on it for one skill when i can put it into strength and unlock 6 perks i use. This isnt going to make me stop playing by any means but it does make me not enjoy it as much as i would. I know learning by doing is gone, and everytime its brought up moderators and everyone else tell you to just suck it up and "play mods or edit xmls." i had over 600 hours into 16.4 in the first 6 months i owned the game, i think i played 20 hours of alpha 17 total because i thought it was so awful. 18 i tried out and i like the new weapons and items graphics zombies ect. , just gonna have to suck it up until i can mod LBD into the newer alphas in a year or so. Just wish i can have 16.4 with all the new stuff minus skill setup.
  7. I started plaing in alpha 15 and played maybe 10 hours of alpha 17 because i didnt like it at all. Alpha 18 though i already have around 100 hours and i play WoW constantly. That being said i still prefer 16.4 much more though...
  8. Ive been keeping up on your horde every night and vanilla play throughs and have been loving them. keep it up bud.
  9. Thats rotten luck man. my first play through i didnt find the book to craft the minibike until day 49. it just happens hahaha
  10. That would be amazing, but that thunder already makes my heart start pounding.
  11. I play single player Nav, in my last play through i had 2 bases and 3 outposts. Farm house by Diersville was turned into a bunker over time and had my horde base near the church close by. 1 outpost in the desert, one in the wasteland and one by the stadium. All outfitted with a minibike, weapons and medical to start a new base if i need to. Some might call it overkill, but i always have backups for backups.
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