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  1. when i said nodes i ment if i can mine them ( auger and axe )
  2. guys i dont remember very well and it's hard to find it myself i know there are lead, coal,iron nodes i dont remember if there are brass and titanium nodes in the world?
  3. veveratm

    Adreden's Modlets

    i will play today alot and do some research, if i remember well i might get upon some brass but i'm not sure i haven't tested yet with oil shale. ( in Darkness Falls for sure there are oil shale nodes )
  4. veveratm

    Adreden's Modlets

    can you update it for more? like brass and rest of them? ( i play currently DF - darkness falls )
  5. i ment i saw the bandits, but i didn't knew you can hire them
  6. really? wheere? omg i play DF like forever and i didn't know that
  7. veveratm


    i downloaded your mod ( i just readed your reply at my first post about adding another one, BUT I DIDN'T ADD ANOTHER ONE ) , i set the current version 18.3 and i get this : 1st image : all the UI it's haotic https://imgur.com/Vez2PJZ 2nd image : when i press tab or anything to loot, or to open inventory i get this error msg .. why? https://imgur.com/4b7nM3p and i have this in my launcher : https://imgur.com/tvWcfdD
  8. veveratm


    @haidrgna i'm still new with mods and most of this, can i ask you if i can combine your mod with another one? i found a very big backpack, is it possible or i will get some errors if i try to combine them together?
  9. veveratm

    Mod List

    i'm looking for a mod that i used to like alot in a17 ( generic ammo boxes ) i could not find it anymore, any news about it?
  10. is it me or if i craft more than 1 box, 2-3-5-10boxes and i have them in my inventory and press "read them" i get the ammo only from 1 box? not from all 5 or 10?
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