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  1. I guess that has become a bigger problem with A19 progression system, yeah. Oddly enough, I've found that the best way to get damage early game on insane difficulty is by having a knife build with the burning shaft mod. Bleed+fire dps = much easier to kill zeds and keep yourself safe with stamina but the challenge comes from knowing the range+hitbox on your knife lol I've experienced jumping in a server on day 100+ and managed to make it ok. I mean, of course I couldnt catch up to the top players' levels, but still managed to "make a living". The secret is to jump on a server with a small (but not scarce) playerbase. Like, 20 players online at its peak, but usually only 8 on average. Go places people dont wanna live.. like the wasteland or snowbiome. And, from my experience, underground bases will work better and I'd advise NO landclaim block. The secret is to hide the entrance.. having it under water or prepare terrain blocks to fill the entrance hole. And a long corridor with traps in case someone finds your base lol When I used to play mostly online, there were several "wiped" servers. Problem is people will get frustrated if their progress is lost all the time, but I guess you'd have to find one when the wipes fit your liking. Having "reset zones" also help a lot in terms of not having everyone loot everything and you get nothing. But yes, playing with friends make it a lot easier not to get bored.
  2. 18.4 or 19.1? You got those mixed up lol Or maybe you're a time traveler?
  3. Welcome to A19 and the new progression loot system. Expect to find stone age tools/weapons in locked crates on shotgun messiahs and stuff like that. Basically, if you want better loot, you gonna have to perk into lucky looter and level up as fast as possible to get a higher gamestage to "unlock" the weapons' possibility in loot.
  4. IM NOT ALONE!!! My friends (that started playing on A18) crack up everytime I tell them my experiences with A16 about acting like a child covering itself under the blankets and hoping everything will be ok, despite all the destruction and howlings outside ROFL. And I think you were talking about A16 in the middle of your post and accidentally typed A19 twice when comparing them.
  5. I like the 1, 3, 5 idea, but with less % resources harvest. Maybe 10/20/30/40/50. You dont really need THAT much meat late in the game and the bigger animals already give you much more meat than the small ones. Another option would be Lvl 1- tracking small animals Lvl 2- 15% more resource harvesting Lvl 3- track mid sized animals Lvl 4- 30% more resource harvesting Lvl 5- track big animals + 50% more harvesting. (rank 5 is always supposed to pack a bigger boom) And since on A19 there's not need for a fixed 5 perk number.. it could also be tweaked to up to 4 ranks. Rank 1 - track small animals +10% harvest Rank 2 - + 25% harvest Rank 3 - track mid-sized animals + 35% harvest Rank 4 - track big animals + 50% more harvest.
  6. I think weather effects are fine the way they are.
  7. And that's why I've suggested incorporating a visual footprint system- or scaffolding - into the game (like many games already do.. usually with a green ghost image). And you can still do that with a whole wooden block. It's only a few wood cost - like you stated yourself. So do I. If I were one of the cheesers that do that, I wouldnt be advocating against nerdpoling wtf lol With my suggestion, you would still be able to use nerdpoling for those tasks.. it would just cost you a little more. Didnt you state wood is easy to get? Well, there you go. That's how they rush to the loot room, tho. Because nerd poling is so easy to do with a very low cost and no resource loss. And then again.. its just one suggestion on how to handle the situation. The key idea is another. Not allowing for block placement when you jump is yet another option.
  8. Yes. You can still keep rebar frames, but make them not removable. Same for hay bales. Up the cost, no refund on destroy. At least people would be having to put more effort into it. In my scenario you would need 100wood to even make a 10blocks high nerdpole. 100wood is 1 whole tree you have to cut down and is not that fast to get when you only have a stone axe and no points on miner 69er/motherlode. And its a fair amount of resources you're not getting back. Like I've already stated: it wont stop, but it will balance it out. Much more than how it is right now. It really isnt that much different from balancing out things from late in the game by level/perk gate. Yes, I've seen you arguing about why you dont think it's a problem. On how, in fact, you support this mechanic to keep on existing. But I believe the game would be better if you couldnt pick up blocks. Other players believe as well. And other players are on your side. But the point is that even the Devs seem to believe that it's a problematic mechanic. I'm only giving out suggestions on how I think it could be worked on. And as for how it would be even more of a pain in the butt for building.. that's how it already is when you're using flagstone, glass or wet concrete blocks. Even crafted terrain.
  9. you're only accounting for the cost of what it takes to craft a wood frame, I'm talking about having to use wooden blocks instead. That would make the resources (and time) spent go up by a bit (frame = 2 wood -> upgrade with 4 wood. TOtal of 6 wood spent per block and it can even be balanced out to cost like 10 wood per wooden block). 10 wood may not be much, late in the game, but its a fair amount of resources early (if you consider how much time it takes to cut a tree with a stone or iron axe and the repair involved). So if people are still doing nerdpoling with wooden blocks, at least now they are using much more resources and time to do so. Yes, you could recoup some resources by breaking them (as of now, I believe you get 2 wood back per upgraded block), but getting down from a wooden pole you made by breaking the blocks on the way down doesnt give you back all the resources used and also consumes a lot more time than just picking them back up - as it is now. (and thats not accounting for the repairs on the tool used to break them) So while it may not entirely fix the problem, it will balance it out a lot and postpone abuse. The other option would be to only allow construction blocks to be placed in LCB'ed areas. Which would require the LCB cost to be changed.. 5 stones for crafting one and become able to nerd pole to the shotgun messiah rooftop is still a piece of cake)
  10. I believe the biggest problem with nerdpoling is that you can pick up the blocks after.. it works both going up and going down. If you were to do that with other blocks, at least you would be accepting that you're losing the materials you spent to craft it. And would have to find another way to get down. I believe they should remove placeable/removeable frames altogether (wooden, iron and rebar). And if the problem is regards mapping out buildings.. introduce a visual footprint system like many games do. Or have all POI's act like a LCB'ed building (but still breakable). And for you to be able to build in there, you'd have to find the lcb and break it/turn it off (possibly on the final loot room).
  11. The only thing that got patched that still upsets me to this day is the hatch elevator. (I liked the mechanics, not the exploit per se)
  12. This reminded me of a tweet I've seen a couple of days ago.. a guy (I think he's a comedian?) asked followers to "Name someone who is universally agreed to be evil (genocidal dictator, serial killer etc) and I'll defend them and their actions using conservative logic.". It was hilarious.
  13. And I do it too because its easier. But I do hope they remove this mechanic from the game, at some point. They even said they intend to. Maybe using a footprint system, instead. I've got the reference.
  14. Are you familiar with those pyramid (high steep blocks) people were using a little while ago? That would be cheese.. the fact that you have some kind of block in the game that allows you to exploit their interaction with zombies differently from how it works for you. In this example, you could run up the aforementioned blocks and get up just fine, while zombies would be forever sliding back down as they tried to climb. Or whatever design keeps the zombies at bay in a loop. But when you stop to think about it, everything about wooden frames is basically cheese.. like nerdpoling or using them to make steps on the side of walls, to fill voids in POI designs to avoid falling/making a wrong jump. Even the 'wooden frame trick' on doors, that people like Glock9 used to do. Even the iron bars, at some point, were cheesy.. since you could always shoot through them, but cops's puke wouldnt go through.
  15. I mean.. not exactly eye candy... but the nurse and the cheerleader are fairly sexualized. But yeah, other than those, all the others females arent.
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