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  1. Self imposed permadeath, zombie speed increased, loot respawn OFF, loot abundance turned down, but xp gain turned UP. These settings create an imbalance between game stage and loot allowing higher tier zombies to show up sooner without as much loot to deal with them. Add in one of the other (non strength) perk builds and you're in for some interesting game play! Hmm maybe an intelligence build? 🤔😀
  2. So before the guy was killed by zombies he stopped and took the time to write a note? Nice guy..
  3. @ TFP's Concerning waterfront poi's in RWG, have you discussed a lake district? Wouldn't a simple tile with a lake or pond in the center allow placement of those great waterfront poi's currently exclusive to Navezgane? If so could a lake district be expanded using different water tiles possibly connected by rivers in the way roads connect normal tiles now? Did I hear someone say raft?
  4. 15 answers would say It's done when it's done. 4 answers would say Soontm 1 answer would just oddly call you a "milk drinker" whatever that means.
  5. Yep also Space Engineers: "released" in name only while they sell the remaining early access updates as paid dlc. TFP's are at least honest enough to continue early access development under the original terms.
  6. From what I saw it looked like the sewers and spillways were part of the tile itself independent of pois. In this case they could span most of the city. Maybe @Roland or one of tfps could clarify?
  7. Confirmed: The Ambiguously @%$# Duo as npcs in A20.
  8. I think you're underestimating the usefulness of duct tape. 😀
  9. Exactly, although helicopter's can preform a similar maneuver in the event of engine failure.
  10. While similar in appearance, a gyrocopter and helicopter are very different aircraft. Unlike a helicopter a gyro's rotor is not powered. It requires constant forward velocity to provide the relative wind necessary to create lift, much like a fixed wing airplane. You can think of a gyrocopter's top rotor as a spinning wing.
  11. This. I miss cabins, survivor camps, and military bases spawning in the wild away from even dirt roads.
  12. I agree with you but the person who made the original comment is literally named "FranticDan". You expect a guy called @FranticDan to be calm? 🤔🙂
  13. So first I have to cook the raw food or food crop into food and then on top of that you still expect me to eat the food!? Too much clicking.
  14. No need to give up playing 7dtd once gold is released no matter how you feel about it. With the addition of steam workshop, mods will bring infinite diversity in infinite combinations.
  15. You heard it here first! The real reason a20 hasn't dropped yet! 😀 @MechanicalLens has been right about that 2025 release date all along. 😉
  16. Greenland has a population of about 10 people in it's largest city. 😉 Not sure it's the best example of how to run an energy infrastructure for a large country.
  17. @Ti2xGr I can only see one major flaw with your survival plan... We have very different ideas about what constitutes a "hot female scientist." 😉
  18. Well I'd probably have an advantage if we're starting the apocalypse in our real world locations. Almost any house you raid is bound to have at least one shotgun messiah crate. I'm thinking I'd get at least a level 3 tactical assault rifle by day 1. And since bandits aren't in yet I don't have anything to worry about! 🙂
  19. Safe to assume the apocalypse occurred around labor day due to all the sales.
  20. Be careful not to over exert yourself until you have better stats. As in a real survival situation choose carefully the daily activities you pursue. Example: Don't mine like a crazy person without points in related skills. Eat every snowberry you come across. They add up. Use vending machines. Sell loot to traders for coin. Don't commit suicide by jumping off a tall ladder. (You're welcome)
  21. I like this idea because it used to be fun wandering the rwg wilderness hoping to find a poi or town before nightfall. However you'd have to also drop the starting "locate the trader" quest or a wilderness spawn option wouldn't change much. There would still be an arrow pointing to your first town.
  22. That can still be considered piddling.
  23. This seems correct. At least in my case the perk works while wearing lucky goggles.
  24. Trains!? I think this fine post by @Morloc answers your question nicely. 😉
  25. Yeah you're right, I assumed it was a game ready model as well. I just used the wrong terminology. Honestly I think the new model is good and will probably look better once we see it in game. I thought some of the previous hd zombie models looked shiny when they first showed them off but I don't see that anymore. It's definitely scarier and captures that charming, murderously undead look everyone loves.
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