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  1. OK so I installed the mod via mod manager. I was just wondering how to utilise the nitrogen prefab list, where abouts is it, where do I need to put it and how do I get nitrogen to use the ravenhearst prefabs? many thanks in advancd!
  2. GaleKast


    Been trying this out and really like the core version so far, love the changes to crafting etc... Just wondered, I am getting a lot of close range pop in for rocks and other small items, like maybe 5 feet away and moving back and forth makes the rock disappear and reappear.. Is there anything I can do to fix this? View distance is maxed as is LOD.
  3. Ah ok, thank you, will go crowbar hunting!
  4. So I am trying to build a motorcycle but am struggling with the chassis with the gas tank and exhaust.. Are these just random loot drops or can you actually get them from wrenching down cars/motorbikes?
  5. Thank you to both of you, I will give it a go and if that fails I will wait for the updated prefab list
  6. Hey, just tried running this with the updated Ravenhearst using the prefablist generator listed on the 1st post. Unfortunately it got so far then I got a heap of errors saying there were no houses, outback pois, car lots etc defined in the prefab, not sure what to try from here but any help would be greatly appreciated as this is quite frankly the best world generator and having it work with Ravenhearst makes it even more incredible! exporting (1/3) exporting (2/3) image saved: C:\7D2D\NitroGen_WorldGenerator (2)\NitroGen_WorldGenerator/output/NitroGenMap/genHM.png exporting (3/3) image
  7. So I have just started playing Darkness Falls and made it to the 1st trader, when I go to the traders inventory, this is what I see.. Can't sell anything at all. Not sure what has happened.
  8. I may be being quite dumb but is there a way to make this load up the Ravenhearst POIs? I assume it has a heap of custom ones included as there are loads I never saw in vanilla. Would love to use this combined with Ravenhearst but have no idea what to do or combine!
  9. So I am probably being really dumb, but for the life of me I can not figure out where to get screws from. Can anyone help?
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