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  1. This seems correct. At least in my case the perk works while wearing lucky goggles.
  2. Trains!? I think this fine post by @Morloc answers your question nicely. 😉
  3. Yeah you're right, I assumed it was a game ready model as well. I just used the wrong terminology. Honestly I think the new model is good and will probably look better once we see it in game. I thought some of the previous hd zombie models looked shiny when they first showed them off but I don't see that anymore. It's definitely scarier and captures that charming, murderously undead look everyone loves.
  4. Second post in the pinned Alpha 19 Seed Thread at the top of this sub forum. That guy has all the good maps.
  5. On their twitter it says this is just the new hd concept dog model. Pretty cool stuff.
  6. Nice suggestions for the primitive machine gun. I like the side loader. Secretly though I was hoping for something more like this.. 😀
  7. Future crucible mode dlc maybe? I mean.. everybody else is doing it.
  8. The new primitive rifle model looks awesome! Glad they finally went with something lever action. That being said, kinda sad to waste a sweet lever action model on a single shot primitive rifle. It's more common that this type of rifle would have an internal magazine. Personally I think it would be cooler to see the current hunting rifle end up as the primitive weapon and this new model tier 1.
  9. Unfortunately for this very comprehensive list of ideas TFP have a clear and set goal toward the gold release of this game, as they should at this point. They have stated that they will not waver from this so any feature suggestions not already planned are sadly that much hot air. Steam workshop is supposed to happen with or after the gold release. Sounds like a fun mod though. 🙂
  10. Why would you want your trader to be friendly? Some of the most fun people are unfriendly! Rekt is hilarious AND he has the best music. Besides, in a zombie apocalypses I sure wouldn't trust anyone that's too cheery. 😀
  11. They're not essentially the same item though. They're bonus resource items. I like when I get a radiator from a car or ac unit. I can decide to bring it back to base for a brass bonus in the forge, sell it at the trader for more coin than a comparable amount of brass would yield, or just scrap or throw it away for something better. Early game I gladly sell sink faucets to the trader for a decent profit whenever I see them. Leaving a few things like this in the game just adds a bit of flavor. Especially for a resource like brass that you can not mine. If you don't like j
  12. I don't know.. with that deep voice she used to have? Does pre op and post apoc cancel each other out? 🤔🙂
  13. I see where you went wrong. You forgot to bring a friend that's slower than you. 😉
  14. This^ I also find it's easier for me to walk down the length of the crop row instead of walking along side of it like in the OPs video. Like this: ---> PPPPPPPPPPPPP
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