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  1. I may or may not be wrong, but he is not really concerned about hunger and thirst balancing, he is implying that the game is "too easy" and he tries to find subtle methods to say it just to convince Madmole to make the game harder, in which case play with the HARDEST DIFFICULTIES possible and problem done. After you did that for a while and it's still easy (which I doubt it's going to happen since selecting all the hard difficulties at the same time it's really a nightmare and pain in the neck) then come and suggest new things to make the game harder and then wait. I mean, come on
  2. Modify the xml files, increase spawn rate, lower the exp rate, put the zombie speed on nightmare all the time, have horde night everyday, play on the hardest difficulty, there you go, now you can survive rather than thrive. You're welcome.
  3. Thank you for not bashing me because of some preferences! I totally enjoyed your reply, you had every right to just ignore me or be toxic towards me since I know that the AI topic was brought up many times. Can't wait to see what you guys will add to the game!
  4. Yes Joel, we did upgrade and played for more than 1 week on the last version (at least in my case) before commenting here..however he is right. Not saying the AI or the game is bad or anything, not saying that you don't make progress with the game or that we don't appreciate it...it's just that...the AI doesn't feel zombie like, WAY TOO SMART and some of us still feel that way. If I were to log the hours played on 7 days to die...I'd say that 85% of the time is spent playing older versions. You just can't change this Joel no matter how shocked you may be to hear it, some of us prefer the ol
  5. Perfectly explained. By using NitroGen map generator I managed to get the dream maps...way better than anything vanilla has offered (not to say vanilla RWG is bad, but it can be improved a lot). I just hope Madmole won't just be like "Well, then continue to use the NitroGen map generator, no need for us to add so many map gen options if modders can do it already".
  6. Definitely gotta change the sledgehammer animation which is so bad and it would be a real miracle if you could actually hit the zombie in the head with it...and also performance improvements since a number of players including myself have performance issues, and yes, A17.4 ran very smooth.
  7. Try to change the zombie hand range in items.xml.
  8. True, but still, you can't argue that there are less zombies in the world compared to older alphas (A9-A15). I remember playing CHS mode by Valmar, it was glorious, now that's A LOT of zombies, and it didn't have performance issues to be honest. I also remember when we had zombies spawn slider and when setting it to very high you had a huge amount of zombies. Can someone explain to me what is this "new encounter system" that keeps getting mentioned by some fellas on the forum? I know nothing about it.
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