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  1. Are you trying to say our aggressive sarcasm is too passive?? 🤔
  2. You weren't already drunk when you wrote this!? 🤔
  3. To be fair @Kuosimodo is not strictly a hater as many of his reactions are positive. It's possible some people just don't appreciate your posts although with such copious and sprawling walls of text I can't imagine why? 😃
  4. New Prime face emotes!? 🤔 @Roland ..And to think I didn't get you anything 😕 😀
  5. Technically not classified as a galaxy. It's a gassy nebula.
  6. Self imposed permadeath, zombie speed increased, loot respawn OFF, loot abundance turned down, but xp gain turned UP. These settings create an imbalance between game stage and loot allowing higher tier zombies to show up sooner without as much loot to deal with them. Add in one of the other (non strength) perk builds and you're in for some interesting game play! Hmm maybe an intelligence build? 🤔😀
  7. So before the guy was killed by zombies he stopped and took the time to write a note? Nice guy..
  8. @ TFP's Concerning waterfront poi's in RWG, have you discussed a lake district? Wouldn't a simple tile with a lake or pond in the center allow placement of those great waterfront poi's currently exclusive to Navezgane? If so could a lake district be expanded using different water tiles possibly connected by rivers in the way roads connect normal tiles now? Did I hear someone say raft?
  9. 15 answers would say It's done when it's done. 4 answers would say Soontm 1 answer would just oddly call you a "milk drinker" whatever that means.
  10. Yep also Space Engineers: "released" in name only while they sell the remaining early access updates as paid dlc. TFP's are at least honest enough to continue early access development under the original terms.
  11. From what I saw it looked like the sewers and spillways were part of the tile itself independent of pois. In this case they could span most of the city. Maybe @Roland or one of tfps could clarify?
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