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  1. Steam name: Hapi18 (https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198041227904/) Hours played: 914 hours on steam Started on Alpha: Alpha 1 Discord name: hapi18#1574 Native language: Hungarian
  2. WOW after 2 years of madness there are food and water bars again!
  3. Just look at the underground ore textures. There is a significant difference, with sphereii's microsplat disable mod. That is why i dont use it. Still unacceptable, that i am loosing half of my FPS, if i look at my feet in the middle of a forest with a GTX1070...
  4. Without any mod. output_log__2019-11-03__22-11-48.txt
  5. Not yet, its a pain for me to play with original UI. Tonight i will torture myself for a greater good
  6. crash with Hungarian lenguage, and Us keyboard setup. output_log__2019-11-03__17-26-59.txt
  7. My keyboard is in Hungarian lenguage. I will try to change it and test it. Cant post there, i am using an UI mod. Thx for the tip
  8. any advice? output_log__2019-11-03__13-54-18.txt
  9. yet another crash output_log__2019-11-03__10-50-47.txt
  10. It is more frequent now output_log__2019-11-03__01-02-48.txt
  11. Another crash: output_log__2019-11-02__23-41-02.txt
  12. I got random crashes since A18. never had this before. Latest one is attached. - Drivers are the latest - game installed just right now - everything cleaned before install - System ram 16 GB - Video card gtx 1070 ram 8 Gb - Not playing widescreen right now because performance, and crashes. Need help THX. output_log__2019-11-02__14-27-41.txt
  13. Warrior diff Day 19. Doing the shotgun messiah i fired 300+ AK47 rounds. 70% aimed headshots. The loot was completly useless. Time + Brass> LOOT
  14. The anizotrop setting really works for me, still if i look at my feet in the game the fps drops by half.
  15. exactly the same feeling with 1070. I switched off distant terrain, and looked on an empty hill. I got 19 FPS with nothing on the screen but an empty hill. In the town with zombies i got 60 FPS.
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