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  1. I may or may not be wrong, but he is not really concerned about hunger and thirst balancing, he is implying that the game is "too easy" and he tries to find subtle methods to say it just to convince Madmole to make the game harder, in which case play with the HARDEST DIFFICULTIES possible and problem done. After you did that for a while and it's still easy (which I doubt it's going to happen since selecting all the hard difficulties at the same time it's really a nightmare and pain in the neck) then come and suggest new things to make the game harder and then wait. I mean, come on guys, bandits are not even out and you still argue about difficulty again. Just because a few players don't like the current hunger and thirst system...they can't talk for everyone and that doesn't mean there is something wrong with the system, it's a preference.
  2. Modify the xml files, increase spawn rate, lower the exp rate, put the zombie speed on nightmare all the time, have horde night everyday, play on the hardest difficulty, there you go, now you can survive rather than thrive. You're welcome.
  3. Thank you for not bashing me because of some preferences! I totally enjoyed your reply, you had every right to just ignore me or be toxic towards me since I know that the AI topic was brought up many times. Can't wait to see what you guys will add to the game!
  4. Yes Joel, we did upgrade and played for more than 1 week on the last version (at least in my case) before commenting here..however he is right. Not saying the AI or the game is bad or anything, not saying that you don't make progress with the game or that we don't appreciate it...it's just that...the AI doesn't feel zombie like, WAY TOO SMART and some of us still feel that way. If I were to log the hours played on 7 days to die...I'd say that 85% of the time is spent playing older versions. You just can't change this Joel no matter how shocked you may be to hear it, some of us prefer the old AI because it was stupid and you can't change that. We love the game but everyone has it's preferences. There are many A18 features that I don't like but this is not the point of my comment. I will tell you honestly my opinion about a thing, feel free to disagree with me or hate me, since it's your game. For example, when you want to implement such a feature as "rage", you should make a poll to see how many players actually want it, not just implement it right away like you did with the "no loot zombies" and get all the hate for it. This was just an example Joel, I couldn't care less that I can't loot zombies, but you always seem so "shocked" to hear people that say they prefer older versions or features of older versions, maybe you should stop being so shocked and listen to the players, give them a chance to vote to see if the majority would want such a feature. This is just a suggestion, not bashing anyone here. Still enjoying the game.
  5. Perfectly explained. By using NitroGen map generator I managed to get the dream maps...way better than anything vanilla has offered (not to say vanilla RWG is bad, but it can be improved a lot). I just hope Madmole won't just be like "Well, then continue to use the NitroGen map generator, no need for us to add so many map gen options if modders can do it already".
  6. Thank you...oh boy, sorry to hear that. This is the one feature I really wanted since starting playing 7 days to die...so yeah, I get a bit impatient about npcs and bandits. Well, I guess I'll wait...
  7. Npcs and bandits...I really don't want to hear another excuse like "We will delay npcs and bandits for the next Alpha because we don't have animations or this or that or blah blah blah, etc etc etc...". You were doing this for quite a few years. Now you don't really have any reasons to make an excuse. Sorry if this sounded harsh, not my intent, I'm not bashing at you but it's been way too long... Also a way to get more zombies on screen, I want the cities to feel more populated, not to go inside Diersvile with my rocket launcher or ak47 and shoot in the air or in the ground and not attract anyone. I miss the old days when we had cities with streets full of zombies.
  8. Definitely gotta change the sledgehammer animation which is so bad and it would be a real miracle if you could actually hit the zombie in the head with it...and also performance improvements since a number of players including myself have performance issues, and yes, A17.4 ran very smooth.
  9. Can you give us an insight about this? I saw lots of people mentioning it and it sounds interesting but I don't know what it is. Or you don't wanna spoil any surprise?
  10. Fair enough, I think I called them liars because I was a bit too enraged about performance since I remembered that one guy attacked TFP for using high performance PC to test the game instead of using low performance and I used the same argument since I believe it's true. My mistake here on my part by getting angry, I'm not afraid to admit it (even tho my argument about them using high-end PC to test the game remains the same). I usually don't get angry fast but oh well, guess it happens sometimes.
  11. It's illogical that you as a developer say "Oh hey, this newer alpha is running better than all previous alphas" and as a player you expect to run better, but in fact it runs worse than all the other alphas. Hell man, I can run Alpha 1 with no problems, and Alpha 1 was so poorly optimized. Never mind, you keep your opinion, I'll keep mine...and that is that A18 performance sucks and I'll wait for a fix. I'm glad I'm not the only one with performance problems, so you guys can't tell me "Oh, for everyone else it runs better, you are the first person that complains about this, so your pc must suck". - - - Updated - - - So that's how long it's going to take them to fix performance issue? Haha, nice sarcasm there.
  12. Fair enough, I got nothing to say, except this : When a better Alpha comes out, it should definitely not run worse. It's better optimized but runs worse? It's a bit illogical if you ask me...but I'm glad that you see there are some issues with Alpha 18. Not like some people that keep saying "Oh, A18 is perfect, runs better than A17.4", yeah yeah yeah.... I tried those things and I kinda don't want to play with quarter version texture. From full texture in A17.4 to quarter texture A18? No thanks, better to wait. Idk man, this performance thing sucks, hope they fix it soon.
  13. Just because some people can run it well, don't assume it's for everyone. It should run better for all of us and it doesn't. Until TFP fix this performance issue, A17.4 is the way to go.
  14. No, the issue is that performance sucks in A18, it has nothing to do with his PC or his rams or anything. If he has the same PC that allowed him to run A17.4 smoothly and now he has problems in A18 (which TFP praise that is BETTER optimized) then TFP lied, the game is even more poorly optimized. STOP DEFENDING TFP (which a lot of people do),really, the game runs much worse, saw it myself. I could run A17.4 smoothly (40-50 FPS), and now comes A18 that is "better" optimized...and instead of getting even more FPS with the SAME SETTINGS that I had in A17.4, I get around 20-30 FPS with the same settings. Please, don't try to find some "logical" explanation about his PC, it's not his fault. So this is the end of story. This enrages me a lot. I see nothing wrong with A18 other than this performance issue. The only thing to do is hope that TFP will wake up and try to test the next alpha versions on lower PC, not on a good one. "Oh hey, we got a 2000$ PC and we get 60 FPS and now we get 62 FPS with the new optimization setting". That's not optimization, that's total BS.
  15. Well, didn't know people like Serious Sam so much. The idea of demolisher is a bit weird for me, but hey, it's their game. If I don't want it then I can mod it out through xml.
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