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  1. Seemed more like a smugface to imply what I was saying was stupid. And you literally said what I was stating initially.. you can spend points on them to make your early game easier, but they do become irrelevant later on. Thats probably why we also have forgit it elixirs now. Still, with legendary equipments you can use all the mods you might need. My lategame gear mods covers everything: defense, weather conditions, mobility and utility. And thats without ever spending a point in pack mule or well insulated. (Yes, that was a choice of mine, I'm just pointing out why my argument of "they become irrelevant later on" applies) Head gear: flashlight, armor plating, customized fittings, cowboy hat mod. chest: bandolier, armor plating, customized fittings, triple storage. gloves: armor plating, customized fittings, triple storage, insulated line mod. leg: armor plating, customized fittings, triple storage, insulated line mod. shoes: armor plating, customized fittings, triple storage, insulated line mod. Clothing: BDUs+leather duster all with cargo storage pockets The only mods left out are muffled connectors, water purifier, cooling mesh and impact bracer. You dont drink water at late game - you either go mineral water or tea/stronger drinks, you dont use water purifiers. Cooling mesh becomes irrelevant with the gear I run. But you can swap them for insulated if needed. Although I never get cold or hot with this setting. Impact bracer doesnt make much of a difference and it also becomes irrelevant if you run parkour. Muffled connectors can be useful. And they could be taking the spot used for the triple storage mods, but that depends on your playstyle. I run a stealth build, so they are pointless to me, I dont make noise because of my perk build. And I dont see heavy armor people worried about waking up zombies when they raid POIs.
  2. Really poor analogy. Just like it happens with pack mule once you get all the pocket storage mods, the same thing happens with well insulated: you can mitigate all weather problems with proper clothing and mods. Literally the same OG complaint I was replying to. As for grease monkey, like I said, unless you're in a MP server, once you get your vehicles, you dont need to craft new ones of the same unless you really fuck up. You cant sell them to the trader. Yet you can buy them from it. And if you get all the schematics the perk does become irrelevant.
  3. I think, at some level, it's the same with master chef, well insulated and grease monkey. Specially well insulated. Grease monkey becomes irrelevant late game unless you're in a MP server and selling vehicles to players. Still, they all eventually become pointless when you can achieve all their effects via equipment and recipes. But I guess the idea is that you'll get their benefits early to make it easier on the beginning.
  4. They absolutely do, actually. But this discussion has to be separated on two fronts: First front: your two-way recipes idea. Its brilliant. Honestly, I love it. I think it's a very good idea that should be implemented. This one actually doesnt change much, but it still does, since you'd have to apply that to many items (if you can do that to 1 item, why doesnt it apply to others?). Example: Office chairs. They are crafted with cotton, forged iron, mechanical parts and leather. When harvested: mechanical parts, scrap iron, leather. When scrapped: only leather. Your idea is basically like a disassemble action, which should give you all the items back, minus a % lost in the process. Ok, still cool. But it impacts on the gameplay because it impacts on the decision make-side of looting, handling items, carrying capacity, etc. When everything you can craft can also be uncrafted, the rarer items become less valuable (think beakers, engines, diamonds, etc). Which affects price, loot chance, scavenging, etc. So it's still impactful gameplay-wise. Once again: I'm all for this idea, but you have to consider such aspects that make it not so simple when it comes to balancing. Second front: and this is the one I was mostly arguing with you about. You also wanted recipes to fail, to cause random side effects that affect its quality, etc. Because that impacts gameplay A LOT. And I have already explained how. And the point you seem to be missing out on is: the "feedback" part on this thread is regards A18. This type of suggestion is a feedback on the game, not on the alpha, particularly. Hence why Laz Man already suggested that you should bring this idea to another thread more in line with it. I hope this clears things out and mend peace.
  5. Regards the ammo part: none. I barely understood what you meant about it. But alas, This isnt a competition, I was just pointing out how much your ideas would either unbalance the game even more or revert back to stuff that got taken out previously. And as for Ravenhearst, it is what it is: a mod. The moment you start incorporating mod ideas into the original game, the mod loses its purpose and you turn your game into a game led by community and fan entitlement making it impossible to balance. Remember this an A18 feedback and balancing thread. And I'm not imposing MY style, I'm sticking by the creator's original vision for the game. But if TFP want to take that route, they're totally free to do so, it's their game. Honestly, it changes nothing for me, I play the game the way the devs intend me to, otherwise, I'd be modding it - And they already allow for a shitton of customization. Besides, almost every single post I make in here is about balancing on A18. I'm not the one saying "oh, I dont like it being that way.. I wish you would do it like this..." so who is imposing what..?
  6. So you want even more RNG added into the game? I can see a lot of people raging about that, specially a negative one lol And that would also require rebalancing the recipes. As you're gonna be wasting even more resources when crafting. Consider food recipes as an example: Unless you spec into Living Off the Land, you dont get many ingredients at a time and no one makes gigantic farms. Meaning farming for complex recipes like meat/vegetable stew that needs a lot of items of different ingredients would become very frustrating as your cooking fails. So you have two outcomes: You either force people into living off the land/farming (and people are gonna rage about that, again) or you're gonna end up pushing people even farther away from doing farms and rely even more on canned food only. Not to mention that would also bring the "Spam crafting" back - but this time for a different reason - and no one wants that. In the vehicles' case it would be almost a revert back to A17, when they had quality levels which influenced their speed, health points, gasoline usage, etc.
  7. Nope, I commmented on his day length to point out that his horde nights end up earlier because he has more time to kill zombies than default settings. So if his horde night ended at 2 am, it would've ended by 4 am were him running default settings. And he amped up the number of zombies to 12, I believe, because he had previously lowered them to 6 or 8 and got disappointed (duh!) it was too easy. Kage is a drama queen, regardless. If you wanna give a proper example of youtuber playing 7DtD, go for Glock9
  8. Keep in mind the fact that Kage plays on 90/120 minutes days. (cant recall which one, but its not the default 60 minutes days)
  9. These people would've a stroke if they played the game in A17 and earlier. THAT was when you were really forced to get things. Your people just lack patience. If they choose to not perk up into upgrades on INT, then they have to make do with what they've got and get it in other ways. That was always the intent behind A18. And it was a huge step in the right direction. As it stands, Intellect tree is a must and everyone knows that. But playing without it is doable. (I know I have) The problem with the argument "if I use a shotgun, why cant I craft first aid kits?" is simple: A18 perk system wasnt designed to be full one-tree spec. It was always announced that you'd have one primary tree, a secondary and maybe spread into a third one (if you felt like doing so). It's just different areas of knowledge: one is guns, the other is medicine. And you can have both, just dedicate yourself to learning both. But they simply dont walk together unless you (the player) want them to.
  10. Progression is only too fast at early game. Leveling up past lvl 50 is a bitch. I dont think it's too fast, just fairly unbalanced. Should be a bit slower earlier and not too ridiculous hard latter on. But for the items, it's a choice to use them. You know using advanced tools in the early game will drain stamina like hell and they will be crappy and you're gonna spend tons of repair kits. Maybe they are too abundant, but they are still a choice of resources you're gonna have to pay for that. (if the problem is getting forged iron to make repair kits, there's plenty of ways to get them without a forge) About the forge, there's currently 5 ways to get them (the same applies to workbenches): -Perk -Finding working forges on POIs/traders -Finding schematics on broken forges -Finding schematics on trader -Finding the forge per se on traders. I think that's a fair amount of ways to obtaining them. Specially if you consider 4 of them dont involve spending SP. Unless the loot abundance in your server is below default, your people must be either not looking hard enough or just having a real case of bad luck on RNG. And remember you can even "trick the server" with POI's quests resets to get your way into finding those. It's only logical that there are more workbenches available than forges. You walk around your neighborhood and ask how many of your neighbors have a forge in their house. Possibly none. But it's very likely some of them will have some sort of workbench. Now, don't get me wrong. I agree with you that some of these stuff are unbalanced. I just dont agree with the arguments you're using to justify your point.
  11. The quality is attached to the knowledge you have over the item (perk). So it makes perfect sense that you might be able to learn how to craft something, but it wont be top quality since you're not a specialist in that item, therefore, not being aware of how to make it better by correcting flaws and improving its qualities. Think of it this way: you can look up online a manual or a video on how to forge a sword and, given the proper materials, be able to forge your own. But it will not be the same quality level a sword that was forged by a blacksmith specialized on forging swords. And if you want to make better swords, you're gonna have to study it. Or buy it. Or find a better one.
  12. My bad, I wasnt very specific. I meant to say that it is weird that armored targets basically take no damage from being shot in the face or uncovered parts of their bodies - as the person I was replying to had stated he spent SEVERAL magazines and wasnt able to kill them.
  13. I'm running a stealth bow build on my playthrough on warrior difficulty and I'm one-shotting every zombie. Except for some radiateds (but they die on the 2nd arrow). I think it's a viable build. I dont know how viable it is on pvp, but single player and pve it works just fine. It is a bit weird that HP bullets basically do no damage to soldiers (and demolishers)
  14. It's a playstyle decision. You can totally play without perking into it. Or using traders at all. The point we're making here is that, unlike any other perk, it allows for items that we cant obtain in any other way. You can ignore advanced engineering, in EG, and still get all the items available if you perked into it. The same applies for grease monkey, yeah science, miner 69er, etc. But Better Barter is an exception, since it's the only way to get power cells and solar banks. You cant get these in any other way. No schematics, no looting, no rewards. Which means, balancing-wise, that you are objectively locked out of one of the game's features. And you should either make choices matter by "this is the only way to get it" to all decisions or make no exceptions at all.
  15. Balancing-wise, I still stand by all of this.
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