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  1. I know i've spoiled it, but I also dont want to do this trick in pvp, its a boring way of finding enemies or other bases. I like to play it all straight, without any kind of cheats, tricks og informations 😊
  2. So me and a couple of friends is doing a pvp game, deathmatch. With horde nights and all. We have been pvp alot early game, and I noticed that you can track stone spears, that you have been throwing. It helps alot finding it again, but if you throw it at other players, you can follow the spear around the whole map. For me, it seems like a bug. Cause you can sit in your base, and track other players, and at some point, they will give up their base/hidden base/underground base locations. The question is: Is it a bug, or is it that overpowered in PVP? Btw, first topic ever, sorry for the kindergarden stage of spelling lol ^^
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