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  1. Is it really a risk, tho? Bedroll outside the POI, die and try again. Unless you do "dead is dead" or "lose backpack on death", it becomes just a game of perseverance - and that's if you dont take cheesing to main loot into consideration.
  2. I like this idea.. it makes perfect sense and its a fixable throwback to how A16 used to be without getting too complicated or boring. I'd even add to the suggestions by saying: lvl 1 guns we find early could already be broken or nearly broken. "A while ago I had an idea for oil shake deposits where instead of directly mining it, you would have to either create or restore an oil rig on the oil shake deposit. The oil rig would generate a certain amount of oil per day so that you can’t just have infinite supplies after a couple of day’s mining it. " Could work for SP, but would be terrible for PvP MP... or maybe.. it would actually become a Point Of Interest people would fight for.. who knows? " I’m also hoping the fun pimps separate resources into different biomes" That's how it used to be, but I dont think we are going back to that.
  3. You mean the suggestion I'd given on page 15? Yeah, people either completely ignored it or got worked up about that too lol Yeah, I had thought about that.. taking from games like Metal Gear, Dishonored, Batman Arkham series.. you can go about being out in the open and taking enemies down.. or you can go completely stealth without ever being noticed by them. Those cut scenes are mostly intended for storyline plots or for boss fights, which makes sense for the game. But when it comes to 7DtD, that doesnt apply - unless auto aggro rooms were designed to be the "boss fight" of the POI (and it doesnt seem like it was). @Roland you asked "People really want only that over and over again in every POI for 100’s and 1000’s of hours of gameplay?!" and the thing is: yes, some people do. The 1 shot kill is a reward for the perk in itself. But being able to clear an entire POI without once breaking stealth is a psychological reward for stealth players. And I understand that the game is not supposed to be a stealthy one - the stealth is just one option. But going back to that statement, isnt every other build just like that as well? "People going over and over again" walking into rooms and beating zombies to a second death with a club, sledgehammer, etc? Going over again and again into rooms killing zombies by shooting them with their weapons? The only difference is: stealth thrives on avoiding direct confrontations and what consequences it may bring. I understand both sides: @hiemfire's and TFP's desire for forcing confrontation. But unlike those situations that I stated from the games above, in 7DtDT these confrontations feel very counter-intuitive. Having an event force confrontations because the Devs want it to happen, is ok.. but they seem kinda unearned as they stand.
  4. I think a movie could work if not story-centered. Of course, you can explain how the whole apocalypse happened and all, but it should be foccused on following a survivor with no actual goals but surviving (and no family drama plz). You can make jump scare moments easily and fill in action packed moments for the horde nights. Although, getting caught up in the middle of a Duke (Negan style) vs White River war could be interesting. Damn, now my mind is boiling with possibilities of how this could be done. Oh god.. the cringe im getting from imagining that...
  5. I think what mostly people are complaining about is the fact that it felt like we used to have a lot of painting options in color schemes, different shades of a variety of color palettes. Most of the textures in the game are either a furniture (ovens, cabinets, boxes) look-a-like or an already existing block look (cobble/flagstone, concrete, metal and wooden blocks). From all the 177 textures, about only 20 options are valid for painting inside walls so they would have a "real house" feel. These are the options I've gathered.. and 4 of them are situational. 3 are wall papers and the 3 wooden options kinda feel like they would be better as floors than walls. I guess the main problem is that the concrete options kinda feel like an outside option because of the decay to them.
  6. Precisely. The "problem" is not really that the numbers vary... it's that the GUI will display that using a Q6 over a Q5 will increase the AR, but when I do swap them, the number doesnt change. In that sense, if the fractional numbers arent shown and it doesnt round up as stated in the item comparison, the GUI is lying.
  7. I've hearing about this for a few years now (since A18).. I believe madmole even mentioned those plans prior to A19 release, on those preview streams/videos.
  8. I'm guessing we're going back to some sort of "vehicles dont work on water" kinda thing? Since TFP have been very openly talking about how they DO NOT want people using vehicles off roads... ?
  9. About the firefighter helmet being a heavy armor equipment... I'm just here pondering... it might be worth using one under an agility tree build, right? I mean, sure you're not getting the benefits from the light armor perk, but it will give you more AR than a military helmet would, right? Plus the damage reduction. I understand mixing up heavy and light armor is suboptimal, but it might be worth, right? People are always talking about how light armor is too weak and the stamina/noise/weight doesnt make up for the low AR it gives.. So maybe running a light armor build (perk included) with the firefighter helmet + jacket & pants suit (book) and a bit of Pain Tolerance might make up for it and improving the survivability by a fair amount? Post edit: I dont know if this was ever brought up or not... but... I've been running some tests and noticed something.. It seems the values for the military armor pieces are the same as the scrap armor (10 AR on all pieces - which is bull@%$#, if you ask me.. but thats another conversation) which would amount for a 50AR in total for both. But the military set is not really 10 per piece on the dot.. its more like 10.6 AR. So while a full scrap armor set will give you 50AR, the military set actually gets to 53AR. (These were calculated with standard average Q5 equipment. Then I tried checking a (Standard) Q6 military set. They all have 11 AR a piece seemingly... (MAP = Military Armor Piece) What I actually found was: 1 Q6 MAP = 11 armor 2 Q6 MAP = 22 armor 3 Q6 MAP = 34 armor 4 Q6 MAP = 45 armor 5 Q6 MAP = 57 armor This makes the actual stats on the Q6 Military armor set = 11.4 AR per piece. Now the really weird thing happens next: So I've tried the build I had mentioned above, right? Firefighter helmet, and the rest as light armor set. Picture: With this set, I have 54 AR (all Q5 equipment). Picture: Then I decided to check my AR after switching some equipment for Q6 ones (because you know.. progression) I only kept the Firefighter Helmet as Q5 because you cant get/craft a Q6 one and decided to keep the military stealth boots over normal military boots. But here's what I've found after swaping them: For some reason, after swaping 3 of my Q5 for Q6, instead of adding 3 points to my AR, it only added 2 AR points. So I thought to myself: that cant be right... at first I thought it was a bug. But then I did some math and the thing is: the difference in AR from Q5 to Q6 is of 0.8 AR points per piece. 0.8 x 3 = 2.4. So it makes sense, MATHEMATICALLY, that I'd only get 2 extra AR points (2.4, to be more accurate) when swaping only 3 equipments from Q5 to Q6. Now here's the problem: The game fully states that I should be getting a full 1 AR point if I wear those gloves - but that's not what happens. So I dont know what to think of that.. Is it wrong on game design to not mention that the AR points are not flat numbers while they totally make it seem like it is? All I know is that this is bugging me. Please, halp.
  10. I thought the Q6 items were supposed to be the legendary items?
  11. I dont think we had problems with the zombie pathfinding... but one of my SMGs is doing the exactly same noise (even tho I didnt try to remove it to see if it would fix it or not)
  12. Got it.. apparently we got GS 153 ON DOT. Still find it stupidly bad balanced lol
  13. If the zombie is facing West and you come from the south side, it works for both those entering the room (run and gunners), as for those looking from afar in a specific angle (stealthers assessing the area).. from like a crack in a wall. FTS doesnt come into the equation, as the zombie wouldnt trigger-scream unless 1- she sees you, 2 - you're right on top of her (short sleeper volume) or 3- if you miss the shot and hit a block next to her. You're right, I forgot the steel arrows are tied to books, which might take a while to happen (I tried toning it down from compound bows and xbows to make it more accessible). Could probably use some change then (maybe iron ones instead, idk). But do keep in mind that steel arrows are found in traders, so buying/keeping them (and not wasting them) early game would be of utter importance. Other than that.. the game is supposed to be hard early on and get easier as you have perks and better equipment (then it scales back up, but thats another conversation). So I think its perfectly valid that you will fail at these on low levels (even to learn about it) but get a way to counter it later on - even if a extremely hard one.. but it's more than we're getting as it stands right now (like you've stated: aggro rooms that happen regardless of your stealth).
  14. Yeah, we were discussing on the basis that things were mostly unavoidable, but at least would have a sort of visual clue (for preparation) or at least a "justification" for "I just entered a room, whoops, everyone's aware of me for no reason". Warning sign was nothing but a visual clue. Barricade breaking would be a justification for trigger, but not avoidable (lets say just before final loot room or only path to progress through the POI without cheesing with nerdpole or detours, etc, but would probably work best for underground basements, etc) Pressure plates would be a justification for trigger, but would be avoidable, yes. The idea was more of trying to hide it comparatively to "a trash pile in your face" that caused the trigger - or no reason at all. Defect blocks: justification but hard to spot (do people really go hitting every single block in the ground to check if its a fake one?). Would probably work best if the game allowed for a RNG when it comes to the where this block would be, but I guess that would be too much to ask for) Falling block: more like an event for the justification. Not supposed to be trap or a trigger. Just a visual and sound clue of entering an aggro room. Hubcaps: yeah, avoidable, didnt put much thought in this one. Would work best in ground areas as it could blend in with the ground as its covered in dust.
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