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  1. I have adapted the floor Vedui uses in this video to one of my previous base designs and it worked very well. I'm sure you could make it work with yours.
  2. I had a supply crate land in a POI (one of the junkyards). So, I jump the fence and drop my turrets, because I know the zeds will be coming for me. My turrets shoot the zeds and then blow up the supply drop. Why would junk turrets see supply crates as a valid target? Anyone else have this happen? A cursory search of the forums yielded nothing.
  3. Hey Riles, I was wondering why the rebundling of ammo is not enabled in v1.06? Thanks!
  4. Can anyone expound upon these items added in the latest experimental version? Are they related to the console command "pois" and do they have anything to do with the phantom marble texture blocks that sometimes occur in POIs? Changelog A19.2 b3 Added Console command "gfx dti" to set distant terrain instancing Console command "gfx dtpix" to set distant terrain pixel error
  5. fabulux

    Riles-HUDPlus Mod

    I like what you've done with this version! It feels better balanced and I quite like the XP/Level circle. I just put it on our server. Thanks!
  6. I agree. I also agree the traders need work. There is a large gap between quest rewards/trader inventory and loot from chests and crates per your gamestage. I do enjoy questing, but if that is what they plan to stick with, we need more POIs or more variations in quest types. Going to the same POI, over and over and over isn't ideal...
  7. Of course that's progression. It's impossible to not progress in this game, unless you log in and literally do nothing (but I would hesitate to call that playing the game). This is in reference to loot progression. What I'm suggesting is that if you take engineering and miner 69'er and make some iron tools (no matter what level you get them all... 5,6 whatever), and then go out and loot some Working Stiff crates, the items in that crate are going to be far inferior. Looting crates and chests is next to useless in early - mid game. Your time is better spent doing other things. The
  8. Here is what I don't understand about the implementation of this linear loot idea as a means to slow down progression: If you spam trader quests, you will get far better item and resource rewards than from looting. This is even more effective with points in Better Barter and Daring Adventurer. Do this and you completely avoid being hindered by the new loot system. Also, with 1 point in Advanced Engineering and 1 point in Miner 69'er you can make quality 2 iron tools at level 1. These will be better than anything you can loot for quite some time (more points in 69'er = e
  9. fabulux

    Riles-HUDPlus Mod

    I think my main concern is that there is too much information and too much "weight" in the bottom left corner. There is nothing in the top left now and that adds to the off-balance feeling. I like the XP bar above or below the tool belt. Maybe above or below the compass. Next, I don't really like the changes in size of the stamina and food/water bars. I am checking my stamina, food and water bars much more often than my health bar. That's why I like them to be the same size as the health bar. I also prefer the previous compass direction indicator. It was simple, effecti
  10. fabulux

    Riles-HUDPlus Mod

    Is this still available? I don't like the changes in 1.05, but I do like your changes here. Thanks!
  11. I wonder if there would be a way in NitroGen to have a drop down menu (or some other means) to alter the size of each 'zone' (industrial, houses, citycenter etc.) like the current menu for 'city size'. I would love to be able to, for instance, make the 'houses' zone bigger, shrink the 'citycenter' zone or whatever. A little more granular control of the city and town 'zones' or 'areas' would be phenomenal. I don't know how much work or how difficult that would be, however.
  12. It's in NitroGen. NitroGen_WorldGenerator > resources > prefablist.txt
  13. So all I need to do is copy my "Prefabs" folder (which will be on the server) and my friends need to replace their "Prefabs" folder with my copy?
  14. As soon as I find a gun, I never melee again. Why risk getting all the new debuffs with a melee build, when you can completely avoid them by going ranged? I don't mind all the new debuffs and I enjoy melee builds, but what I don't enjoy is having a pharmacy in my backpack taking up valuable slots.
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