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    True Survival

    So I tried to place a crafted torch, it disappears and "something" appears where its supposed to be but its invisible and cannot be picked up or interacted with. I'm assuming this is not intended behavior? bug?
  2. muaddib912

    True Survival

    I have download the mod through the 7DTD Mod Launcher. However when I launch it appears to not contain any mod features. On starting a new game I do not start with the starting item and looking through the recipes and skills appear to all be vanilla items. Any ideas? The strange thing is while loading, the tips do appear to be true survival tips.
  3. So I am running the latest version (I think) off of the mod launcher. Does anyone else have the issue where perks to unlock recipe's don't work? The perk says its unlocked and purchased but when I try to make the item its like its not unlocked. Any ideas? *EDIT* So I noticed the modlauncher was for some reason downloading and copying 7DTD 18.1 instead of 18.2. Will see if I can force it to 18.2 somehow.
  4. So I just downloaded the mod through the mod launcher, created a new game with the DF medium map. When I load in all I can see is a grey fog and a blue skybox. The map says Im somewhere but all I see is grey. Any ideas?
  5. So anyone else notice that zombies spawn a lot in this pack? I'm in the wilderness surrounded by birds and trees yet I have probably 20 zombies shuffling around. All I'm doing at the moment is crafting stone arrows to try and kill them and then more spawn anyway.... is this intended functionality? Its getting to the point where I am considering cheating in a blunderbuss or two Actually, once I killed about 40 zombies they stopped spawning, so far so good.
  6. Just curious but are torches not supposed to light up an area? if so whats the replacement?
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