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  1. -the gasolin is so scarse in this mod, that i never used the vehicles. My only vehicle was a bicycle. There is no end game content yet in this mod so when i could afford a 100.000+ wehicle i was leaving the game. - the research and crafting is so complicated and expensive that i never craft anything exept ammunition and food. It is 100 times faster and better and easyer to buy everything at Trader and loot. - i played on warrior with more Z-s but there was zero challange. I only died once because of a horrible lag.
  2. It means we can not download the latest build. Not from the link in the first post. The wiki link what you give in your latest post, there is the "latest stable build" download button does not work too. Congrat and thanks for your work, I am in love with your mod. After 40 hours of play i will give some feedback here. (ADblocker is off here)
  3. FAATAL Do you know about this bug? It was introduced to me in A19, but as i see it is a 3 years old bug and very annoying. https://steamcommunity.com/app/251570/discussions/1/2217311444330282852/?ctp=4
  4. UI BUG: -auto hide toolbelt -disabled option --- The toolbelt never reappear again
  5. i am on day 5 and i have a crate full of food. I have 100+ meat. I think it is too many.
  6. Steam name: Hapi18 (https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198041227904/) Hours played: 914 hours on steam Started on Alpha: Alpha 1 Discord name: hapi18#1574 Native language: Hungarian
  7. WOW after 2 years of madness there are food and water bars again!
  8. Just look at the underground ore textures. There is a significant difference, with sphereii's microsplat disable mod. That is why i dont use it. Still unacceptable, that i am loosing half of my FPS, if i look at my feet in the middle of a forest with a GTX1070...
  9. Warrior diff Day 19. Doing the shotgun messiah i fired 300+ AK47 rounds. 70% aimed headshots. The loot was completly useless. Time + Brass> LOOT
  10. I have a faith in you, your work is always first class. My only problem is challange, wich was not present in your mod, so i will need modlets too.
  11. I am about to start a new map, but if this mod will update i can wait! PLs do a status upadate.
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