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  1. So on bloodmoon nights is it still a thing that zombies can spawn inside your base behind your defenses, essentially making said defenses pointless?
  2. As it says in the release notes, the bedroll and other safe zone creating blocks will not stop a zombie spawning in a location covered by that safezone. Meaning that if a bed roll keeps zombies from freely spawning inside a fortification you built during normal circumstances, then during bloodmoon they can spawn anywhere inside your fortification at the game's leisure.
  3. - - - Updated - - - The information was in the release notes that basically the instant you respawn the zombies begin spawning near you again.
  4. So the bunker that I made with all those auto turrets, mine fields, etc can now be made useless by way of a wrecking ball zombie spawning right behind me, one shotting me, then detonating his explosive to destroy my base and its bedroll potentially causing me to spawn 6 miles away with no weapons or ammo. Which when coupled with the fix to dying stopping bloodmoon spawns for 1 game hour meaning that for the rest of bloodmoon I could potentially deal with getting spawn killed by wrecking balls as the zombies can spawn while I am unable to move due to having to complete the obligatory "wiping sweat from the brow" animation that happens when spawning. Fuuunnn
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