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    I'm a Marine that loves a challenging game from a creative team that can listen as well as they design. TFP has risen up to that level and I'm here to stay for as long as they keep making this game the most amazing game I've played to date! I'm straight up and tell it how it is so get put your boo-boo feelings away if honesty hurts because it's the only way I communicate. And that's why I'm RawGage... always committed to be open and honest. Time to engage with RawGage, Ooh-Rah!
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    New England area in America
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    Drawing, Writing, Designing, Hunting, Gaming, and Crafting cool stuff.

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  1. Idea for Alpha 19: 1.) Spring loaded trap doors that throw zombies just a few blocks, that have to be reset before activating again. Damage should be minor but knocks them down and maybe they could be used on ceilings and walls for funny rag-dolling! 2.) Horn mods for vehicles as a cosmetic (like dyes) for vehicles. Horns should agro zombies in the same block area as the land claim block area setting. 3.) For PvP mostly, being able to booby-trap safes with electricity, fire or explosives would make B&E rewarding for the home owner instead when they fail to pick the lock! 4.) R
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