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  1. Mine is dark - but I can't find the switch for light theme Edit: some minutes later... and now it's there
  2. hmm, thinking... yes that's ok. Really. As long as you'll give us at last 30 of them. Of course they need to be shot in a second or so. My daughter could make a flipbook of it and I'll be happy
  3. uuh, I'm not posting much in the forums - but if you need some feedback... keep up the excellent work - I like it!
  4. there was this update on the testing branch some hours ago which is normally used when an exp update is coming soon... so can we expect another a18 exp update before a19?
  5. scary and btw., you forgot to hide the new food and water bars
  6. that guy is coughing... he belongs in quarantine! ...runs far far away
  7. css.php has some broken color-styles: "color:ffefbb;" is missing a "#" body { width:1050px; min-width:650px; max-width:auto; margin: 0px auto 0px auto; font-size:13px; color:[b][u][color="#FF0000"]#[/color][/u][/b]ffefbb; line-height:1.230; }
  8. Nice update! I did a quick performance test only. But it looks like there where done some really good optimisations under the hood. I was able to smoothly move around in snow biome with medium terrain quality For me it looks like the performance impact between AF-Setting Medium and High is lower now than before. In this build I notice a bigger performance impact on SS-Reflections between Low and Medium. Thats ok for me cause low is still good looking. Thanks for the update. Frohe Weihnachten
  9. maybe it felt through the world? Look for it in debug-mode (<F1> + dm + <enter> + <q>), fly up and down on the position where it was last, listen, when its sound is getting louder, you'll getting closer to its postion. Happened for me last week, I found it stuck inside basements floor...
  10. tested. That shader is veeeery simple - all terrain is simply white now but amazing fast Waiting for Unity 2019.3
  11. Same here with 6gb vram (GTX 1060 @1680x1050). AF settings making the big difference, the new terrain settings only when set to low (but I want at least medium The texture budget is maxed out at 4096 - could this be a problem, maybe?
  12. On streamer weekend I was watching Asrac_tv, he avoided the desert biome because of very low fps, sometimes in the single digits. In other biomes he was fine. As noted on his Youtube page he's using an I7 with GTX 980 / 4 GB, not high end but also not such a potato. So I think the issue was already in b134.
  13. If you're looking for a specific testing spot, give pregen01 a try. The worst performance I'm getting is in the snow biome at the trader (on top of the building, looking at the snowy hills).
  14. the same happened for me in pregen01 while testing the AF settings in the desert. Solution: restart the whole game (the exe, not only the save game), this will help most of the time here. If this doesn't help, then teleporting in another biome, waiting some seconds and teleporting back into the desert solved it for me.
  15. @faatal: !THIS! Reducing Anisotropic Filtering in Nvidia Control Panel from a manual setting of 16 to 4 gives me a huge framerate increase in the desert. Having now stable 60 frames when watching distant desert terrain, before it was about 30 and less. Yeah Looks like, the game itself has 8 as internal setting? (compared "Application Controlled"). Thx for the idea! My system: I5 6400, 16GB, Nvidia 1060 6GB (exclusive fullscreen @1680x1050 + Nvidia adaptive VSYNC on)
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